Free Crochet Patterns

Crochet Pattern: Cuffed Glasses Case

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on December 13th, 2012 by Candace – 1 Comment
This pattern uses thick yarn and a relatively small hook to create a dense fabric that keeps your glasses (and whatever else you want to store in it) contained. It’s an easy project for new crocheters to complete.

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Combining Thick Yarn and Thin Thread in Crochet

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns, Tutorials and Help on December 8th, 2012 by Corinne Munger – 7 Comments
It all started with a snowflake. I decided to make some the other day and I found a couple of patterns in one of my favorite books, “Super Stitches Crochet” by Jennifer Campbell and Ann-Marie Bakewell. I then found some white metallic cotton thread in my never-ending stash to use for this project. After completing some snowflakes, I needed an item to use them on. I was thinking of sewing several together and making a string-type scarf, but since the cotton thread I used is metallic, I knew I could never tolerate it on my neck (too itchy). What to do, what to do?

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Crochet Pattern: Branch Pendant

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on December 5th, 2012 by Candace – 2 Comments
Here is a project for crocheters who want to branch out a little. Hang it from your neck at your preferred angle for showing off or make two for your ears. If you need your final project to be stiffer, block it with starch. You can also use this branch pendant as a applique if you prefer. Have fun and get creative with it!

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Crochet Pattern: Stuffed Christmas Tree Ornament

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on November 29th, 2012 by Candace – 2 Comments
This is a chubby Christmas tree ornament that comes with a lot of options. You can make it with more or fewer tiers or with no tiers at all. You can alternate shades of green for each tier, add strings of beads, sew on tiny buttons to decorate it, and make it as unique as the tree it will go on.

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Crochet Pattern: Buttons for Embellishing

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on November 27th, 2012 by Corinne Munger – 3 Comments
Though not a necessity, embellishments really add another dimension to your work. In today’s styles you’ll see many flowers adorning headbands, bags, cowls, etc., but they’re not always for everyone. How about a change? How about buttons? It understates your piece yet adds a little flair. The following pattern will show you just how ridiculously easy it is to create your own buttons and some suggestions on where to use them.

You will need to learn the Adjustable Double Ring technique for this (don’t worry, it’s easy!). Try them in different colors and sizes and you’ll have a full inventory of a really cute embellishment! Note: These buttons are made to use as an embellishment as they do not hold the “stiff” properties needed to use as a functional button.
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Crochet Pattern: Beaded Drop Earrings

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on November 22nd, 2012 by Candace – 1 Comment
Sometimes, all it takes to dress up an outfit is a little bit of jewelry, and these beaded earrings do the job without going over the top. They’re pretty simple and quick to make, so even novice crocheters can whip them up.

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Crochet Pattern: Peek-a-Boo Mug Cozy

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on November 14th, 2012 by Candace – 1 Comment
It’s gotten pretty cold where I live, and we even got snow. Of course that means it’s time for a nice, steaming mug of tea or hot chocolate. There are a lot of mug cozies out there, but sometimes they cover the best parts of the mug. This cozy lets pictures and text show through and is easy to adjust to show off the best parts of your favorite mug.

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Crochet Pattern: Granny Square With a Flower

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on November 11th, 2012 by A Guest Writer – 30 Comments

A Guest Post by Jolanta Gustafsson.

This pattern for a granny square with a flower is easy to crochet and easy to adjust to your own style. Just choose the colors that you like and combine them as you want. If you want to get a stylish look, choose one color – natural white or some other light shade. To get a more cheerful look, use contrasting colors but keep them in order. For example, red shades in the center of the granny and blue-green shades up to the edges. And if you choose colors
randomly, you can get quite a cheeky look!

Note: Squares in the photo are joined with single crochet stitches.
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Crochet Pattern: Spiral Bracelet

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on November 8th, 2012 by Candace – 2 Comments
Two spirals come together to make this bracelet–one a flat circle, and the other a 3-dimensional band. This is a great pattern for variegated yarns with short color intervals, but you can always make it in one solid color as well.

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Crochet Pattern: Ruffled Coaster

Posted in Free Crochet Patterns on November 3rd, 2012 by Candace – 1 Comment
This is a nice, thick, coaster with a ruffle for a more feminine touch. The center is nice and flat so you can sit your glass on it without worrying about ruining the ruffle effect. It is easy to make, and you can work up a whole set in a flash. Have fun with this pattern, and be sure to make a bunch in different colors!

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