Crocheters for Hire!

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This page is a directory of contract crocheters who you can contact to have an item crocheted just for you! If you are someone who does not crochet but finds a pattern here on Crochet Spot that you would like to have made for you, look no further. Feel free to read through their information to find the person that fits your crochet needs. is not directly affiliated with any of these crocheters so please contact each person directly if you would like them to crochet something for you.
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Do You Sell Items Made from Crochet Spot Patterns?

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If you sell crocheted items that are made from any Crochet Spot patterns, I would love to add you to a directory I’m creating. Often times non-crocheters see a Crochet Spot pattern and would like to purchase the finished item. However, I do not always have the time to make the items. If you use Crochet Spot patterns often and even sell the finished items already, I would love to add you to a list I’m creating so that non-crocheters can easily find someone who can crochet a pattern for them.

If you would like to be added to this free directory, please email [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Your full name and business name (if you have one)
  • Link to your online shop (Etsy shop, personal website, Facebook page, etc.) so that folks can see your work
  • Email address, which will appear publicly in the directory
  • 2 – 3 sentences about yourself and/or your crochet work, to be displayed with your information
  • List the patterns that you enjoy crocheting the most. These patterns will be noted so that customers can choose a crocheter that matches their needs.

If you have any questions about this directory, feel free to let me know!

An Honest Review of the Yarnit

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Is that a magical, crystal ball with yarn I see?? No, it’s the Yarnit! It’s a nifty, new gadget for holding your yarn while you crochet (or knit). The yarn sits inside the globe so that it doesn’t roll around on the floor or get dirty. You can use it at home, but it’s also great for folks who like to travel with their projects. Is the Yarnit for you? With any item there are always pros and cons, and in this review I’ll share with you my honest opinion.

yarnit 1
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Crochet Spot’s 8th Birthday Giveaway Winners!

Posted in Fun Ramblings, News on May 7th, 2016 by Rachel Choi – 5 Comments

Before I announce the winners of the giveaway, I want to give a big thanks to all of Crochet Spot’s readers. Without you all, Crochet Spot would have never made it to 8 years! Also, a big thanks to all of the writers who have contributed to Crochet Spot throughout the years. Our current and long time writers Candace and Caissa are the best!
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Crochet Spot’s 8th Birthday Giveaway!

Posted in Fun Ramblings, News on April 26th, 2016 by Rachel Choi – 108 Comments

Wow, it’s hard to believe Crochet Spot is 8 years old already. Time sure flies when you’re crocheting! There’s no better way to celebrate Crochet Spot’s birthday than with a giveaway. There will be eight giveaway winners, each winning a free crochet pattern from the Crochet Spot Store or a free month of Premium Pattern Membership (if already a member at the time of the drawing).

To enter the giveaway:

  1. Go to the Crochet Spot Store and browser the crochet patterns:
  2. Return to this page, and leave a comment below stating the name of the crochet pattern that you would like to win. Please be sure to write the exact name of the pattern so I’ll send you the correct pattern. Please only leave one comment per person, since the comment will count as the entry.
  3. Giveaway ends on May 5th, 2016 when eight winners will be randomly selected.

Good luck everyone!

Update: The giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned for the winners!

Crochet Spot Oscar Mystery CAL Winners!

Posted in Fun Ramblings, News on March 17th, 2016 by Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 7 Comments

It is an absolute pleasure to announce and congratulate the winners of the 2016 Crochet Spot Oscar Mystery CAL! The whole thing was a lot of fun and it was different for us. I was thrilled to see that people threw caution to the wind and enjoyed the process and the projects, too!

We had twelve wonderful nominees! Each entrant was honored with a beautiful, high resolution nominee badge suitable for printing or displaying on your blog, website, or social media.

300 Nominee 2016 Oscar Crochet Along Badge by Caissa McClinton @artlikebread for @crochetspot

Congratulations to our nominees, Tia, Julie, Gayle, Linda, Brenda, Diane, Susanne, Varsha, Michele, Wendy, Lisa, and Lynne!

Oscar CAL Nominees - Caissa McClinton @artlikebread for @crochetspot

There was one person who was a prolific CAL-er and received multiple nominations!
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Oscar Mystery Cowl Crochet Along Entries

Posted in Fun Ramblings, News on March 5th, 2016 by Rachel Choi – 7 Comments

Did you participate in the Oscar Mystery Cowl Crochet Along? If you haven’t finished your cowl, you still have time. And if you want to participate, you can join in right now! Simply check out the cowl patterns that Caissa put together and crochet one before March 13, 2016 to enter to win one of our wonderful prizes.

Although the best prizes are having a great time and having a finished cowl to wear, here are some awards that some lucky winners will receive:

  • “Nominee” – everyone is a nominee! Everyone will receive a digital picture/badge that you can show off to your friends on social media or print it out and hang it on your wall.
  • “Best Supporting Crocheter” Award – By random selection, one participant will win a free crochet pattern of his/her choice from the Crochet Spot Store. If the person is currently a Premium Pattern Member of the store, then he/she will get a free month of membership instead.
  • “Best Crocheter” Award – By random selection, one participant will win a $50 yarn prize pack from Red Heart AND a free crochet pattern (or month of membership, if currently a member) from the Crochet Spot Store.

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40% OFF Pillow Crochet Patterns!

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Are you ready to spruce up your home for spring? An easy way to add a touch of color or change up the decor is to add new pillows! You can crochet brand new pillows or make pillow covers that can go right over your existing ones. Start now and you’ll have fabulous pillows ready for the spring season. Pillow crochet patterns can be found in the Home and Kitchen section, and are now 40% off!

Click here to see the pillow crochet patterns!

Sale ends at the end of February. There’s no need to enter in coupon codes, all the prices are already marked down. Just add the patterns you like to your cart and check out. Once purchased, the patterns can be downloaded right away.

Have fun shopping and crocheting, and let me know if you need any help along the way!

30% OFF Sock and Slipper Crochet Patterns

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Have you tried crocheting socks or slippers yet? Now is the perfect time to try it out. If you live in a region of the world where it is cold out, these will come in handy right away. If your region is on the warmer side, then socks and slippers might not be on the agenda to wear, but you can start now and have them ready for when it does get cold.

The Crochet Spot sock and slipper patterns have been some of the best selling crochet patterns in the store! Starting now and ending at the end of the month, all sock and slipper patterns in the Crochet Spot store are 30% off. You can find all of the sock and slipper patterns in the accessories pattern section.

Click here is see our sock and slipper patterns!

All the crochet patterns that are apart of the sale are already marked down, so there’s no need to enter in any coupon codes. Just add the patterns you want to your cart and check out. If you need any help while shopping or crocheting, just let me know and I’ll be sure to help you!

Keep those feet warm 🙂

Black Friday to Cyber Monday: 40% OFF Crochet Patterns!

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Now it’s time to really get crocheting! Starting now through Cyber Monday, I’ve selected some of the most loved, best selling, customer favorite crochet patterns from the Crochet Spot Store and marked them 40% OFF. So if you have favorite patterns that you’ve been eying, feel free to head on over to the store, because chances are they’re discounted! Patterns range from hats, scarves, bags, clothing, home decor, baby items, toys, and more.

Click Here to Visit the Crochet Spot Store!

There’s no need to enter in coupon codes to get the discount. All patterns that are part of the sale are already discounted. Just add them to your cart and checkout. If the pattern is part of the sale, it will say so at the beginning of the pattern’s description.

Happy crocheting!!