How to Embroider Eyes onto Crochet

By Rachel Choi – April 29th, 2016 1 Comment

So, you’ve crocheted a cute animal or doll and now you’re ready to add its face. In this tutorial I’ll show you how I embroider eyes with yarn. Of course, there are other methods for adding eyes, but this method is one of my favorites, because you can use scraps of yarn you already have. Here I’ll show the technique being done on a little lion that’s a part of the Little Safari Animals set. You can use this technique on any knit or crocheted doll, animal, or amigurumi.
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Crochet Pattern: Bit of Honey Earrings

By Candace – April 28th, 2016 Be the first to comment
Are you looking for a good accessory to go with your spring and summer wardrobe? How about a pair of earrings that look like honeycombs? You can make them in yellow and on the theme of buzzing bees out to gather something sweet. Or you can play with thread and bead colors for a unique look that’s all yours. Either way, crocheting a pair of these is much safer than bothering a real honeycomb! crochet_bit_of_honey_earrings

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Crochet Spot’s 8th Birthday Giveaway!

By Rachel Choi – April 26th, 2016 108 Comments

Wow, it’s hard to believe Crochet Spot is 8 years old already. Time sure flies when you’re crocheting! There’s no better way to celebrate Crochet Spot’s birthday than with a giveaway. There will be eight giveaway winners, each winning a free crochet pattern from the Crochet Spot Store or a free month of Premium Pattern Membership (if already a member at the time of the drawing).

To enter the giveaway:

  1. Go to the Crochet Spot Store and browser the crochet patterns:
  2. Return to this page, and leave a comment below stating the name of the crochet pattern that you would like to win. Please be sure to write the exact name of the pattern so I’ll send you the correct pattern. Please only leave one comment per person, since the comment will count as the entry.
  3. Giveaway ends on May 5th, 2016 when eight winners will be randomly selected.

Good luck everyone!

Update: The giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned for the winners!

Crochet Pattern: Single Crochet Sampler Placemat

By Rachel Choi – April 24th, 2016 Be the first to comment

Almost everyone who starts off crocheting learns the basic single crochet stitch. But did you know that it can be used in many different ways to create brand new stitches? Using only single crochet and chain stitches, this placemat pattern contains 4 different stitch patterns for you to try. The placemat is crocheted all in one piece, changing stitch patterns as you go. When you’re done crocheting your placemat, it’ll be full of different textures and colors. Whether you’re a crochet newbie or a veteran, you’ll have 4 stitch patterns to add to your crochet arsenal.

single crochet sampler placemat

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Crochet Patterns for Cats

By Rachel Choi – April 23rd, 2016 2 Comments

Recently I wrote about crochet patterns for dogs. Not to worry, I didn’t forget about our feline friends! I have 3 cats in my house who all love crocheted items. They probably love them even more than my dogs. If you don’t have any kitties at home, you can always crochet for those at your local shelter. There are lots of things you can crochet for cats. Here is a roundup to give you some ideas!
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Crochet Pattern: Lover’s Knot Flower Applique

By Rachel Choi – April 21st, 2016 Be the first to comment
This lovely, little flower applique uses the Lover’s Knot stitch (a.k.a. Love Knot, Solomon’s Knot, or simply Knot Stitch). The Lover’s Knot stitch is simple and lacy, which I love to use for clothing patterns to achieve nice drape. Never did I think I would use it for an applique, but it works very well to give the flower light and lacy petals. If you aren’t familiar with the Lover’s Knot stitch, please see the Lover’s Knot stitch tutorial before getting started. Crocheted in only 2 rounds, the flower is quick and easy to crochet. Crochet a few flowers and attach them to a headband or hat, or add pins to the backs and use them as brooches. crochet flower applique

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Crochet Pattern: Keara Scarf

By Candace – April 19th, 2016 2 Comments
Spring is certainly dragging its feet where I live, so a scarf is still handy to have around. This skinny scarf isn’t too bulky, and is perfect for wrapping around your neck on cool mornings and evenings and wearing draped over your shoulders for the rest of the day.

If you are familiar with Tunisian crochet, it’s a great TV project. If you are not familiar with it, take a look at some of our Tunisian crochet tutorials, including How to Crochet :Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) and How to Crochet: Tunisian Increase at the Beginning of a Row before you start.


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Crochet Pattern: Barely There Scarf

By Rachel Choi – April 17th, 2016 2 Comments

Are you a scarf lover that wants to wear scarves all year around? Winter scarves are easy to find, but no one wants something bulky and hot in the heat of summer. Crochet this scarf to add texture and color to your outfit, without the warmth. It’s so light, airy, and lacy, you’ll barely notice it’s there around your neck. To add just a touch of weight to the scarf, beads are used to create a subtle, fringe-like edging. The length and width of the scarf can be adjusted to be any size that you desire – from a little scarflette to a full size shawl.

crochet barely there scarf

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How to Crochet: Chain with Bead

By Rachel Choi – April 16th, 2016 Be the first to comment

So, you want to learn to crochet with beads? It is easier than you think. Adding beads to stitches you know is as simple as moving a bead to your hook as you’re crocheting a stitch and catching the bead in your work as you yarn over and close the stitch. Once you learn how to crochet with beads using one stitch, you can transfer the same technique to other stitches. This tutorial demonstrates how to crochet chain stitches with beads. Once you have a basic understanding of crocheting chains with beads, try crocheting single crochets with beads or double crochets with beads.

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Book Review & Giveaway: Twinkie Chan’s Crocheted Abode A La Mode ~ 20 Yummy Crochet Projects for Your Home

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – April 14th, 2016 41 Comments

Hello, Crochet Spot friends! I have a real treat for you today. You might be aware of Twinkie Chan from any of her many crochet activities – including her blog, YouTube channel, or seeing her patterns at Michael’s or on the Lion Brand website. You may have seen her previous book, Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies: 20 Yummy Treats to Wear. Or you may have seen the article I wrote about her innovative crocheted paintings. Perhaps you’ve run across her clothing line, Yummy You at a local boutique. Without a doubt, Twinkie Chan is a powerful force in crochet, and I’ve been a big fan since 2010.

All images in this post are property of Twinkie Chan and are used with permission.

Twinkie Chan Crocheted Abode A La Mode Review by Caissa McClinton @artlikebread for @crochetspot and #cgoa BookCoverMedium-1

Quarto Publishing just released Twinkie’s highly anticipated sophomore book, Twinkie Chan’s Crocheted Abode A La Mode ~ 20 Yummy Crochet Projects for Your Home and it is chock-full of joyful, exuberant, delicious, crochet fun. I have been rabidly awaiting my review copy since I heard it was available for pre-order. And, we are so very lucky that the publisher is allowing me to give away not just one copy, but three!
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