Crochet Pattern: Beaded Flower Accent

By Candace – April 12th, 2014 Be the first to comment
Once again, spring is taking its time to arrive, so making spring with bright colors and flowers is the way to go. This little floral accent can be used as an add-on to any project or used to make jewelry with or without beads. Dainty but bright, even a single flower can liven up plain accessories like hats and headbands. crochet_beaded_flower_accent

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Blanket, Throw, or Afghan

By Amy Lynn Yarbrough – April 10th, 2014 4 Comments

While browsing crochet patterns you might have noticed all three terms –blanket, throw, and afghan– referring to very similar projects, and wondered what exactly is the difference. Today I’d like to clarify what each mean for both yarn-lovers as well as the rest of the world.

Pop Up Flower Blanket

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Yarns for You: Patons Silk Bamboo

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – April 8th, 2014 2 Comments

Hello, Crochet Spotters!! Thank you for reading this first edition of Yarns for You! I was so glad to have heard from you on the introductory post, and there’s still quite a conversation going on there. That is exactly what I wanted for this series, so – AWESOME!

Today’s Yarns for You selection is the beautiful and smooth Paton’s Silk Bamboo.

Yarn Facts: Paton’s Silk Bamboo is a blend of 30% silk and 70% bamboo, resulting in a lovely and durable light DK weight yarn. It’s hand washable, and should be dried flat. A size G/6 hook is recommended to acheive a 4″x 4″ (10 cm x 10 cm) gauge swatch at 16 sc across and 20 rows up. Right now the yarn is available in 19 rich colors and jewel tones that are perfect for garment and accessory crafting.

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Crochet Pattern: Chevron Flower Pillow Cover

By Rachel Choi – April 6th, 2014 1 Comment
Crochet this chevron pillow cover in two contrasting colors or use as many different colors as you desire! You can make the stripes as thick or thin as you desire too. The large flower is crocheted separately from the pillow cover, then sewn own. The flower is crocheted in the round all in one piece. This cover is designed to fit over a 16″ pillow. It can be assembled as a permanent cover or removable cover so that you can take it off and wash it as needed.

crochet chevron flower pillow cover

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Crochet Pattern: Open Triangle Bookmark

By Candace – April 5th, 2014 1 Comment
Making bookmarks is an easy way to get started with working with fine threads and little hooks. They are also great for using up scrap thread from larger projects. Either way, keeping your place in whatever book you are reading is easier with one handy. crochet_open_triangle_bookmark

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Let’s Talk about Pooling in Crochet

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – April 3rd, 2014 14 Comments

No, I’m not talking about throwing your crochet project into the pool when you’re frustrated. Pooling is a phenomenon that happens while working with variegated yarns. It is often talked about with knitting, but I wanted to explore this aspect of yarn with crochet.

What is pooling? In knitting, pooling is when like colors in variegated yarn end up next to each other row by row, or round by round. The effect could create a kind of unintentional visual pattern. For example, if I have a blue-purple-green variegated yarn, the blues, purples, and greens would “line up” either occasionally or regularly while I’m working on my project. I’m not talking about self-striping sock yarn, where this type of patterning is intentional and looks intentional. It could happen with any kind of variegated yarn – either hand-painted or conventionally dyed yarn.
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Book Review: Crochet Master Class

By Claire Ortega-Reyes – April 1st, 2014 3 Comments
One of the most ambitious crochet books I’ve come across is Crochet Master Class: Lessons and Projects from Today’s Top Crocheters by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss. Don’t let the title intimidate you–the words “master” and “class” have duplicate definitions and could be misunderstood at first glance. It’s not a book for crochet masters; it’s a book by them. The projects are not reserved only for those in the “master class,” instead they’re supposed to evoke being in a classroom taught by master crocheters. If you love learning about new crochet techniques, read on.

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Crochet Pattern: Sprightly Swimsuit Coverup

By Amy Lynn Yarbrough – March 31st, 2014 2 Comments
At times I really feel the need to get back to the basics of crochet and I’ve found granny squares are the perfect choice for those moments. These simple squares are incredibly versatile and can work up into just about anything you so desire. Here is a simple and light coverup using those famed motifs for that trip to the beach! This pattern comes in 3 sizes so that it can be made for anyone from an X-Small to Large to 5X. Feel free to customize your coverup by mixing different colored motifs. Sprightly Swimsuit Coverup

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How to Crochet: Tunisian Treble Crochet (Ttc)

By Candace – March 30th, 2014 Be the first to comment

Tunisian treble crochet, or ttc, is a simple stitch to learn once you get the basics of down. It’s very close to its traditional crochet cousin, treble crochet, so if you’re well-versed in basic crochet stitches, you’re already a step ahead.
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Crochet Pattern: Frilled Parasol Appliqué

By Amy Lynn Yarbrough – March 28th, 2014 3 Comments
For some unexplainable reason, I’ve always adored umbrellas and parasols. When I was little, I received a child-sized blue umbrella complete with frills. I couldn’t wait for rainy day after that. Today I find it very interesting when going out in the rain the many styles and colors of umbrellas you will see. This interest inspired this weeks pattern. It’s basic and fun to make. Make sure and tell me what you will do with yours! Parasol

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