Crochet Pattern: Barbie Shrug

By Candace – February 6th, 2015 8 Comments
Even dolls need something to keep them snug and warm when the temperature drops and snow covers the ground. This shrug, with its simple shaping, does the trick. Switching between round and flat crocheting makes an easy open-front shrug. crochet_barbie_shrug

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Five Fine Reasons to Frog Your Crochet

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – February 4th, 2015 29 Comments

Well, hello again! Every day we have more interest in this year-long challenge. The Ravelry thread is pretty lonely. I’ll try to drum up some business there, but go ahead and link over, too.

Today we’re going to talk about the other side of WIPs and UFOs: calling it quits and getting your yarn back! Just need to let you know – this is a completely valid solution. If you have a WIP or UFO you’re just done with, by all means, frog it and enter the challenge! This froggy talk was inspired by the fabulous JodieBodie who asked “What criteria do you use when deciding to frog a project?”

artlikebread crochetspot caissa Mcclinton five fine reasons to frog your crochet
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Crochet Pattern: Striped Eyelet Sweater (9 Sizes)

By Rachel Choi – February 2nd, 2015 Be the first to comment
Alternating solid stripes with eyelet rows, the stitch pattern on this sweater creates a classic look. The sweater is crocheted from the top down with no sewing required. It can be made in 9 different sizes from X-Small to 5X. Try it on as you go to ensure the proper fit. The sweater is intended to have a loose, comfortable fit that’s great for layering. As an adjustable sweater, you can make the sleeves as long or short as you like. crochet striped eyelet sweater

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Crochet Pattern: Classic Square Coaster

By Rachel Choi – January 31st, 2015 1 Comment
Here is a coaster pattern that is great for beginners! Instead of a basic square crocheted in rows, this coaster gives you practice crocheting in the round. When crocheted in the round, it allows you to make concentric squares that are noticeable when changing yarn colors! If you need help changing colors, feel free to check out the How to Change Colors in Crochet tutorial. You can vary when you change colors to give each coaster a different look. Crochet a bunch of these coasters to create an entire set. crochet classic square coasters

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Crochet Pattern: Sweet Little Heart Ornament

By Amy – January 29th, 2015 8 Comments
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there is nothing I like better than getting ready for it with decorations and lots of planning. I’d like to introduce you to my latest design just in time for the holiday!

This sweet little heart pattern consists of some basic amigurumi shaping techniques. It take so little time to make that you will have a whole handful before you know it. Perfect for Valentine’s decorating or gift giving. Enjoy!

Sweet Heart Ornament

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8 Great Tips to Conquer Your WIPs!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – January 27th, 2015 Be the first to comment

Hey hey hey! I’m so glad to see that we’ve gotten some interest in this year-long challenge. Be sure to check us out on Ravelry, where I’m trying to get some discussion and project-sharing going. Did I mention there will be prizes? PRIZES! PRIZES! PRIZES! But the true prize is the satisfaction of knowing you’ve either finished your WIPs or you’ve reclaimed some yarn that was previously tied up in a languishing project!

The purpose of today’s post is to provide different strategies to get us working on our WIPs and UFOs. I got most of these wonderful ideas from the amazing Crochet Spot commenters! Another great source was the KnottyGirls KnitCast, episode 26. If you’re into knitting & yarny podcasts, definitely give it a try! Ready for the tips? Let’s go!

Photo modified from welshkaren via flickr.  License

Photo modified from welshkaren via flickr. License

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Crochet Pattern: Adjustable Quick Socks

By Rachel Choi – January 25th, 2015 2 Comments
Tired of making socks with tiny single crochet stitches? This pattern uses double crochet stitches to work up quicker. No need to worry about the spaces created from taller stitches, each stitch is linked together to create a solid fabric. This sock pattern is crocheted from the toe up to the leg in one piece so you can try it on as you go. It is extremely adjustable, since it can be crocheted with any weight of yarn for any foot size you can imagine, from babies to adults, it’s all possible! You can adjust the length of your socks from ankle socks to knee highs. crochet adjustable quick socks

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Finish in ’15! The Year-Long, WIP/UFO Challenge on Crochet Spot

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – January 24th, 2015 20 Comments

Hello, Crochet Spotters! I have something I think you’re going to love! In my recent post Tackle Your Crocheted Works in Progress in 2015, I began a conversation about getting all those UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) and WIPs (Works In Progress) out of your life! These things need to become either FOs (Finished Objects) or yarn that you can use for something else! To get us all motivated to finish or rip back, I am creating a Crochet Spot UFO/WIP Year-Long Challenge for 2015! Yes, there will be prizes!

images by artlikebread

images by artlikebread

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Crochet Pattern: Turban Headband

By Amy – January 22nd, 2015 6 Comments
The turban style headband brings back memories of the old days when women adopted the style as a part of fashion. Though wearing the turban for fashion has existed for centuries, in the 20’s it was reintroduced by a fashion designer with an Eastern flair. Many of us will recall pictures of a later era with women wearing them while working in factories during World War II. This headband is simple and easy to make, perfect for that Lana Turner-inspired outfit. As an added benefit, it will keep a bit of winter chill from your ears. Turban Headband

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Top 5 Crochet Magazines

By Tameko Barnette – January 20th, 2015 4 Comments

There are plenty of crochet books available on the market and at the libraries. We can find numerous patterns, helpful tips, and fun ideas we’ve never thought of before in them. Quite often though, we are looking to grab something quick and helpful when it comes to our crochet needs. While the Internet is a quick and easy alternative to the crocheter, there’s nothing like a good old fashion magazine to get at the newsstand or store.
interweave crochet
Out of the list of 5 magazines, I have read two of them. They are not just filled with numerous patterns and pretty pictures of yarn, but these magazines also contain thought-provoking and at times, community-based articles inspired by the craft of crochet. For instance, there was one crochet magazine, I believe it was a Crochet! magazine issue I read a couple of years ago that talked about a community-based effort among neighbors who were teaching the youth how to crochet in their community.

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