3 Tips for Your Spring Creations

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Every year in March, we gear up our thoughts of new beginnings with spring cleaning, new ventures, and new ideas. Our crochet projects are no exception to this rule. Springtime brings with it beautiful colors, textures, and clothing that speaks to the rejuvenation and the spirit of renewal that is felt all throughout the season.

Here are three tips to remember as you start your spring crochet creations:

1. Spring Colors. The spring season is all about pastels – light pinks, light blues, light greens, and light yellows. It’s hard to resist all of these lovely colors, especially for the Easter holiday. So naturally, these colors are perfect choices for any of your spring crochet projects in any combination. Try to purchase some of the lovely multi-colored pastel variations, if you just can’t pick one great spring color for your project.

2. Spring Textures. With this one, I have realized with some of my spring crochet projects, particularly clothing items, it’s best to use loose stitches to create a comfortable texture that will help you stay cool during those warmer months. The best ways I’ve found to create loose textures are using bigger hooks. For instance, if the pattern calls for an “I” or a “J” hook, try to use a “K” or an “L” and see it works for you. Another way great way to create loose textures is to use some crochet stitches such as the Knot Stitch, also known as Solomon’s Knot Stitch or the Love Knot Stitch.

3. Spring Wears. One of my favorite springtime crochet creations is the always handy, always lovely to look at and wear wrap or poncho. There are tons of wrap and poncho patterns available to you to try out. This is an all-time favorite for personal use, as a gift, or for the Easter celebrations that will be underway during the season.

While these are just a few tips to help you get started with your spring creations, I’m sure as the season approaches each year you will experience a floodgate of new ideas for new patterns and maybe even a few new twists on old patterns.

With spring comes new beginnings. As we release the old to make room for the new, let us crochet with this same loving thought and feeling, not only during the spring season, but all year long.

Do you have some fun spring crochet ideas to share? Please leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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