3 Tips on Starting a Crochet Group

By Tameko Barnette – 7 Comments

Being a part of any group where everyone shares the same interest is a wonderful thing. No doubt. The conversations, the ideas, the advice, and the overall connection between all who attend is well worth the time and effort.

I have been a part of and have started several groups over the years. All of them were creative. You can start your own crochet group. All you need is a creative mind, some patience, and the following three tips. 🙂

Tip #1 – Gathering Folks. This can seem like the most intimidating part of starting a crochet group or any group for that matter. However, it’s not as hard as you may think. You can use methods such as posting flyers on the bulletin boards at grocery stores and at your workplace. You can put ads (often FREE ads) in local publications that offer free space to local groups and events. You can start a forum or a page on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Groups, etc as a way to generate interest and gather folks together. Another great site to get members for your group is Meetup.com.

Tip #2 – Location, Location, Location. This isn’t a hard one right here. You can set up a date and time at a large bookstore, coffee shop, library, and even outside at a local park during the Spring and Summer months. Can you imagine the conversation and new members you could get when people see you and several others sitting outside crocheting your favorite projects??

Tip #3 – Bring Resources. I encourage you to bring some of your own resources to help out the more novice attendees and even the more advanced crocheters may enjoy them and gain ideas from them as well. Resources you could bring can include, yet not be limited to – books, magazines, copies of patterns of different levels, extra yarn you don’t want, and any extra crochet tools (hooks, needles, etc.). Encourage members to bring any resources they’d like to share as well.

So, I hope you find these ideas helpful and I wish you and your new crochet group all the best.

Happy Crocheting!

If you have any ideas or fun stories to share about your crochet group, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Bailey says:

    Location is key. I’ve been looking at some groups and location and regular meeting times are critical in gaining and keeping new members.

  2. Mrs Twins says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I started an on line group ‘SIBOL’ back in January 2010, making Sunshine Blankets for the Elderly. We have now made over 150 Blankets, which have been delivered to Nursing Homes.
    We have a SIBOL Group on RAV. We have lots of fun, topics and square swaps. Anyone wanting to join us please follow the link.

    I really enjoy running our Group, it is hard work but we do try to be as creative as we can. We have just finished a beautiful Flower Blanket which is going to be sent up to the TV Studios hopefully they will show it on their ‘Emmerdale’ soap opera. We make Blankets for the Elderly but we also make Charity Blankets and we have recently received in over 300 Squares for special Blankets raising money for Alzheimers.

    Squares come in from all over the World, we have some really talented Ladies across the World!
    Join us!

  3. Babbs says:

    Great idea to start a crochet group, and I like the tip about finding a “neutral” location to hold the sessions – no one has to play hostess and worry about the state of her house or be concerned with providing refreshments.
    Mrs. Twins on-line idea is brilliant!

  4. Collette says:

    I volunteered to teach a crochet class at our local Senior Center two years ago, and it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done! I have 20 to 25 (fluctuates somewhat) students and usually have 12 or 13 attending every Monday morning from 9:00 to 11:00! We’ve donated over 900 hats to various hospitals, over 30 lapghans to various veterans hospitals, 85 hat/scarf sets to a local day care center, made a40 Spirit Gloves for our local Relay for Life group, and are now making prayer shawls for a local prayer shawl ministry. I highly recommend forming a crochet group!

    • Collette Griffith says:

      A footnote to the post I made here in 2012. We’re still going strong, and have added another group at an apartment complex here in our town. And STILL having fun!

  5. Collette says:

    Correction–that should have been 140 Spirit Gloves!

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