How to Transform Your Crochet Mistakes – Part 2

By Tameko Barnette – 10 Comments

This is the second part in a three-part series for transforming possible crochet mistakes. This time I am exploring extra pieces to a crochet project. Specifically, I have found myself having several extra afghan squares that I didn’t use for an afghan, either because I didn’t finish the project or had made a few too many.

This is where our creativity can kick in. It’s always fun trying to figure out what to do with the extra pieces. So, I came up with a few ideas listed below. I hope you enjoy them and they spark even more ideas for you.

How to Use Leftover Afghan Squares

Idea #1 – Start making more squares to go with the extras, so you can make another afghan. Even if you can’t remember the pattern or exactly what you did, you can always make a nice, funky-style afghan that has a quilt-patchwork feel to it or if you do have the pattern, you can just make more of the same type, so you can have a whole new afghan.

Idea #2 – Coaster, anyone?! You can use any leftover afghan squares you have as coasters, if the color scheme works with your favorite room. Even if the color scheme doesn’t work, it’s great to have extra coasters around just in case you may need them. You can use them outside on the patio table or on a small table on the front porch when sitting outside during the warmer months, so you can have your iced tea and drink it too.

Idea #3 – If the stitches are close enough and tight enough, you can always use them in the kitchen to retrieve dishes from the oven. Of course, they won’t act as an oven mitt, but you can still use them to grab the casserole dish or cookie sheet out of the oven. The key factor here is to make sure the stitches are close enough together, so your hands will be protected. But if the stitches are too open and loose, please do not use them with hot dishes.

Idea #4 – How about some garland for your Christmas tree this year? Using a crochet needle, you can sew afghan squares together at the corners. This should work if you have a pretty big tree and the afghan squares aren’t too big in size. It’s just a creative way to recycle the pieces. You can also sew them together to make a nice skirt for your Christmas tree as well.

These are just a few creative ideas to work with those extra afghan squares or any other extra pieces to your crochet projects you may find you have in your crochet bag. It’s all about recycling without having to rheow any extras away or unraveling the entire piece and starting over.

Do you have any creative and fun ideas for recycling extra afghan squares? Share them here with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Kim domingue says:

    If you have at least five squares and they are the same size, you can stitch them together to create a topless box. If you have six, you can create a top for your box by adding a few rounds with the increases at the corners eliminated. If you have a few squares left over, you could stitch them together end to end to create a small non twisted infinity and then crochet a circle to size, stitch it to your infinity and now you have a round container. You could create an iPad or tablet cover, a pair of fingerless mitts or use them to edge another project. They could also be used to create pockets on a boring sweater or sweatshirt! You could a small bag with a flap by combining three of them and adding a strap. And I’ve seen a really cute pattern for slippers that uses granny squares exclusively! You could use them to create the yoke for a little summer top and finish it off with a cute cotton print for the body of the top. Oh goodness! The possibilities are endless!

    • Tameko says:

      Wow Kim, you are right, the possibilities are endless. Those are some great ideas. I’ll have to try some of them. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • Kim domingue says:

        I can make up ideas at the speed of light. Unfortunately, I crochet about at the speed of an arthritic turtle. Lol! So I rarely have extras left over. But if I did…….oh! The ideas, the ideas! I hope you post some pictures of what you’ve done with your “leftovers”. Have a great day!

        • Tameko says:

          LOL you’re funny Kim. I wrote this part 2 from memory. Several years ago, I was making an afrghan for a friend for the holidays and I stopped in the middle of the project when she expressed interest in something else for the holidays. I took the leftover squares and started making other things with them and gave them away as gifts. At that time, I wasn’t writing articles on crochet or even sharing my creations online yet, so i didn’t think to take pictures back then.

          • Kim domingue says:

            Okay! So that makes me feel better! I had this mental image of you sitting, hook in hand, surrounded by bits and pieces of leftover project parts and cheerfully churning out dozens and dozens of new things with them at the speed of light! Or at the speed of Lily Chin! I already have issues with how slowly I hook. Watching her crochet could turn my issues into a full blown, certifiable complex requiring years of therapy! Lol! Have a great weekend!

        • Tameko says:

          LOL Kim, you are funny. I wish I crank out crochet projects that quickly. If that was the case, there wouldn’t still be friends of mine waiting on birthday and holiday gifts from me. LOL

          • Kim domingue says:

            Sigh. I have an afghan that I’ve been working on, on and off, for close to a year and a half. In my defense, it’s for a king sized bed. Sigh. I am beginning to think that gremlins unravel half of what I’ve done when I turn my back on it! And I get sick of it and put it aside for 3 or 4 months at a time. Lol! It may get finished by Christmas 2015…….which would make it only 3 years late! And what’s 3 years between friends or family? Right? Sigh.

  2. mindy says:

    Make a coordinating pillow! Fun and useful! 😉

  3. Michal says:

    A pillow cover. I made way too many squares one time, I didn’t realize how big the afghan was going to be, so I used the leftovers to cover a throw pillow. I had to do some edging and then sew it together. It is can also be taken off and washed- grandchildren !!

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