7 Ways to Staying Cool While Crocheting This Summer

By Rachel Choi – 19 Comments

I love crocheting in the summer, but I often come across people who say, “Are you crazy? It’s too hot to crochet!” For me, it’s never too hot to crochet! I think I’d go crazy if I couldn’t crochet just because it was hot. Here are some ways that I keep cool while crocheting in the summer. If you have ideas to share as well, feel free to leave them as a comment on this post so that other can read them too!

  1. Crochet in the cold air condition. Have you ever noticed that you’re colder in the summer than in the winter, just because the air condition is on so high? Whether it’s at home or at a place you visit, the air condition can be blasting harder than you’d like so don’t just carry around a sweater, bring your crochet with you too!
  2. Crochet in the shade. It’s great to spend time in the great outdoors, especially when the weather is nice. There’s no excuse to not bring your crochet with you. If you get a little too hot, just find a nice place to crochet in the shade on your porch, under a tree or beach umbrella.
  3. Crochet on a table. Lots of times when folks crochet the item sits on top of their lap. This can make you super hot when you’re crocheting, sort of like having an unwanted blanket. Instead, try placing your item on a table in front of you so that your crocheted item isn’t resting on your lap.
  4. Crochet small projects. If you don’t have a table to crochet on top of, try crocheting small projects. Small projects won’t cover your lap like a blanket and make you hot. Plus, you get quick satisfaction when you complete a small crocheted project.
  5. Work on projects that require sewing. Projects that require sewing normally have several small items for you to crochet instead of one huge item. For example, crochet a blanket that has motifs and squares, instead of a blanket that is crocheted in one piece. Each motif or square won’t make you hot while crocheting it, but a huge blanket might.
  6. Use lighter weight yarn or thread. Light weight yarns and thread are less hot to work with, simple as that. If you’ve never tried working with different weights of yarn, there’s no better time than during the summer to try it out and learn something new!
  7. Crochet when it’s too hot to do anything else. You know those days when it’s so hot that all you want to do is sit around and do nothing? Those are the perfect days to crochet. Whether it’s inside your house or outside with your feet dipped in the pool, you can always lounge around and crochet.

How do you stay cool while crocheting in the summer? Feel free to share it as a comment on this post!

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  1. Denisse says:

    I do not know why people say it’s too hot o crochet, i don’t know what you people like but I love to make small projects such as amigurumi and stuff like that, any way, I live in a very very very hot area, the weather is extremely strong or it’s too cold or hot, now in the summer is really hot, like 40/43.C 104.F so is really hot, so there is no reason to go outside but aniway i don’t think crochetting is just for te winter, maybe because the think is more functional because of the scarfs, blankets, hats and those things but you can also make hats for the summer, also you can make dishcloths, placemats, etc. So don’t worry ’bout the weather and just enjoy our favorite hobbie,
    Crochetting 🙂

  2. James says:

    I can’t crochet when it’s hot because my hands get sweaty and the yarn wont pull through my fingers. I hate not being able to crochet in summer, but I do take advantage of the A/C when I can to work on some WIPs.

  3. Karly says:

    When it is an item of substantial size, I will, if sitting in a chair with arms, hand the bulk of it over the arm so it is not laying on me.
    If I am crocheting in bed (which is the easiest for large items) I just keep the project on the bed, the yarn on the other side of me, then I am only working with a small part of it hanging in front of me =)

  4. Alishia says:

    I like to work on light, lacy projects that can be used during the summer and not make me feel like I am crocheting “out of season.” Plus, like Denisse mentioned, you can always work on projects for your home, such as dishcloths, instead of sweaters and easily boring scarves. Keep your hands moving and learn new techniques that you can make into swatches and use later in the year.

  5. Kristy says:

    Thanks for the tips! I do very little crocheting in the summer because my hands get sweaty, making the yarn difficult to work with. Perhaps I’ll try a lighter yarn and see if that works any better.

  6. Jodie says:

    I just finished a filet crochet with thread and a small hook. Great summer projects.

  7. Sandie says:

    I don’t know what you mean. *chuckle* I live in the deep south and it is never too hot to crochet — inside! I do tend to work on small things these days, but it is not due to the heat. Rather it is due to patience – of which I have little.

  8. Gramma Rita says:

    Trust me, if you don’t have AC (and many of us do not) it can be too hot in the summer to crochet certain things…such as afghans and any other larger items. I tend to stick with the smaller projects in the summer months….doilies, fridgies, baby items, etc….anything that doesn’t make me feel smothered when I am working on it. When it is 80-100 degrees in the summer time, plus high humidity on top of that and you have no AC….well, then yes it can be too hot to crochet. 😉

  9. Bethintx1 says:

    I crochet in summer too. I make lots of winter hats. Then donate the bulk of them for when they are needed this winter. When working on afghans, I set up my card table and place a fan under it; spreading the afghan over the table. Lace and light weight projects are suitable for summer too.

  10. Lillian says:

    When it gets to hot to crochet outside on the balcony, I blast the a/c on, put the tv on or listen to my favorite opera or jazz music, all the while keeping my legs warm from the afghan or blanket I am crocheting!

  11. Marion says:

    I have the ac on,sit under a ceiling fan and have a floor fan sitting in front of the air vent and also blowing on me.I’m always super cool, even when I’m working on an afghan!

  12. Sodie says:

    I like your idea of putting larger projects on tables. You could also use a lab-tray or bed-tray – this may eliminate tensions problems. It’s a great time to work on bookmarks – they’re great to include in greeting cards.

  13. Ria says:

    I don’t know about keeping cool while crocheting, but I live in a very sunny flat and have made lacy crochet curtains for all the windows, so I still get plenty of light but it definitely keeps the rooms cooler. Mostly the curtains are nothing special, just done with a large hook so they are quick to make as well. Happy summer everyone 🙂

  14. Linda says:

    I have an idea that helps with sweaty hands….dust your hands with baby powder. I keep a travel size baby powder with my crochet tools. Then whenever my hands get sweaty I put some on my hands and the yarn just flows right through my fingers as easily as can be.

  15. katie A. says:

    it’s good for your hooks as well!

  16. Kristy says:

    The baby powder is a GREAT idea – thanks a bunch!!

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