How Many Crochet Projects Are You Working On?

By Rachel Choi – 45 Comments

I remember back in the day I would go project crazy, having 10 different projects going at one time! I would get bored of one project and start another. Then I realized that I didn’t have enough space to store so many unfinished projects and I’d need to eventually finish what I’ve started.

Today I learned to only have 1 or 2 crochet projects going at a time. One project is normally small, and if there is a second project, it would be a bigger item, like a shawl, blanket or set. This seems to work better for me compared to going wild with 10 different projects. Too many projects can be overwhelming. Having 1 or 2 projects keeps me focused and organized. I even realized that I can get more done!

What about you? How many projects are you working on?

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  1. Taylor says:

    I usually have 3. A big one like an afghan, a medium one like a little vest or scarf, and small ones here or there to convince my self things can get finished!

  2. PengPeng says:

    Haha, my partner calls me the Queen of Unfinished projects. I thought I was the only one who had no patience at all to see a project through till the end but I can’t seem to stop myself from buying yarn whenever I see them !!

    Now I know I am not alone on the planet of the Unfinished Projects!!

    Have got nothing going at the mo, or rather, have got about 3 or 4 projects which I started but got bored of quickly — a blanket, a round cushion cover (I gave up on that when the cover started developing excess bits that made the round looks like a skirt), and about 6 granny squares which I intend to make into a bigger blanket (not happening right now).

  3. Al says:

    At the moment I’ve got three: a pair of socks, a pair of slippers and a beanie (that I’ve already had to frog twice, ugh the pattern didn’t have gauge.) I’ve also got a massive queue of requests and two amigurumis that I’ll probably start and finish this weekend.

  4. Sharon says:

    I have 3 projects I’m working on–a magic ball afghan, a doily and a “purse project” that is a small project that fits in my purse–in this case it is a dishcloth.

  5. Mary says:

    Right now I have 3 UFO’s: a scarf I made a couple years ago that’s too long, so I took it apart to re-make a bit wider and shorter; a wave blanket/afghan, and a tote. I told myself I can’t start another project until these are DONE…but it doesn’t stop me from finding fun patterns online for later. 😉

  6. KristiLou says:

    I currently have 2 crochet projects, a baby sweater and a handbag, and two knitting projects, both baby hats.

    It depends on the pattern – if it’s too simple, I get bored and have to start something else! The handbag is all in single crochet, so it gets boring, but eventually, I’ll have to bang it out, then get it lined….

  7. Angie says:

    Currently I am working on three: some baby booties for my cousins new arrival in August (I’ll make more stuff to go with it closer to the date), a hat for my-self and the City Hat w/ Brim from this site for a friend. I usually have close to three or four projects going at one time and I’m ALWAYS looking for more. 🙂 It’s nice to see that I’m not the only crazy obsessed crocheter out there.

  8. Lisa Hamblin says:

    I have several “old” UFO’s… but I’m currently knitting baby hats for a charity.

  9. Becka says:

    I currently have 1 project I’m working on. Most of my projects are small and so they are easy to take along. I generally try to keep working on a project until it’s finished. This is especially helpful if there is a future project I am excited to start. I have about 10 projects on the “to do” list! 🙂

  10. Teena says:

    a granny square bolero, pair of socks, baby jacket, two teddy bear dresses, a square motif top, a new beanie for winter, a sampler rug…. lolzzz so many things to do!

  11. Anna says:

    With large projects, I tend to have a couple on the go – one really easy and transportable to do while waiting somewhere, plus something more challanging. Right now, I’ve got a stashbuster blanket on the go, plus a skirt I’m making for my daughter that had been set aside until I finished another large project. They’re both so simple and repetitive, I’m itching for something challanging to start. When working on a large project, though, I find I have the need to FINISH something, so I usually do small projects that can be completed in one or two evenings, so there’s usually only one of those going at a time.

  12. Bananas says:

    I have what can be call ADD of Crocheting, I’ll start a project and if I see some other pattern that interest me I’ll start that, so my house is full of UFO’s and WIP’s, hopefully some day all of them will be finished.

  13. Paige says:

    Bananas, I feel your pain. lol. I’ve currently got 1 afghan, 1 basket, 1 pair of wristlets, 2 dishcloths I’m crocheting and 1 afghan and 1 scarf I’m knitting.

  14. Maria says:

    I currently have 2 started — a scarf for my middle son and a baby blanket for a friend, I have only the ruffle to finish on that one but have to get more yarn to do so.

    I normally work on ‘little stuff’ so I feel accomplished. Even my afghans get finished because they are made of granny squares and stitched together. I can’t seem to get a big project finished any other way.

  15. holli says:

    I have like 20. It’s insane. I’ll work on one for like 15mins and then move on to another one.

  16. Bananas says:

    Holli, trust me when I say thats nothing, I have about 20 different amigurumis that are i need of hands, legs or something, I have 5 blankets- full size beds, 3 baby blankets-including the one for my son who is now 4yrs. old, hats, scaves you name it and it some where in my house or shed waiting to be finished and given away. so when that day comes I will be giving them to some charity.

  17. DIANE says:

    right now i have 3 projects on the
    like to keep my hands busy and i do enjoy crochet and i also have a knitting-broad with a scarf on it and another crochet hat on the go summer is coming here in ontario then i will be outside with a project

  18. Usha says:

    I currently have a afghan, a scarf and bookmarks that I am workign on. Had to take a break due to health issues.But cant wait to make my fingers work!

  19. Dottie says:

    Rachel,I’ve Got 5 Projects I’m Workin On, 1 Throw, 1 Ripple Stitch Afghan/Throw,Heart Shaped Table Mat,And 1 Cross Stitch Project. When I get Bored I Change Over To Something Else, Work On That, Then Go Back,Don’t Seemed To Get Burned Out Quite As Bad

  20. Sandy says:

    I have far too many projects going. I have a big basket for the projects I am doing that I will work on when I get inspired. I have one smaller basket that I work on most of the time when watching tv. But when I was cleaning out my yarn bin the other day, I found three shawls that I had started. I don’t really like the color of any of them, but I have too much done to stop now. So, I have plentyto keep me knitting/crocheting for a long time.
    I want to find some rug yarn to try to crochet an area rug. Do you know where to find this?

  21. Mellie says:

    I have two projects going at a time – one from a pattern, and one that is my own creation. It’s so tempting to want to start new projects, because especially with big things like sweaters or afghans, they can become tedious and boring… it takes discipline, but it’s worth it!

  22. Ginny says:

    More than I should have. I am working on a mystery CAL with another group, A Mario, Natu, and several other pokemon plushies for my grandson’s birthday. I just completed flip flop coasters, amd mary jane booties for my 2 month old great-grandaughter. I will start another project tonight, cowboy baby booties for a great-grandson that is due to arrive any day now,

  23. Denise says:

    I’m only working on one and it’s KILLING me!! I’m have a list of about 6 things I want to make but I’m currently working on a baby blanket to give to my old college roommate at her shower in April. I know if I put it off I won’t finish it in time so I’m forcing myself to finish it first!! Next I want to make a really cute felted bag (first felted project – want to do it in time for those farmer’s market trips!). It’s kind of pathetic though – on my list is scarves for my young boys and leg warmer (the last pair I had was in 5th grade – in ’83!) Want to be in the ’80s again!

  24. Jillian says:

    I like to work on a few projects at a time because some projects are more portable than others. That really helps when I have different places to go where I like to crochet, whether it’s sittting on a busy train or on my couch at home. But I must admit, I have waaay to many UFO’s to handle right now, because I get so caught up in the excitement of starting something new 😀

  25. MB says:

    I have several afghans and scarves…I also have a prayer shawl on which I am working. I am trying to get ambitious enough to start on a project for my son’s senior year next school year. He is a member of his high school’s award-winning marching Pirate band, and it is my goal to crochet koozies and/or scarves for everyone in the band as well as directors and chaperones – in all, just under 240…LOL! We’ll see how it goes…BTW, the koozie pattern can found on the Lion Brand website as can the skull & crossbones I used for their mascot. I made enough for the senior girls on the color guard this past year and they loved them! I have tons of patterns that I would love to find time to crochet – does this counts as UFOs? 🙂 LOL!

  26. Liza says:

    I’m noticing a lot of UFO’s being crocheted. Are people actually making little toy ufo’s or does that stand for something I’m not hip to? I’m guessing unfinished objects or something clever like that.

    I’ve been making little projects like dishcloths, hats and crowns, that take anywhere from 6 minutes to 2 hours to finish, so I’m pretty one at a time with those, but I have a wig project that I’ve decided to make for my girls for dress-up time. It’s basically a hat with a bunch of crocheted corkscrews attached all over. I only have 4 of the corkscrews completed so far, so it’s got a loooong way to go.

    Do the myriad abandoned projects from years gone by that are stuffed into a closet count? I hope not!

    I’m also going to start crocheting a bunch of the peace signs from here…

  27. Samantha says:

    I haven’t tried any really large projects yet. In fact, I just finished my largest one and that was a decent sized hook case. :3

    I think because I am choosing to start on smaller things rather than follow my horribly stubborn and over-achieving nature (which screams at me that I should logically be able to conquer any project no matter the size or difficulty level despite the fact that I am just now stepping up from beginner to easy in difficulty patterns), I have been able to remain focused on the projects I am working on from start to finish.

  28. aing says:

    I have several projects going. I keep a simple and straightforward piece available for crocheting in front of the tv when I sit with DH a the end of the day, or for when I’m visiting with cousins and can crochet away without the need to consult a chart or keep track of numbers. Lace by the yard for pillow and sheet edgings, or granny squares for baby blankets fit in this category. Then, there is a bigger piece or 2 that require measuring every now and then, or counting rows, like a sweater or top.

  29. sue says:

    let see.. how many do i have at time.. i have a sweater (arms not done yet) , a sheep … well… 2 doilies in my car .. that makes 4!

    oh boy! i should get to my hook …

  30. Sheri Beach says:

    3, as long as we don’t count the craft projects that aren’t crocheted. If we do I think it’s 7 or 8. Right now I’m crocheting Barbie clothes (need to find more patterns by the way), a hexagon shaped afghan, and a round ripple afghan in Spider-Man colors.

  31. Megan says:

    Well just yesterday I had four, but I finally finished a hat I was making so now I only have 3! A Big Afghan, Baby blanket(due by April), and a monkey!

  32. Kathryne says:

    Right now I am making a Bride and Groom Precious Moments doll set, an Eeyore, and a Jack and Sally set from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I already successfully made a pattern for the sally doll and am selling the pattern as well as a finished doll 🙂 I am also trying to finish typing up a bunch of other patterns for a few other projects and list them on as well. Busy busy me LOL

  33. desanka says:

    in the den (husband’s EX MAN CAVE) I HAVE 10 afghans I AM WORKING ON…PLUS 2 bedspreads being done in thread…in plastic containers i have some 20 i have started to be continued later. i took pictures of my completed projects and have 164 pictures of COMPLETED afghans-i put in space saver bags and packed away-i don’t do ANYTHING twice. and i still have NOT taken pics/counted what i have inside closets/cabinets…at least 20 that i can think of off the top of my head. the 164 i did in last 3 years. i retired from r/r 2 years ago and have gone HOOKING crazy. i don’t sell, nor give away my projects. i know it was hard work and it makes me so sad to see people dump them and sell at garage sales for a quarter.

  34. indomom says:

    Thats great! If you are looking for ideas on where to give your projects (rather than at a yard sale), I would suggest donating to various non profits in your area. I am not sure where you are located, but if you are in Southern California, I can recommend places that will really appreciate them.
    Kids, adults in healthcare related non profits can defintiely use those comforting afghans. This way it will also give you a sense of satisfaction that it is being out to good use!
    No effort is ever wasted


  35. katie A. says:

    I got nothing right now, and Im going nuts! Course there is always the charities i work with, but other than that, i guess Im sluffing a bit! Thinking about though, crocheting all those small amounts of yarn Ive saved, and doing some granny’s. I have a big zip lock full of yo yos that need another few rounds before they can join togehter, unite in a fabulous blankee or lap blankee for the local nursing homes! We’ll see!

  36. katie A. says:

    Oh I did just finish 36 hats for the homeless for this fall.

  37. Cathy says:

    I have 3 at the moment 1. Sweater for my friend, 2. afghan for my son 3. crate mat for my dog in tunisian crochet. I also just taught myself to knit and have a scarf started in that. Currently working on the dog mat and hope to finish it by the weekend. I used to stick to one project at a time but I get bored easily and find myself going back and forth between projects. I think it helps me to stay interested and I tend to finsh more projects now than when I used to do one at a time.

  38. nancy says:

    I am working on 2 right now a couple of teddybears.(gotta use what yarn I have before hubby will let me get more)

  39. Nykki says:

    I do lots of small projects and usually have 4 going.
    Getting ready for a craft sale and the holidays so right now I have lots going on.

  40. Olivia says:

    I only have one or two crochet projects right now. I mean I’m making sets of coasters to sell but I’m not working on one right now. The only project I have going right now is a blanket my Momma started a few years back but she never finished. She wants me to teach her to make granny squares so she can make blankets and things. I need to work on those coasters today….

  41. Sherry says:

    I had to laugh at the one person who had 10 afghan’s she was working on at one time. That “use” to be me. I get bored very easily. Now I have one large one (an afghan) and one small one…I am trying to crochet dish cloths to sell for extra income. I must confess though I have a smaller afghan and a larger one (both halfway finished) that I boxed away until I finish the big one I’m working on now. I’m an afghan person and envy those of you that can make the other items. I just have no patience for it.

  42. Olivia says:

    I usually have about three or four. But sometimes I have to crochet my fingers off trying to finish my projects.

  43. Alta says:

    I thought I’m funny, having 2 projects at the same time….now I feel better…..I also get bored working on 1 only.

  44. Olivia says:

    I now have a plan. I’m going to pick a project to work on most of the time with a few breaks now and then and finish it then start on the next one. When I’m done with my projects I will keep only one or two going at a time because when I finish these projects I’ve got going now I’m going to start an etsy shop. But before I start my etsy shop I’ll make a few of the things I’m going to sell so I’m not always crocheting or knitting as fast as I can go to finish something in time.

  45. K9Ann says:

    I have some projects that I had started years ago and never finished. I’ll probably frog those, mostly because I don’t know where the pattern is and not sure I have enough of the right yarn to finish. I too tend to have several projects going at one time. The other night I finished 3 of them. I have a few UFO’s that just need finishing touches on them and some I just got bored with. All that being said, don’t ask me how many I actually am working on at the moment. I do have a shawl I am working on to finish for a friend and will finish that one as soon as possible, but I think I’ll need at least 1 or 2 more skeins to be able to complete it. Back to the store. Earlier this week I went to the store for 3 skeins of particular yarn and came out with enough to complete at least 10 projects. I have actually finished a few of them already not counting the ones I mentioned earlier. I really need to start selling this stuff!!

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