Back to Crocheting Normality, Sort Of

By Veronica Smith – 3 Comments

Well hubby and his pinched nerve and numb fingers is back to work so things have started on the road to ‘normality’. I use that word loosely as I don’t think we are quite normal in this house. Hubby being back to work means I can start to straighten my brain power back to the chaos it usually is – but it is MY chaos.

Well the dancing concert for the youngest daughter is in 12 days so I am sitting at a LOT of extra dancing lessons. Even though last weekends were 3 hours both days, I am 45 minutes from the studio so I don’t bother coming home. PLUS it gives me 3 hours to crochet >>>grins<<<. There IS an upside to running kids around. This very same concert however, has landed me with more sewing. I already have 4 of her 7 costumes, but I still have to make her into a witch, a pirate and make a shortish tartan skirt (not a kilt) and a matching shirt. I have known about this for probably 2 weeks and it is now pretty well the ‘last minute’ so I really need to get sewing. Fortunately, I can only do that at home so I can crochet to my heart’s content for many hours at dancing.

I have also added to my crochet time – well my ‘sit down and do nothing’ time, so while I am sitting down I can crochet some more – yaaayyyyyy!

How do you add to your sit down time you ask? Well you don’t do it like I did. I managed to drop a very hot very heavy oven tray onto my foot, the corner of the tray of course so it did maximum damage. I didn’t really burn myself that bad as it didn’t stay on my foot for too long however, the bruise – and I suspect not-too-happy bones are another matter. Really must go and get an x-ray. I can still drive as I am lazy and have an automatic car and it is my not-needed foot.

The upside of all this – and yes, I have to laugh about it all – I get more crochet time than I have had in ages so I can get on top of everything. Having the craft room upstairs is a bit tricky so I pulled out a heap of things and got an able bodied child to carry it all down and put some in my car and some in front of the TV. It is summer here and it is air-conditioned in there as well so all is good.

There is only 12 days to the concert when my dancing lesson crochet time goes away and Miss 14 only has 18 days until school finishes and then 8 weeks off. I LOVE school holidays. I would keep my entire family home 24/7 if I could. Maybe Little Miss will attempt the crochet thing again. She is not really big on doing things she doesn’t get right in the first 5 minutes. Maybe I’ll have a win this time.

How do you make excuses for extra crochet time? Maybe I’ll try that instead of a hot oven tray.

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  1. Terry says:

    How did the hubby work out the pinched nerve? I ask because my own hubby has numbness in his pinkie and ring finger etc.

  2. GeorgiaAnn Aeverman says:

    How awful to drop a heavy hot tray on your foot. I hope it heals quickly. In the meantime, happy hooking. GeorgiaAnn

  3. Alexasue says:

    So glad to hear things are back to ‘normal’ at your place, except for your mishap. Thought you
    might appreciate this comment I read somewhere once.

    ‘Normal’ at our house is a setting on the dryer.’ Do we even know what normal is supposed to be.

    Enjoy your extra crochet time!

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