Best and Worst Crochet Accessories

By Rachel Choi – 10 Comments

Previously we discussed the best and worst yarn brands and the best and worst crochet hooks, now let’s discuss the best and worst crochet accessories. What notions can you not live without, and what items have you bought then realized they where a waste? What crochet accessories would you recommend to others? Leave your comments below and see what others are saying!

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  1. Pamela says:

    Can’t live without locking stitch markers like the yellow ones in the picture. Also stitch markers with the hook size on them so I can leave them on my wips and know the hook size when I come back.

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Stitch markers with the hook size… that’s genius! I didn’t even know they existed. I’ll have to pick a few up for myself.

    • Bonnie Banks says:

      I never heard of that! Wowsers. I’m always leaving a hook in the project, thinking I’ll get right back to it. Lol. Then forgetting and having to replace that hook..

  2. I use safety pins for my stitch markers, but I need row counters and several since I’ve always got multiple projects going. I’ve tried using digital ones on my phone, but other than for emergencies when I’m out and forgot one, I’m not a fan.

    While I’ve been satisfied with my safety pins the idea of having my stitch markers ID the hook size I’ve been using is highly tempting.

  3. Twinkie Lover says:

    I love the locking stitch markers as shown in the photo, too. I tried using safety pins at first, but just found them too dinky and hard to see. I always have a note pad and write down the hook size and rows/rounds as I go along for each pattern I’m working on. Easy and always there written down for me. I like having things down on paper, not digitally or on a counter. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s preferences and ideas.

  4. Sandy G says:

    I bought some alphabet beads and use them with a safety pin as my stitch markers. That way I know which hook I’m using and the stitch I left off at does not unravel my wip.

  5. Karen Osmon says:

    You can buy coil-less safety pins at places like Hobby Lobby, when you get those look for the alphabet beads. Just slide a bead on a pin and you’ve made your own stitch markers plus hook size. If you are using the metric size just look for the number beads.

  6. Dana says:

    I like Clover’s locking stitch markers the best. They never stick to yarn.

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