Best and Worst Crochet Hooks

By Rachel Choi – 30 Comments

Previously we discussed the best and worst yarn brands. Now let’s talk about the best and worst crochet hooks. Choosing a crochet hook brand can be as easy as buying whatever is on sale, or as difficult as testing them all out to see what doesn’t hurt your hand or snag and split your yarn. What is your favorite crochet hook brand? Do you prefer metal, plastic, bamboo, or wood crochet hooks? Are there crochet hooks that you refuse to use?


What are the best and worst crochet hooks that you’ve used? Share your experience in the comments below and check out what others are saying!

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  1. Jen Higgins says:

    Best Crochet hooks I’ve ever used are Fleabubs by Lala ergonomic handled Susan Bates hooks, you can find them on Facebook.
    I have hypermobility and osteoarthritis and swear these hooks have saved me hours of pain and enabled me to hook painfree

    Having tried clover Amour, Addi swing, knit pro waves, clover soft touch, naked Susan Bates and Boyes hooks to name a few I now only use Fleabubs.

    • Rachel Choi says:

      So glad that you found handles that work for your hands! So many folks give up crocheting because they can’t find something that works for them.

      • Gina Holland says:

        I love Clover Soft Touch needles. They are ergonomic, and I can crochet for several hours. I have arthritis, and I am a pencil holder.

    • Judy Parkey says:

      Jen Higgins, I, too, have hypermobility and osteoarthritis. Thank you for the recommendation of Fleabubs. I’ll try to find them.

  2. monogodo says:

    My favorite hook is a Furls Odyssey. Perfect balance, smooth finish, works great with every yarn I’ve used it with.

    I prefer Bates/inline hooks, so I tend to avoid Boye/tapered hooks.

  3. Groovymarlin says:

    I’m not terribly picky about the shape, but I prefer aluminum to plastic or wood. I like those Susan Bates metal hooks with the bamboo handles a lot, and I have one of the Clover hooks with the soft-touch handle, which I love. I need to get more of those!

    • Tina Wedlake says:

      Ebay is where I got mine. 😉 If you get the Tulip Etimo, ect , then you are spending WAAAY too much. I got the same hooks on Ebay for 5.00 for the multi-colored (one had a brown handle) set.
      I got the solid pink set for 4.00. And so for free shipping and 10.00,I got two sets.

  4. Twinkie Lover says:

    I always used to use Boye aluminum hooks. But after getting trigger thumb on both my hands and having to get cortisone shots, I started using the Susan Bates hooks with bamboo handles. Not only are the handles much more comfortable ergonomically, but the hooks are deeper and sharper, which makes them much better for hooking the yarn when crocheting. I got full sets of them and I love them. I have never experienced hand pain since getting them.

  5. shoshana says:

    i’ve always used areo hooks, i have a set that was my grandmothers, and just keep using it. i’ve never even tried a different brand!

  6. cecelia knuckles says:

    Can’t say that I have a favorite brand but I do have one that I will never buy again. That is the crystalite hooks. . Bought a package with all size hooks and all but one popped right in the middle after little use, and they were not cheap.

  7. Tina Wedlake says:

    I refuse to try Furls. I have heard they break easy. And the cost !?! For one I can pay my light bill. Too fancy and too costly.

  8. Susan says:

    I’m the weird one. I prefer metal Boye hooks. Truly despise Susan Bates hooks.
    Definitely prefer metal over any other type, except for my antique ivory ones. =>/<=

    • Klara says:

      not wierd. I know more people who prefer boye style over susan bates than don’t

    • Lilli says:

      I only use Boye hooks. I’ve tried some with ergonomic handles but I feel I like more room on the hook as opposed to a handle. The shape of Susan Bates handles annoys me, I love the shape of the Boye hooks. A couple of years ago someone gave me her mother’s collection when she passed away and I was thrilled to see that she, too, was a Boye hook user! I wish they would make some in the newer giant sizes!

    • Rhonda Lee says:

      I totally agree with Susan! I learned with Boye hooks and prefer the shape. I won’t use Bates hooks unless I absolutely have to.

  9. Klara says:

    I love Susan Bates hooks. apparently I’m a fan of the flat not curved hook. My go to is the bamboo handles aluminum ones. I think I’m going to try some with an agronomic and/ or custom handle.

  10. Jan says:

    I use Susan Bates metal hooks. I love these. My grandmother had an ivory hook which she loved. It was very small, and it was used for doilies only. I hate Crystallite, plastic, and wood hooks- having experimented. Being left-handed, it seems Susan Bates helps me the most.

  11. Marcia says:

    Some of my oldest and favorite hooks are Hero. Can’t find them anymore. Now using Boye.

  12. Lori says:

    I much prefer Aero hooks. Some of the finer hooks that I use where from my Aunt. Hands down Aero, metal hooks!!!!!

  13. Katy W says:

    I have fibromyalgia and texture issues.the only hooks I use are Susan Bates with the bamboo handles. I can crochet for hours without hand fatigue,I love their sharp heads. My husband likes the closed heads of the Clover and Tulip hooks so I gave him the few I had. Oh I’m also photo sensitive and the light up hooks made me physically ill,so he got those too.

  14. Regina says:

    If a hook does not have a handle you can always use comfort covers. They are available for the smaller and another set for the larger sizes. It is a light foam type material. These are in light blue. I only mention it as I seen one small box with several but I do not recommand these. They are coarse. The comfort covers are individual covers sold at a bit over a dollar each. You take liquid detergent to slide them on. They are comfortable to the touch. You can slide them over any aluminum type hook. I use them on all without a handle.Even the steel hooks I put them on for comfort. I also like the hooks that light up at evening hours. I used one when the electricity was out. It was perfect to crochet. I like the steel hooks from Germany with handles on and covers. They are my preferance in steel hooks.

  15. Esther O says:

    I have been crocheting for over 40 years and have tried many types of hooks. My all time favorite are the Susan Bates aluminum hooks.

  16. Kristal says:

    I feel like I’m the only crochet who can’t stand ergonomic hooks. They’re too thick for me. I prefer the cheap aluminum hooks.

    • I recently helped a younger family member and a senior friend and neither could use my Bates Bamboo hooks. They both prefer the regular Bates metal hooks.

      I started with Bates metal and discovered and fell in love with the Bates Bamboo for thread because I couldn’t old the smaller thread hooks. Eventually, I decided to move completely to Bates Bamboo and I really like them.

      I do think it really is an individual comfort issue. Before I settled on the Bates Bamboo I tried a number of different ergonomic hooks and none of them felt quite right. I have tried some wood hooks from time to time and like them in the larger sizes for afghans. They just feel good in my hands. Sadly, I’ve broken them in the smaller sizes and no longer even try to use them as they just aren’t strong enough for me.

  17. Diane says:

    I use Boye also. My hand gets weird when I try the Bates – what is this? what is it doing? Actually, it’s good for me to try every once in a while because then I am much more sympathetic to anyone I am trying to teach!

  18. Diane Hunt says:

    I love the Tulip Etimo hooks. I have more than 60 crochet hooks, some of every kind you could think of, except Furls, and I will not be buying anymore now that I have my Tulips. I started with a couple of pink ones and then I bought the grey set. Now that is all I use. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in hands and wrists and pain gets so bad sometimes. I am also a pencil holder, which is way harder on the wrist. I’ve tried to knife hold, but my hand just keeps switching back on its own. I think everyone has their own preferences as it is a very personal choice, just like everything else we do in life. What works for me, may not work for you, but it’s nice to hear about all the options out there.

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