Crochet Cardholders for Mr. Credit Card

By Rachel Choi – 2 Comments

After making the cardholder crochet pattern last week, a friend of mine over at asked me to make a few for him to give away to his blog readers. Here are the ten crocheted cardholders that I made!

crochet cardholders

Mr. Credit Card will be giving them away to new subscribers on his blog. So check it out! As a professional financial advisor, he’s a great source for credit card info. Just ask him any question and he’ll answer it with the brutal truth!

Cardholders are very fast and easy to crochet. I sure had a blast making these!

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  2. Jan says:

    Hi Rachel! well I am going to do the free card holder as I think everyone will be doing it, I also am working on a ripple rug at the same time, but as it is not in the list, I will only post it as an extra rambling, as you know with crochet, designs are endless, I have used your original pattern, which is a great rug pattern and created additional texture and movement to the rug, using a variety of yarns, I am excited to finish it as I think you will agree it is a nice effect! Jan

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