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By Rachel Choi – 31 Comments

Have you ever had a question about a crochet pattern you’re working on or simply a general question about crochet? If you don’t have a lot of local friends or family members to ask, then you’re likely to turn to the internet to find answers. Sometimes your searches aren’t always helpful. I can understand the frustration from not being able to crochet a pattern you want or figure out a technique you’re working on.

If you have a crochet related question, feel free to leave it here on this post in the comments below! It doesn’t matter if it’s a Crochet Spot related pattern you’re working on or not. I’ll do my best to answer your questions! I will publish your question along with an answer in a blog post for you to read and others to learn from as well, if many folks have the same questions. I will admit that I’m not perfect and don’t know everything about crochet, so if I don’t know the answer to your questions, perhaps someone else reading the blog will!

My goal in creating this new help desk is to help as many folks as possible because I know how frustrating it is when you’re project just isn’t going right. So feel free to leave your questions below! Be sure to make them as detailed as possible so that I can help you as best as I can.

So what are you waiting for? Ask away!

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  1. Belinda Jordan says:

    I am trying to crochet the Silky Cloche and have gotten to row 9-18 and it say work even. What does that mean. Even rows or even stitches? I do not have any ideas does anyone know. P

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hello! It may want you to keep crocheting the previous row or rows. I would need more information about the pattern to be certain. Can you copy the exact line that says “work even” and a few lines of the instructions before for context?

  2. Beverly Berlin says:

    I am beginning the Cozy Hooded Poncho and am making the gauge swatch but also have a similar questions for the pattern: Does the 2 ch turning chain count as a stitch? Am I to make the first stitch in the same chain as the turning chain or in the next chain?. I have watched your turning chain tutorial (thanks for the tutorial by the way) and don’t see the answer nor do I see it that information in the pattern instructions. Also, please help me understand why you have chosen a 2 ch turning chain with the double crochet stitch; the previous patterns I’ve used use a 3 ch turning chain with the dc. Thanks for your help.

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Beverly!

      For that pattern the ch 2 does not count as a stitch, it would only count as a stitch if it was noted in the pattern. So when you make your first stitch it will go into the first stitch on the row, which will look like it’s the same stitch the turning chain is sticking out of.

      The chain 2 is used instead of the chain 3 since it is shorter. Often times when the chain counts as a dc the ch 3 will be used. The shorter chain fits better next to the other stitches when the chain does not count as a stitch.

      Let me know if you need more help with it!

  3. Melinda says:

    I am crchhet a ripple pattern Afghan. Instruction chain 158, then with wrong side facing start in 2 chain fr hook. Each row is worked right side facing and then wrong side. So after the chain do turn yarn over to othrt side. Each row is started new

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Melinda! If it’s worked wrong side facing then right side facing, it sounds like you are going to turn the work (as if you didn’t cut the yarn and start new) and continue working across the piece. If the instructions want you to start a new strand of yarn on each round you will attach it to the corner where you just finished your last row on.

  4. Beverly Berlin says:

    Re the Cozy Hooded Poncho, Please comfirm the first stitch made by crocheting in the 3rd chain counts as one of the 24? It must count in order to create 24 dc from 26 chains. I’ve watched the “Crocheting on the Opposite Side” tutorial several times but when I execute I end up with more that 48 stitches. Do you have a chart of this pattern? That would help. I can’t figure out exactly where my error is but, it’s when I turn the work around that I end up with more than 24 stitches on that side. I am crocheting in the front loop on the opposite side, not both loops, correct?

    The pattern calls for rows rather than rounds and you don’t call for slip stitches so the last and first stitches of each row are not connected to each other correct?

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Yes, the first dc you make when you do the “dc in third ch from hook” counts as one of the double crochets in the total stitch count. The 2 chains that you skip will not count.

      You will have 24 dc on each side when you are done row 1. Do the first part, “dc in third ch from hook and in each ch across” and double check that you have 24 dc before working on the other side. Also before working on the other side, try counting the chain stitches that you are going to work into to make sure you can clearly see the 24 chains. If you accidentally count more or less, then you know you are miscounting somewhere. You can also try placing stitch markers into every 4 or 6 chains so that you know exactly how many stitches you are making and you don’t accidentally make more than one stitch into the same chain.

      When working across the chain on the first side, you can work into the front loops, then on the second side you can work into the back loops.

      The pattern is worked in rows, do not join. If you were to join it, the poncho will not have the front opening in the hood or the body of the poncho.

  5. Diane says:

    Has anyone crocheted the DMC tatty teddy blanket ? Trying to do motive & stitches don’t add up…. round 3 is 36 stitches …. which I have but round 4 says one treble then two trebles … repeat to end 48 stitches … but this gives you 54. ????

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Diane!
      I haven’t crocheted the pattern you mentioned, but I can see how you are getting 54 stitches. Seems like you would need to do treble in each of the next two stitches, then 2 treble in next stitch, repeat to end, to get the 48 stitches. Maybe there’s a typo in the pattern. If you can contact the designer or company that made the pattern, I would recommend doing that for better clarification.

  6. Hi Rachel. I finished the Poncho and it looks fabulous; just like your pix even down to the fire-engine red. My one remaining question relates to sewing buttons on crocheted garments. How does one sew buttons so that they don’t ultimately tear/pull the yarn over time? Does one use a backing of some type? Any hints would be appreciated. And keep those wonderful patterns coming! Your prompt responses to my previous questions were so encouraging. Thanks.

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Beverly! I don’t use a backing, but you are sure welcome to use it. I usually just sew it on with thread and make sure I go into multiple strands of yarn when sewing it on, that way it’s not pulling just one strand and making it pucker.

  7. Bonnie Beck says:

    I have started my first afghan. I am carrying the four colors of yarn up the sides. My problem is that with every row of turns my yarns are getting more tangled. Is there a special way of turning to keep them from tangling, or do I have to untangle each skein about every 10 rows? My skeins are upright in a sewing basket with the yarn coming out the end at the top. If I turn my basket in reverse every row will that stop the tangle?

  8. Elaine says:

    Hello I would like to crochet an adult size tam any crochet patterns?

  9. Elaine says:

    Hello any ideas how to crochet an adult size rasta tam?

  10. Mary says:

    I am working on a sweater pattern and came to a point on the front that confuses me. This is the instructions…Shape neck: Next row (RS) Work to last 14 sts, dec 1, place marker, work last 12 sts. Working 12 collar sts even, dec 1 st at marker every 3 rows 13 times (after marker on RS rows and before MARKER on WS rows);. To me 14, decrease 1, leaves 13 stitches. Am i missing something, please help if you can. Basic pattern is single stitch, chain one, single stitch, chain one.

  11. Arlene says:

    I’m trying to make a pattern that I just cant seem to get to work. Previous round has 16 tr and 16 ch-2 sp. The round I am having problem with reads “ch3, (dc,ch 2, dc) in same ch as beg ch 3, dc dec in same tr and in next tr, *dc, ch2, dc) in same tr as last leg of last dec made” At the end I should have 48 dc and 16 ch 2 sp. I always end up with 58 dc and 16 ch 2 sp. I have no idea what I am doing wrong and after untold tries I am really frustrated. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong and could it be explained in symbols so I can actually see what it should be like.

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Arlene! Looks like you should be repeating the “dc dec in same tr and in next tr, (dc, ch2, dc) in same tr as last leg of last dec made”. If that is correct then you will have 3 dc each time you work the repeat. So 3 * 16 = 48 dc.

      • Arlene says:

        Finally got it figured out. The pattern is a real thinker before each row and I finally resorted to writing out each part in the row and I haven’t had too much of a problem since.
        Thanks for helping me out it was much appreciated

  12. Veronica says:

    The Leprechaun hat pattern…..the chain 2 turning chain method is not straight it’s on a slant should it be this way? I saw some videos on how to keep it straight but I didn’t want to sway away from the pattern… said the chain 2 does not count as a stitch… then it’s safe to assume the number of stitches at the end of each round does not include that turning chain right?…..

  13. connie says:

    I’m making a granny square duster for a friend. I have the back all put together but it is a heavy piece. I’m concerned it will stretch out as it’s being worn, and was considering using seam binding vertically on the underside to keep it from stretching out. What would be other’s suggestions

  14. Susan Rubin says:

    In one of your emails that I received, you mentioned how to crochet rows evenly and I lost the email. Could you help me please?

  15. Nancy Masullo says:

    Re: Keyhole Scarf Pattern. It states medium weight yarn and an I hook. I am using a weight 4 medium yarn and an F hook and it is still 7 1/2 inches wide. I can’t go down another hook size with that yarn. What yarn did you use for the blue scarf in the pattern. Mine with the F hook is so tight. Is there something I am missing?

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Nancy!
      The yarn used in the photo is Caron Simply Soft yarn. It does tend to be slightly thinner than other medium weight yarns, but the gauge shouldn’t be that much off if you are using a different brand.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about the gauge for this pattern though. If the scarf is slightly wider it shouldn’t matter too much, it will still fit about the same.

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