Crochet Color Therapy

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Crochet is hands down one of the best ways to relax on a sunny or a rainy day. With yarn and hook in hand, the only thing that matters is the pattern you wish to make a reality. This is crochet at its best.

If you think about some of your favorite crochet creations, you’ll probably find that many of them tinkle your fancy because of the pattern, but also because of the colors you chose to use. The color of the creation is just as important as the creation itself. But how can we take color choice to another level with our crochet creations?

We can bump it up a notch with color therapy. It has been scientifically-proven that different colors have different effects on our minds and our bodies. The right color room in one’s house can make a person feel warm and cozy or jumpy and jittery. Either way, color plays a very important role in what we create…even crochet.

Here is a short list of some basic colors and some of their universal meanings:

  • RED: passion, fire, fiery attitude, being grounded, security, safety
  • ORANGE: creativity, sensuality, confidence, joy, light-heartedness
  • YELLOW: sunlight, bright outlook on life, courage, strength, learning
  • GREEN: earth/plant-life, forward movement, prosperity, business
  • BLUE: meditation, tranquility, peace, water, emotions, healing
  • BROWN: earth/ground, foundation, Autumn, harvest, stability
  • PURPLE: divinity, spirituality, wisdom, royalty, higher consciousness

Now that we know the basic universal meanings of very popular colors, we can approach our crochet projects in a whole new way. Particularly, when we are making gifts for family and friends, we can take their favorite color(s) and give whole new meaning to the creation.

Another way to bring more color therapy into your crochet creations is by sharing the meanings of the colors of the item that is presented to someone. Type up a small description to neatly pin to the item or gift bag the item is in. Or, give your creation a title that describes the meaning of the colors, such as, Tranquility Afghan, Harvest Time Scarf, A Ray of Sunshine Wrap, or Be of Good Courage Prayer Shawl.

As you can see, by taking the time to know what the colors of your creations mean, you can breathe new level of life into them, which will bring more fulfillment and joy to you and those who enjoy your creations.

Have you found that certain colors in your crochet creations have a special effect on you and others? If so, share your experiences here? What’s your favorite color to crochet with? Why? We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Misha says:

    How strange….I just picked up my WIP and thought to myself that I seem to have made a lot projects lately that have all been blue in various shades and then this post appears on your newsletter.

    I don’t think I have used blues consciously. I’ve never thought of my favourite colour as blue but it is a colour that I’m drawn to quite often.


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