Crochet Covers for Parking Meters

By Rachel Choi – 13 Comments

Is public crochet decorations the new fad? I keep reading more and more about people crocheting objects to hang around the city. Remember the video I posted about decorating the city with crochet? Well, this time it’s in Cleveland, Ohio and volunteers are making covers to put around the poles of parking meters.

The reasoning behind it is that it’s pretty and cheers people up when they have to feed the dreaded meter. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to decorate, but in my opinion, there are much better things to do with your crochet talents then decorate parking meters. Come on, find a nice crochet charity and make a blanket or a toy for a baby who needs it. Or use the man who hangs crocheted hats as an inspiration. I’m just saying that the parking meter isn’t going to die if it gets cold, but a human might. Plus, do you really need to decorate a parking meter? Is there anyone suffering from ugly-parking-meter-syndrome? If so, that would be a different story.

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  1. AmpEleven says:

    This reminds me of the person who implemented (and was subsequently fired for) changing the company pink slips to a different color because pink had supposedly taken on a negative connotation that a new color would somehow alleviate. I also wonder who is going to care for the covers as yarn is not at it’s best when it’s been exposed to dirt and sunlight for very long. I couldn’t agree with you more that contributing to one of the wonderful crochet charities would be a much better use of yarn and talent.

  2. Sara says:

    I agree, it is a waste of effort. I saw a knitted sign cozy at my local library parking lot and I think it’s nothing more than grafitti, just different materials than spray paint. I am all for creative expressions of art but I just don’t see the artistic value in that kind of stuff.
    And I agree, that yarn does not do well when exposed to the elements. It would look “cute” for like a week before it got all ratty and dingy.

  3. Gaz says:

    LMAO I think that’s funny, although I agree with everyone else that it is a waste of time, effort and yarn because no one will take care of or replace it when it gets ratty and dingy. But it’s still clever and unexpected and someting to do when you’re REALLY bored and want to get people scratching their heads. I think instead of crocheting or knitting parking meter or street sign cozies, you should do something for your car or bike (like handlebar or side mirror cozies or a grille cover) so that you can keep track of it and its upkeep and you doing something for yourself instead of ungrateful city-goers, but you still get the satisfaction of turning heads and making people go “huh” with your craft.

  4. Melanie says:

    LOL! For me, crochet takes way too long for me to ever waste time on a parking meter cover that someone will deface anyway.

  5. LoniWayne says:

    Rachel. I do not know how to get on your store site I would like to get the hamburger coasters pattern , could you please help me thank you LoniWayne

  6. Peggy says:

    Oh come on. What great fun — plus, the crocheted items are easy to remove if necessary. Just seems like fun to me, and an interesting way to publicize and share our “dainty” art.

  7. LoniWayne says:

    I can get to the Crochet Store I cannot get to the place to order the pattern that i want How do I do that LoniWayne

  8. LoniWayne says:

    OK i got the Account how do i get the pattern I want???

    • Rachel says:

      When you are logged into your account, click the blue “Add to Cart” link for the item(s) you want. It should show up in the right hand side of the page in your cart. When you are done adding items to your cart, press the “Pay Now” button on the right hand of the page. Upon purchasing you can download the pattern(s) using the “My Purchased Patterns” tab that will appear at the top of the store page if you refresh it. Let me know if you need more help.

  9. MamaJunke says:

    I have never seen the crochet parking meter covers, however, I feel the need to defend the knitted/crochet tree socks. I live in a Western suburb of Cleveland and had to travel to the East side to watch my daughter’s tennis match. While traveling I drove through Larchmere, a little artsy section, where the trees on the sidewalk had their trunks knitted/crochet, it was quite quirky and beautiful at the same time. I would never call it a wast of time, art is art, if crocheting trees is a waste of time then painting, sculpting and other forms of art too would be considered a waste as they do not serve a function. It truely brought a smile to my face and made me wonder “how’d they do that?”

  10. Anon says:

    Wow what a bunch of grumps! I guess drab and boring is the new serenity? Thank goodness human eventually die; that way you won’t have to be angered and distraught by all the colorful happiness. Too bad you didn’t stay children, maybe then we’d have more enjoyment to look at.

    Who cares about graffiti as long as it’s good and worth looking at like the local artists that get paid to do it on buildings here…thank GOD I live here and not with some void of art grumps!

    Honestly, it isn’t like it will matter when you’re gone so why care if people brighten up the world for other people now? Sounds like just something for the flock to gripe over. Get over it, grow younger, and stop complaining. If you don’t like to see a bit of happiness then just ignore it and don’t ruin the fun portion of human existence for the rest of us.

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