Crochet Holidays!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 4 Comments

Holidays happen all year round, and I think it’s really fun to incorporate crochet into the holidays! I think it’s important, because holidays keep me motivated to crochet something and finish it for a reason.

I am thinking about the holidays that are coming up as I write this, and there are plenty! Crochet Spot is a global community, so I am hoping I can learn of some new holidays from different regions of the country and also different parts of the world. 🙂

I bought a really cool calendar that helps me keep up with my blogging. Now I want to use it to create crochet holiday inspiration!

Selected Upcoming Holidays & Crochet Items to Make

November 2012

World Kindness Week – Nov. 12-18 – Crochet a quick hat, and give it away!
World Toilet Day (no joke!) – Nov. 19 – Crochet a toilet paper scarf! 😉
Thanksgiving (U.S.) – Nov. 22 – Crochet place mats & napkin rings in your favorite fall colors.

December 2012
National Cookie Day – Dec. 1 – Crochet one of these or these!
Hanukkah – Dec. 9-16 – Crochet gifts for your family and/or friends who celebrate Hanukkah! Here’s one good gift idea.
World Peace Day – Dec. 21 – Crochet this.
Christmas – Dec. 25 – Crochet gifts for your family and/or friends who celebrate Christmas! How about something like this? 😉

What are you crocheting up for the holidays?? Feel free to share in the comments section!

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  1. Bailey says:

    I like to make decorations/toys for the holidays. Even people who don’t have room for year round crochet items seem to make room for holiday stuff. Then it goes away for another year.

    • Caissa says:

      Bailey, it’s wonderful to give crochet away, and it’s great that there are so many cool, holiday-themed patterns from which to choose! Your idea is a good one. Crochet that is useful and won’t clutter your home! 🙂

  2. Jolanta Gustafsson says:

    I usually don’t crochet anything for holidays, but your article, Cami, made me think of what would it be if I crochet, and for what holiday in that case… And I think it would be fun to crochet a small flag of Finland for the independence day, so small that you can put it on your pencil. I don’t know if I’m going to accomplish this idea in the nearest future, but if I sometime work with children, I think they would like if their teacher has the flag on the pencil on the occasion of the independence day. 🙂

    • Caissa says:

      A tiny Finnsh flag of independence is a great idea. I can tell you that my students absolutely loved seeing my crocheted creations, so I heartily encourage you to make that flag!

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