Crochet Party Favors for All!

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Who doesn’t love a great party? Whether it’s a birthday party, engagement party, graduation party, or even a crochet party, it’s all about coming together in the spirit of something positive. There’s nothing like sharing good food, good music, and good company.

Crochet party favors can be an excellent addition to any type of party. You can tailor the favors to the party theme. While the food, music, and people make a great party, the ambiance add its own special twist to the event. The party environment sets the tone for sure.

Here are a few ideas and examples of some cool crochet party favors you can try out for your next event.

Book Club Meetings & Poetry Gatherings. Books, poetry, lively discussions, laughter, intellectual stimulation, food – the perfect combination, right? Right, however, adding crochet party favors would be a nice touch. Bookmarks and book covers are great additions. Your guests would love them.

Baby Showers. With this one, of course, there will be crochet baby blankets and such. But can you imagine having a little pair of baby booties or little stars, moons, and suns appliques strategically placed on the buffet table and coffee table in the room. Blue for the boys and pink for the girls, of course. Little crochet baby toys would be great too.

Crochet Parties. I’ve mentioned crochet parties in a previous post, however, this is a perfect time to make crochet party favors. With a crochet party, you can make your favorite party favor ahead of time, have every guest make something, bring it to the party, and place them on a table for a party favor exchange.

Birthday. With birthday parties, think about the guest of honor. What does he or she love? You can create party favors based around his or her personality. This is a great time to try out crocheting garlands to decorate the entire room. Crochet garland can be done for any of the party suggestions listed above as well.

As you continue to create from your heart in crochet, remember that throwing a party is all about the fun and enjoyment. No time for stress!

Party on, my fellow crocheters!!!! Party on!

If you have any more crochet party favor ideas or suggestions, please post them here along with any comments or questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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