Crochet Pattern: Angel Wings Necklace

By Claire Ortega-Reyes – 48 Comments
They say accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. Purchasing them can also break the bank! Why buy when you can make some yourself? 

I just love the look of those bib necklaces that went mainstream last year. But I couldn’t imagine myself actually wearing one of those gem-laden beauties–I’m more of a t-shirt and sneakers kind of gal.

So I made myself something that has a similar look; something that makes a statement but can still be worn as an everyday addition to outfits.

Does the necklace look familiar? I used the fans in the Royal Scarf Crochet Pattern to achieve the lacy yet solid look for this necklace.

Skill Level: crochet skill level easy

Finished Size: Necklace drop: 16″ including chain, bib pendant is 5″ tall x 8″ wide

Medium Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook G (4.00 mm)
crochet yarn size 4

Gauge: Not Important

Notes: The length of the necklace reaches mid-chest for adults. If you wish to lengthen or shorten it, accordingly increase or decrease the starting chain–the foundation chains needed for the bib necklace is 31 chain stitches. When making the foundation stitches, it is recommended to crochet into the back ridge of the chain to make the project look balanced, and make it easier to work stitches in.

Need help understanding the abbreviations and symbols? Check out the crochet abbreviation chart!

Crochet Pattern: Angel Wings Necklace

Ch 131, taking care to not twist the chain, sl st into first ch,

Row 1: Ch 1, sc into back ridge of next 31 ch, turn: 31 sc

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in next sc, sk 2 sc, 8 dc in next sc, sk 2 sc, sc in next sc, sk 2 sc, (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc) in next sc (shell made), sk 2 sc, sc in next sc, sk 2 sc, 12 dc in next sc, sk 2 sc, sc in next sc, sk 2 sc, shell in next sc, sk 2 sc, sc in next sc, sk 2 sc, 8 dc in next sc, sk 2 sc, sc in next sc, turn: 6 sc, 2 shells, 3 fans

Row 3: Ch 2, dc in next 2 dc, ch 3, sc into back ridge of 3rd ch from hook (small picot made), dc in next 2 dc, small picot, ch 5, sl st into back ridge of 5th ch from hook (large picot made), small picot, dc in next 2 dc, small picot, dc in next 2 dc, sk next sc and dc, sc in next dc, sk next dc and sc, dc in next 2 dc, small picot, large picot, small picot, dc in next 2 dc, small picot, dc in next 2 dc, small picot, large picot, small picot, dc in next 2 dc, small picot, dc in next 2 dc, small picot, large picot, small picot, dc in next 2 dc, sk next sc and dc, sc in next dc, sk next dc and sc, dc in next 2 dc, small picot, dc in next 2 dc, small picot, large picot, small picot, dc in next 2 dc, small picot, dc in next 2 dc, ch 2, sl st in sc.

Finish off. Weave in ends.

I hope you like it! If you need any help just leave a comment below.

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  1. Jillian says:

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to try it. 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    This is awesome! I love that it is with ww yarn so it is a more substantial and durable piece. Thanks for the pattern:)

  3. Lane† says:

    Very creative! I’ll have to try this!!

  4. Valorie Davis says:

    Cool. I’ve been looking for a Crown or Tierra pattern, adult size. Any ideas?

  5. Shayla says:

    Mine doesn’t seem to be turning out right. Should the “2 dc in next st” throughout row 3 actually be “dc in next 2 st”? That’s what it looks like to me in the picture.

  6. Shayla says:

    It did! I love that something so fancy looking is so simple to make. Thanks for the pattern!

  7. Quesandra says:

    Oh my. That is so beautiful. Thank you. I can’t wait to start it.

  8. lena says:

    I have been looking for something like that for a long time. Thank you so very very much!

  9. Caitlin says:

    this looks adorable! what is the yardage needed?

  10. Claire says:

    Hello Caitlin, it took less than a small skein; I guess 20-30 yards would be a safe estimate. 🙂

  11. melliza says:

    My cousin would love this! I can’t wait to make it 😀 Thanks for posting Claire! :] Oh, and if you have a moment, could you please visit my youtube page? If not, it’s all good 😀 Thanks again for posting :]]

  12. Dottie says:

    Have You Ever Thought To Add A Printer Friendly Button To Your Site For Printing Your Patterns
    Just A Suggestion
    Dottie In Va

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Dottie, all the pages on Crochet Spot are coded to be printer friendly so you can use the print function in your internet browser. Unlike other websites the pages on Crochet Stop will print our without all the comments and boxes on the sides. I hope that helps!

  13. Samantha says:

    I just made this last night in aqua. I wore it to work and I’ve had lots of compliments on it already today. Thanks for the great pattern!

  14. Kate says:

    Oh, so pretty! Can’t wait to try this 🙂

  15. Mari says:

    This is awesome. I made it in just a few minutes and love it. Apparently my gauge is a LOT looser than yours which meant mine came out larger and longer. The larger part is great since I am a plus size woman, it covers more area :):):) The length can be adjusted easily so I’m a very happy gal. Thanks so much for this great pattern. Can’t wait to wear this lil beauty.

  16. Samantha says:

    Hi. I really want to make this necklace but I’m having some trouble. Could someone please tell me how to crochet a fan and a shell? Also, which way am I supposed to be turning my work?

    • Claire says:

      Hi Samantha, The shell is made by (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc) in one sc, as shown in row 2. Fans are made by making either 8 or 12 dc in one place–I didn’t specify in the pattern how it is made because there are two kinds and it would be confusing; we just want to be able to count how many stitches there are at the end of each row. We turn the work at the end of each row. Good luck with the project.

  17. Samantha says:

    Hi Claire. Thanks so much for responding. 😀 I love your design and Im going to give it another shot. I‘ll let you know how it turns out! Thanks again! 😀

  18. Samantha says:

    Hi I just have another question. At the end of row 2, are you supposed to crochet 6sc in the same stitch? And after that, are you supposed to skip any stitches between the 2 shells and 3 fans? Also, when doing the fans, would it be better to do 8dc or 12dc? Sorry for all the confusion.

    • Claire says:

      Hi Samantha, No, don’t make that 6 sc. The stitches that come after the colon (:) are not done; that part shows how many stitches are in that row or round. Sort of a summary of all the stitches for that row, so that you can easily check if you’ve done it right. I see why you were so confused.. Here’s an example from Rachel’s post How to Read Crochet Patterns. Example 3 goes, “Round 5: (2 dc in next dc, dc in next 3 dc) around: 30 dc” It means that for round 5, there are a total of 30 dc. Hope that helps.

  19. Samantha says:

    Oh my gosh thanks so much! Haha. Yeah I get it now. I guess I’m just used to seeing the summary in parantheses lol. Thanks so much for your help! I appreciate it. 😀

  20. Samantha says:

    Okay haha im sorry last question. What does dct stand for? I checked the abbreviation chart and didnt see it.

  21. Samantha says:

    Oh haha okay thanks. 😀

  22. sarah says:

    is there a tutorial for this, I am just new and need a little bitmore direction please

  23. sarah says:

    awesome, I would love it. thanks

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  26. Karen says:

    I love this, instead of using it as a necklace I think I would like to use it in a neckline. Really pretty here and in the scarf.

  27. Karly says:

    Thanks so much! I was looking for a necklace project that I could use a regular yarn with and this is absolutely adorable! This will be a great present for an unsuspecting family member. 🙂

  28. Charlotte says:

    Brill, really quick and easy and looks good. Good project for someone new to crochet.

  29. Felicia says:

    Awesome pattern! Do I have permission to sell a finished one if I credit the pattern back to you? 🙂

  30. Percola A. says:

    I just made it 🙂 so pretty!!!

  31. Lisa says:

    I’m so desperate to make this but I can’t make it right! I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I’ve done it twice now with multiple re-dos as I go, and the first time I probably just counted stitches wrong, but this second time I paid super close attention to each part of the pattern, and it’s still not working. In row two, when I make the fans, the point that is supposed to form that pointes to the middle always forms off to the side, no matter what I do. I make 8 and 12 dc where it states and the point still forms off to the side. And then in row 3 I end up with the pretty picots lopsided in relation to the fans as well and the very last set of picots, that are supposed to form around the first fan from row 2, are super lopsided and I end up with 3-4 stitches that are just hanging out at the end. I have some pictures to try and make this clearer but I don’t see a way to post them. I think part of the problem might be that when you say “sk next sc and dc, sc in next dc, sk next dc and sc, dc in next 2 dc” in row 3 I may be interpreting it wrong; am I supposed to just skip 2 stitches or do I pay close attention to which ones are sc and which ones are dc and ignore any in between? I’ve done it both ways, and still end up with the same result. Is there any way to make this part clearer perhaps? And I have tried the photo tutorial and it produced the first, much worse, disaster I think because I just couldn’t pay as much attention to the pattern and may have skipped parts by accident. The pictures just don’t help me at all. Is there any way to do a video tutorial?? Ah! I’m so sad I can’t make this. I hope some of it made sense….

    • Lisa says:

      I’ve done it! I think my problem was one of the ones I thought; I was really unsure about the “sk next sc and dc, sc in next dc, sk next dc and sc, dc in next 2 dc” in row 3 but I must have done it right this time. Forgive my previous, panicked, post!

  32. Genny says:

    This is beautiful !!! I’we done one for me and a few for my friends !!!

  33. princess pink says:

    Thank you! I just made one for myself. I changed it though. I used crochet cotton and needle 1,5 and ofcourse added many more stitches to the chain part. It turned out real pretty and dainty 🙂 I will wear it this Christmas at our dinner party 🙂

  34. Ellisen says:

    This necklace is gorgeous! I want to make it right now! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  35. Brittany says:

    I love this necklace, it’s absolutely adorable!! I made myself a few of them and blogged about here Thank you for sharing this pattern!! 🙂

  36. Vanessa says:

    So Very Pretty!!
    Wonder if I could do the 31chain Bib,, Then,,
    Add chains, to tie around the neck? ,,, to keep from
    Placing over top of head?

  37. Joyce Bowling says:

    I did it ! Thanks so much. Love it.

  38. Helena Swords says:

    Hi Claire,
    I just discovered this pattern recently and have been trying it out and have a few questions.

    The patterns says ch 131 and then work on the first 31….is that correct ?
    I’ve done that, but my problem is where to go after that.

    When I finish the last sc on Row 2, I am at the wrong end of the other 100 chs to continue the rest of the pattern.

    Help appreciated as I really love the design.
    Best regards

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