Crocheting a Pattern or Using a Tutorial from Crochet Spot?

By Veronica Smith – 8 Comments

Well, Rachel has out witted me again. This article that you are reading, well the one with the above title – she sabotaged me. I thought it was a good idea, I had it ¾ written and then I went to the Crochet Spot home page for something and what was there staring me in the face??? Hmmmmmm??? “Submit Your Crochet Pictures!”.

Well I got all bent out of shape there for a bit, just because this is her site she shouldn’t steal my ideas should she? Even though she had no idea I was writing a post about making stuff from this site. Maybe she could have mentioned she is psychic.

Anyway, as you would have discovered by now, given there is a substantial gap between me writing this waffle and it being published, that Rachel has started a new feature “Submit Your Crochet Pictures!”

I’m going to write MY article anyway…

It is confession time, that is you confessing. A lot of you will be posting pictures however some of you will either not be able to due to lack of camera or something and some of you may have already given away your creations. So, I want to know how many of you have made anything using the patterns from this site, or used the techniques shown in tutorials. Did you alter the pattern in any way? What made you make it in the first place? Did you keep it or give it away?

As I mentioned in a previous post I have made, from Crochet Spot – 5 beanies, I did alter them by adding a pompom to 3 of them. I’ve made the hooded scarf and I added a flower to each pocket that wasn’t in the original pattern. I have also made 4 Amigurumi Chick’s. The little chicks, well 2 of them, were altered by sheer stupidity. I made 2 quite successfully and then decided to make 2 more. Rounds 11 – 13 do not have any shaping in them, all 36 stitches each. In my self absorbed TV watching I only did 1 round (Round 10) with 36 and then proceeded to decrease. They looked like little balls with chicken wings, beak and feet – however the kids love them.

I did not manage to get a picture of any of these thing that I made except the chicks as the others were presents and I wasn’t thinking about taking a picture. I shall try to remember in the future, especially now I have all of you to keep up with.

So, to refresh your memory…

How many of you have made anything using the patterns from Crochet Spot, or used the techniques shown in tutorials?

Did you alter the pattern in any way?

What made you make it in the first place?

Did you keep it or give it away as a gift?

Have you submitted your picture?

By the way, I absolutely love reading all your comments, it’s the sticky beak in me. A little glimpse into other peoples lives. Some of you actually make me feel less like a total nut, although most of you have a long way to go before losing the plot like I have. All of you however make me feel good simply by reading my musings each week.

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  1. Lane† says:

    Lol, Veronica, I love reading your posts! I think you have made me laugh every time. 🙂

    I honestly can’t remember what I made from Crochetspot. I only have 1238789 projects going on and sometimes I forget where I got the pattern to make it. But I’m usually good about not altering stuff. 🙂

    Veronica, NO WORRIES, you aren’t a nut. 🙂

  2. SoSaje says:

    I am altering and experimenting with stuff all the time. 🙂 But the tutorial/pattern that I make the MOST use of from Crochet Spot is the foundation single crochet.

    I *hate* chaining and working back into it. I always pull my tension too tight, and it just frustrates me – especially since I want to get to the “meat” of the pattern, not muck about with chains! 🙂 I find that the fsc helps me maintain my tension a lot better, and I love being able to whip through the chains and beginning sc in one pass. Whenever I’m able to, I will adapt a pattern (from anywhere!) so that I can begin with a fsc. Doing this has helped me understand a lot more about pattern construction and crochet geometry as well. 🙂

  3. gatyamgal says:

    I should never have read this post after 1 a.m. I am all excited now and I can’t sleep. But now that it is 3:30 a.m. I have successfully reviewed all of the free crochet things and I have discovered that I have tried quite a few of the patterns. I have also discovered some I haven’t tried so I have sat here typing and wondering in the back of my mine…”Hmmm, should I REALLY start a crocheting project at 3 a.m.?” It was tempting. I don’t know how I missed the barbie tie top and the barbie dress from a couple years ago.
    The other day, I found my soap saver I had crocheted and I used it in the shower and it dried up nicely. No musky smell. I also found my chap stick cozy. Such a neat idea! I will start taking pictures and sharing as soon as I find my other projects.

  4. Namiko says:

    One of the first things I made from this site was the Lover’s Knot Loop scarf, which I then gave to a friend for Christmas. I’ve also made a bunch of tawashi using some of the techniques I’ve learned here; Tunisian stitches are great for industrial strength scrubbies and I’ll never have to buy those commercial “magic erasers” ever again!

  5. Lynne says:

    Made the Kiss bag in black and the rose in pink-to-white ombre and sewed it on in one corner.
    Took me a couple of hours, and I was able to use it that evening! Also made the Hobo bag …
    super-easy, and super-cute. Made the mitred tawashi , too. All very quick … and look great!

  6. Jana Hunter says:

    I altered the potted flower (pic is posted this time!) and made it into a sunflower to go with coasters and placemats that I had made for a swap. I simply used two of the coaster, sewed them together around the brown part and stuffed a little. I altered the leaves too to be bigger.

  7. Erin Lea says:

    I made the leprechan (sp) hat a couple years ago. LOVE it. But either my gauge was off or I have an abnormally large head because it is a tad small. Oh well, Its still fun to wear on March 17th! I have it posted on Ravelry.

  8. Linda says:

    I have made My Fatty Handbag and carried it for a couple of months. I really like the feel and look of the bag. I tried to create a liner after I had finished the bag – that was not too successful – if I make another Fatty Handbag I’ll create the liner while the crocheted piece is still flat.

    I made some of the cat toys – very quick and fun and my nephew’s cat loved them.

    I made pumpkin beanies for my two adorable grandchildren. They turned out great!

    I don’t usually modify crochet patterns on my first time through, but by the second time I sometimes make changes.

    I love that popcorn pot holder – I think I’ll make a few for Christmas gifts.

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