Crocheting for Children

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 6 Comments

How many of you started to crochet when you knew a little one was on the way? I have definitely crocheted quite a few things for my little loved ones-both relatives and the children of friends. It seems like the perfect time for the hooks to come out is when we know someone has a “bun in the oven!” There are many advantages to crocheting for little ones. Additionally, baby projects may be perfect for beginners! Here are a few reasons I love crocheting for children.

1. Size. Children’s projects can be crocheted quickly. They are a prime opportunity to try out a new stitch pattern or technique. Because the projects are small, you can practice your new technique and still have the satisfaction of crocheting a complete project.

2. Yarn Possibilities. Kids’ projects don’t need to be made in only pastel pinks, yellows, and blues. Open your mind to vibrant colors, and different yarn thicknesses. There is a multitude of patterns that are made for kids in all colors of the rainbow, and in yarn sizes from chunky to fine. Because the projects are smaller, you may be able to splurge on a more expensive yarn than usual!

3. The Cuteness! The number of crochet patterns out there with adorable designs is unbelievable. Somehow our little sweethearts are able to pull off the most unique fashion statements. What kid wouldn’t want to wear a cupcake hat or mouse mittens?

4. The Joy of Giving. It’s wonderful to be able to give a part of yourself to a child. Also, the act of creating something personalized just for him or her always makes my heart feel good.

Here is a list of some fun Crochet Spot patterns for children.

Stuffed Animals: Little Safari Animals
Blanket: Hugs and Kisses Baby Blanket
Sweater: Classic Baby Cardigan Sweater (5 Sizes)
Beanie: Super Quick Family Beanie Set – 6 Sizes. This one has sizes for the whole household!

Did you learn to crochet in order to give something handmade to a child? What are some of your favorite children’s projects? What colors do you usually use for your kids’ projects?

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  1. Lane† says:

    Oh! I have a niece AND nephew on the way and they’re due about the same time!! So I’m busy busy with crocheting little jackets and booties for them!! I’m also looking for little toys and stuffed animals to make them so thanks for the links!!

    I’ve already made my nephew an animal owl suite and I need to find a good stuffed owl pattern as well! 😀 For my niece I’ve already made a few adorable white jackets with pink accents! Oh, I LOVE baby stuff!!!!!

  2. Rosina Filipiak says:

    I crochet a lot of baby items I have a 2 year old granddaughter and I have made her some cute things
    I also have made a lot of baby blankets for babyshower gifts. Little hats and sweaters. I love to crochet I try anything. Right now I am finishing a football cocoon and hat it is so cute.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I most certainly did. I first started when I was pregnant myself, originally as “nesting” and then later because I was in bed a lot and it was one of the few things I could do lying down. Now my sister is expecting and there are a few other babies in church as well – all the more to crochet for.

  4. Darlene says:

    Cami — this shows how my brain works. When I saw the heading, “Crocheting for Children,” I immediately remembered being taught to chain at age 6, and wondered why I hadn’t taught my grandkids!

    As I scrolled down to the comment section, I noticed another heading, “Crocheting with Children” — now that’s probably the one for me! Tehe!

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