Do You Give Crocheted Gifts?

By Rachel Choi – 64 Comments
Crocheted gifts can be nice, when given to the right person, but what happens when they aren’t appreciated? Some crocheters spend hours, days, or even months to finish a project and on top of that spend who knows how much money on the yarn. Not everyone understands the hard work, effort, and labor, us crocheters put into our work!

Personally, this is why I rarely give crocheted gifts. I’m so afraid that my preciously crocheted hat, scarf, shawl or what not, will end up in a dusty closet never to worn by the person I gave it to. Perhaps it’s all about finding the right person who will appreciate it.

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Do you give crocheted gifts?

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  1. Liz says:

    I do. I know not everyone will appreciate the gift but still it’s the the thought that goes into it and they can just as easily not appreciate a store-brought gift as a homemade one.

  2. Pam Kelley says:

    I do. And as far as I know, everyone but one person has appreciated them. I made my first sweater as a gift for my sister, and she just hated it, but didn’t know how to tell me. It hung in her closet for over a year. Finally I asked her if she has worn it yet, and she said she can’t find anything to wear it with. I did not believe her and asked for it back. I think she was relieved!

    I make doilies for gifts, and everyone likes those (and I get requests too) and I also make toys, for my nieces and nephews.

  3. Mich says:

    Hm, I’ve never though to. I mean, I think my parents would like gifts, like scarves and such. My friends probably would like some amigurumi stuff. No clothing for anyone though. I would be a bit worried about people not liking it, but I guess its just a risk. Less you give it to your parents, I think its a rule they have to like your stuff xD

  4. Erin says:

    I give crochet gifts to some people but not to others. I’ve found that a blanket or afghan is what is most likely to go used. If I find a pattern for something that makes me think of a person then I make that for them. Otherwise I tend to donate a lot of my stuff.

  5. Denise says:

    I’ve just started crocheting and I’ve only given one crocheted gift so far. A coworker had a bridal shower a few weeks ago and I made her an amigurumi. She liked it and asked me about making it. The day before the shower I saw that she had a few books on crocheting so I figured she’d appreciate it at least a little.

    Now I’m making one for my cousin’s birthday. I’m going to be mailing it to her and she doesn’t know I crochet so I’m afraid she’ll think I just bought it somewhere. And that she’ll think it’s a toy for her cats. I’m trying to figure out what to say in the card to let her know I made it for her without it sounding like I’m bragging.

    Amigurumi seem like safe gifts. They don’t take a lot of yarn so you’re not risking spending a lot of money. They usually take less time to make than other items. But I’d still only give them to someone I think would appreciate a handmade item. I hope my cousin is one of them. I don’t have a large family so I’m willing to take the risk 🙂

  6. Donna says:

    Everyone has a kitchen. Potholders, dishcloths, scrubbies, towels, etc would make great gifts. If not used, can be displayed. I am a new crocheter and have gifted several of my creations. An angel to an angel collector. She loved it. A large hanging basket filled with flowers for Easter to my Easter Exchange Pal. She loved it. She hung it on her front door. It was in her favorite color. I think personalizing the item helps.

  7. Melanie says:

    Hey I’m so glad you posted this topic. I have just started crocheting and I’m hesitant to give things as gifts. I also remember getting a few knitted scarves as gifts from my friends and loving them. I would tell everyone that “my friend made them for me.”

  8. Charlotte says:

    Out of all of the crocheting I’ve done over the last 20 years or so, the vast majority of my projects have been gifts. Doilies, afghans, pot holders, dish cloths, toys, even a few items of clothing. Over all of those years I’ve only ever made myself 1 sweater and have yet to make myself an afghan!

    I learned to be selective when deciding who gets my crocheted gifts and who gets store bought stuff early in my crochet obsession after I got a thank you card for some doilies I made as a wedding present, which said “thanks for the beautiful doilies, our cats love playing with them”. I was more than just a little irked at that, I didn’t spend all those hours to make cat toys!! So I only make gifts for people I know will appreciate them. 🙂

  9. Sarah R. says:

    Who the heck would give their cats doilies to play with?!

  10. Donna says:

    I have to admit, over the years, I have received knitted or crocheted items I smiled at but left in the box. Now that I crochet, I have been admiring all the work that went into making them. One, I am wearing around my neck, and one other is now in my kitchen. It takes a crafter to appreciate another crafter’s work.

  11. Tabitha says:

    I like to give crocheted gifts, but I run into just the problem you’re referring to. I’ve even found a handmade gift in my sister’s trash pile because it didn’t match her kitchen anymore and she figured it didn’t take much to make. She’s not a crafter at all–I agree with Donna–It takes a crafter to appreciate the work.

    The other thing I run into is people admiring my own handmade items and asking if I could quickly whip one up for them. Ugh.

  12. Jenia says:

    I am very careful about it. My baby booties are usually a hit with moms-to-be. Some people have really loved my potholders. I crocheted a penguin for my friends’ daughter’s first birthday and am happy to tell it’s one of her favorite toys. One time, however, I made a set of potholders (a smiling face and a sad face) for our friends, and I’ve never seen them used or displayed. More than that, I later overheard the girl saying something snobbish about handmade gifts.

  13. Tara says:

    I do give crocheted gifts. Every year all the women in my family look forward to receiving my crocheted kitchen helpers for Christmas. They have begun discussing what I’m making them at Thanksgiving dinner. I have had a few people who have slighted my handmade presents, but it makes my life easier not making anything for them ever again.

  14. Nancy says:

    I have made many a gift for many a friend. I am always happy to know that my gift is appreciated and used. I do, however, usually ask them what they would like. My fussy sister went through my pattern books (lots of them) to pick something that she would like. She still has them after all these years. They were matching afgans for her sofas. Others like to pick the color and the pattern and then they really appreciate my efforts!! I like to fill requests like that. It makes me feel good that they search me out!! ( a bit of an ego boost) I do make baby stuff for the new mommies in my offices. They are appreciated. I do not make other things for anyone but me. I do not like to think that my work would be in a closet or thrown out.

  15. Danielle says:

    I actually just started crocheting, before I made simple knitted scarfs, people always seemed to love them! This summer I have been working on trying new things and have made 4 hats to give away, 2 pairs of mittens and a scarf! I also cross-stitched a picture for my mom’s bday next week. I hope everyone likes their gifts because alot of hours went into them!

  16. Erin Lea says:

    I make animals mostly, and have given them all away as gifts, but they were all requested. Someone saw me making them and hinted they would like one, so I would whip it up real quick and surprise them with it (I wouldn’t tell them I would do it, I would just mentally file away the information for later). I have made both a scarf and tea cozy for my aunt, who also hinted at the *need* for those items. And I have made a shopping bag and baby afghan for others. I did make a blanket for my cousin’s new baby (it was one of those kits where you only do the edging on a blanket, so it took a couple days, at the most) and I have yet to see her use it… but it has been summer… so I am trying not to take it personally. lol I also made a hat out of some yarn that I bought that I didn’t know what to do with (I was going to make a blanket out of it, but then realized I didn’t buy enough and it would be too expensive to buy more) so I whipped up a hat for my niece. She is 2 years old and she LOVES it, its super soft and is similar to a hat that a character wears on TV (its an orange fuzzy one, not sure what his name is or the shows name). Her mom has to hide it from her on hot days because she will wear it every day if you let her! And that gives me the most pride, I know she doesn’t know its home made, I just love that she loves it!

  17. Caitlin says:

    I have just started crocheting and have only made amigurumi so far. I think that they and things like scarves are safe things for gifts. I have given several little amigurumi animals to people and they think they are adorable and others have asked for them as well. I made a few for my mom to put on her desk at work and her co-workers think they are awesome.

  18. Jessi says:

    I actually do give crocheted gifts…I try to make something useful though for christmas I give a hat or mittens knowing that since it is cold I am sure they will wear it. I also make sure the people that I am giving gifts to are close to me. I know that they all will appreciate the time and passion that goes into my craft and that I can create a style that I know they will love too!

  19. Lillian says:

    I am very happy to have seen this question. My mom passed away and she was always crocheting and knitting. While going through her things I found a beautifu scarf that was not quite finished. During one of her last days, I sat with her and she taught me the stich to finish it off. I have only the ends to do and will give it to my grand-daughter – her great grandaughter who happens to carry her name – on her upcoming first birthday. It will be easier for my daughter to match a snowsuit for this upcoming winter. Every sweater my mom knitted or crocheted was greatly admired by everyone. I wore and will continue to wear it with pride – so yes I think crocheted gifts are appreciated. We will distribute the doilies she made to the grandchildren as a personal momento.

  20. T W says:

    Many years ago, I crocheted afghans for each of my brothers and their families. A few years later, one showed up in the family garage sale pile. I also made a set of matching doilies and coasters for my mother one year. Her comment at the time was “Wow, you’ve been busy!” so I know she appreciated them at the time. I haven’t seen them in several years now. She has a bedspread that my father’s mother crocheted and she knows that I want it when she’s gone. She has tried to get me to take it but I don’t want her stuff while she’s still here! A little off subject there. Anyway, I don’t give things to people anymore unless I know that they’ll appreciate the effort I’ve put into it. My late husband’s half-sister is one who does so now she’s the one who benefits most from my obsession. And I recently started selling some of my creations on eBay. That way, I choose to believe that the buyers are appreciative.

  21. Marty says:

    I totally agree with you. If it’s something small, easy and didn’t take a long time to make I’m not as offended. But one time I gave an afghan to someone at work; it took me over 3 months to make, it was a challenging pattern and it was exquisite. When she opened it she just said “Oh, thanks, a blanket…I have a ton of these from my grandmother”, and she just set it aside. It was obvious she was not a fan of handmade items like that. Different story: another afghan, again challenging and very pretty, made for a friend who was doing thru a tough time. She loves it, and gushes about it all the time. If I’m at her house watching videos or something she always has it laying across her couch and I know she uses it frequently. Big difference.

  22. Sandy says:

    My grandkids love the hats (beanies) that I make for them since they are “in fashion” right now. Other that that, a few potholders or a towel holder as a housewarming gift in their colors.
    Does anybody have a good SKULL pattern for a hat? It would make the kids stop calling me to check if I have found one. Sandy

  23. Sara says:

    Lots of comments on this one! 🙂 It depends – I think you have to decide on the right person, AND the right thing to make. I would never make anyone a sweater – much too difficult to decide what they’d like – but I think EVERYONE can use and appreciate a blanket or afghan. And most of us northerners appreciate a nice thick scarf no matter what too 🙂

    I’ve made coasters for some people, knowing that they’d appreciate it, but once again not everyone on that. I have many friends that would love amigurumi if I learned how to do it!

  24. Judi says:

    Yes, I give to those who would appreciate it. However, I will never give my daughter anything crocheted. I spent hours, years ago when I was still a beginner, making her doll pillows for her bed. Well, years later, after she had gotten married and had her lilttle girl, I found those doll pillows in her garage all dusty and they hair was a mess. My feelings were hurt, so I brought them home and washed the dresses and put new dolls in them and gave them away to Hospice. At least I know who ever gets them will appreciate them.

  25. Ursu says:

    I do! But I am very careful whom I give crocheted gifts to. I do fear underappreciation. Its usually the people I love the most, and who love me back whom I make crocheted gifts for. I’ve done things for my mom, my sister, my boyfriend, and for some of the children in my family. The smart kids have told me that there is something magic and unique about a handmade amigurumi bear or bunny… plus you can’t just trust all your secrets and worries to a mass made plush toy. The only toys I’ve kept are the ones my aunties, grandma or mom made for me, the toystore bought toys I gave all away. I hope the same happens to the amigurumi friends I’ve gifted.

  26. Yvonne says:

    I usually make baby sweaters, booties, and hats as gifts. Scarves & hats I make on request.

  27. Bananas says:

    when I’m crocheting something to give away its mostly for babies-like blankets, booties, mittens- but it also depends on how close you are to the people your giving it to. It also helps if who your giving it to has crocheted things in their home, or if they hint that they like what your making

  28. Bookworm says:

    I haven’t been going too long, so I haven’t made too much. But I made a Bomb-omb amigurumi for a friend for her birthday and she seemed to appreciate it. Right now I’m making a beagle for a friend that I dogsit for. Her beagle just died and I thought she might appreciate the momento. I’m having a bit of trouble with the altering of the pattern I found so the color matches. The person who’s pattern it was had a beagle in an odd pattern (black splotches) and Martha had just a big black spot on her back, so I don’t want to just follow the pattern exactly. I’m still figuring it out, or at least attempting to in between homework and studying and trying to deal with my stupid school’s Finaid office.

  29. Kate says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Have you had a look on Ravelry for a skull pattern for a hat? There are lots of free patterns on it and there may well be a good skull hat! Are you on Crochetville? Everyone on there is very friendly and there’s a board where you can ask for patterns. Any time I’ve asked if anyone had a good pattern, I’ve always had replies.

    Hope that helps!

    On the crocheted gift front, I’m in the process of crocheting lots of presents for friends and family at the moment. While I’m ill and housebound, it’s keeping me busy and contented, but I am going to be severely miffed if they don’t like their gifts!

  30. Rowan says:

    I haven’t made much either but have given some amigurumi’s as presents to my daughters friends, also bootees and rattles to new babies, but that’s purely because I don’t have the patience for a blanket!
    I did make a bag with a skull pattern on it for a friend to cheer her up and she guessed I had made it as she knows I crochet, she said it was great as she knows it is unique, so that has given me the confidence to make more stuff for friends.

  31. Lizzy says:

    I have given most of what I have crocheted (probably 95%) away as gifts. Baby showers are a huge hit for me, and for nearly every shower, I have made a pair of baby booties (with corresponding ribbons to match the sex of the expected child). I now have women excited when I am expected at a baby shower, exclaiming they had hoped they would receive a pair of my booties! I have also given away scarves, hats, amigurumi, christmas stockings, snowflake ornaments and baby blankets for births, birthdays, christmas, graduation, and other exciting celebrations. Every single gift has been extremely well received and special because people understand how much time and love are put into my gifts. It is rare for me to keep something I have made, and I’m trying to get over my guilt for trying to make a business selling my creations. Any advice?

  32. Gina says:

    If someone expresses a desire for something that is crocheted, yes. Usually only to people I know well…the colors and textures and items that they appreciate. I did crochet an afghan for a boyfriend 8 years ago. I don’t know if he really appreciated it or not. I think he did – he just didn’t want the relationship to continue, but he often complimented my work and was fascinated with it.

  33. Patty says:

    I know what you mean… if someone give me a handmade gift, I can appreciate the time, money, and thought that went into that gift. But, I’m always afraid that people wouldn’t appreciate what I make them. I would only make handmade stuff if it’s requested. That way, I know for sure it’ll go to a good home.

  34. Zoe says:

    I learned to crochet in March and haven’t bought a birthday present all year. I think I must have an evil streak because I even make things for people I know won’t like them (two of my sisters), just to see the look of horror on their faces when the open them =)
    It’s my nephew’s eleventh birthday this week and his is the first present I’ve bought. He’s having a book but he’s getting a crochet bookmark to go with it and a zombie ami, even though he told me not to make him anything. I do know though that anything I make that isn’t really wanted will get snapped up ny my nieces, they love everything I make!

  35. glenda says:

    i always give handmade,you do get some who do not appreciate it,that is why i only give to those who do
    also i make heaps for charity for gifts

  36. Vera says:

    Back in the 80’s, I made and sold a lot of crocheted items at craft shows. Things I didn’t sell went to an elementary school, like hats, mittens and scarves. Kid’s just loved them. One year, I made a lot of gifts and shipped them. Cost a lot of money, only to find out their animals ended up with them. I was hurt and disappointed. Told myself, I’d never do that again…lol Then came grandkids, so crocheted for them. They loved everything so guess you know I crochet for them. I agree, it’s a good idea to pick and choose whom you make gifts. Now, I mostly crochet items for dolls and give them away. Stranger’s seem to appreciate handmade items. (probably more than we’ll ever know). Scarves and kitchen hang up towels have always worked for me.

  37. katie says:

    Yes, i know what you mean. One year, long ago, I made afghans for two sister in laws, and hats and scarves for all the kids, about 12, and one time, shortly after, i guess it was in the spring, i was at one sister in laws house, and happen to walk outside, for something, and there in the wet and muddy celler window well, was the afghan i had worked so hard on the love the labor, so much time and effort and love, all bunched up, muddy, torn, and had been there most of the winter, from what I could tell by the look of it….I was downhearted to say the least……that is the down side, the up side, once not long ago, i crocheted my best friend a beautiful triangle shawl, made with fancy fur, boucille, jiffy, mohair, a whole lot of combinations of color, and stitches, and yarn…She absolutely loved it, said it was the best gift she had ever gotten!! And her hubby had just gotten her a new car, but she loved my gift more. SO the trick is. balance, lol when something goes wrong on one plane, move on, it will all balance out eventually……ANd I have never made that sister in law anything else,and wont’, lol katie.

  38. Christine says:

    I give crochet gifts as present. I have over the last 18 months or so given hats,blankets etc to friends/family who have had babies. I also crochet/knitted 70 hats and donated them to my local hospital. They were so pleased to receive them and I also received from them a nice letter of thanks. I am getting ready to do some more for another hospital. Christine (Australia)

  39. Betty says:

    I make gifts at Christmastime. I either craft or crochet a different ornament for everyone every year. So far they all have been different. This year they will be 3-dimensional snowflakes crocheted with fine thread. They are really elegant and I make up my own patterns, so now two are alike.. I make enough for my children, step-sons, grandkids, sister and brother. I still have enough left to sell at craft fairs. Last year they were angels made with 3″ lace. Towel toppers, dish cloths, scrubbies and crocheted angels are always winners too.

  40. Carmel says:

    Ok, I am now a bit nervous. I am planning to make gifts for everyone this year, and here I am reading all these horror stories! In fact, I just finished the first gift this evening, it will get sent for a birthday. (It’s the biggest thing I have ever made!) 🙂

    My problem is that all my relatives live in Florida. Hats and scarves are really not useful for them. I may try for a ornamental skinny scarf for my sister in law, but it would have to be a very cool fiber. I have some ideas, probably along the kitchen line… but OY! I am trying to make things that are useful and that I think they will appreciate. Here’s to hoping, and that by this time next year I will have started making socks. ;p

  41. nasreen says:

    I think I am kinda mean, but I hate giving my stuff to kids who are just going to ruin it anyway. Let them play with store bought things till they can appreciate it.Actually I don’t want to give my things to anybody. people keep asking me to make them stuff but to make something and then give it away is like giving a child away. Am I mean?…… I think not, I just love what I do so pashionately that I would rather keep it on a shelf forever than give it to someones child who looses interest in it after 5 min. Okay, maybe they can play with it when they visit and put it back before they leave.

  42. Molly says:

    Yes, I frequently crochet gifts for my family members- “new baby” gift, birthday, shawl or hooded scarf for my elderly Mom just to keep her warm… My younger sister insisted I get labels to put in the baby items I gave her so that must mean she loved them. I sometimes wonder about the others (neices) and the baby gifts I’ve made for them. But my younger sister is my cheerleader. I created a lacy, sport-back camisole for her to wear over her sports bras. She’s received numerous compliments and she always lets me know. It’s always nice to get the reinforcement that your efforts are appreciated! I will continue to crochet gifts when I think I can do the project well enough.

  43. linda says:

    spent months on a very hard to make afghan took apart 3 time cause of mistakes and got it perfect and the color were beautful and blended,gave to my son and daughter in law for christmas
    months later found out its laying on the floor in my grandsons room, i felt so insulted and upset
    told my husband i will do no more homemade things for anybody, so im just making things for myself, i love my work and think im good at crocheting,been doing it for 25 years and now its just for me,

  44. Diane Pierce says:

    I let my family look at crochet magazines and pattern books and tell me what they and/or their children would like and would wear. Then sometimes I make what they have seen, sometimes not (depending on my project load and my gift needs), so there is still some element of surprise, but the surprise is not on me when they don’t like it.

  45. Peggy says:

    I agree with your sentiments and am now very careful about who receives crocheted gifts from me. I made a beautiful stole and sleeveless sweater set for my grandmother some years ago, only to be told point blank that she hated the color. Oh my — the color was one of my favorites! (and she was a fellow crocheter!)

    On the other hand, I worked one summer on a gorgeous afghan that used an existing pattern with colors of my choosing (a large and interesting granny square) for a friend who was getting married. They loved it … but sadly they divorced a few years’ later. I asked him if he got custody of the afghan and he assured me it did. It has a place of honor in his study.

    Consider carefully if the recipient will appreciate the many hours of work, and creativity, that go into a gift of crochet!!

  46. StitchinCindi says:

    I try to be sneaky. I show items to friends, family, neighbors. If they make a fuss over something, then I usually end up giving it to them as gifts!

  47. anna says:

    Hey! everyone has said the same truth and that is you really have to know who will really appreciate a handmade or crocheted gift. I made these pin cushion doughnut and pincushion teacup and only gifted them to people that like to sew and they all loved them. It’s a good gift! Other things I made and gifted are those comfy slippers. Lot’s of people love them especially in a cold and rainy day.

  48. Debbie says:

    I’m very careful who I give my crochet items to. My daughter loves everything that I make for her. But I have found out that some people don’t care for homemade items. I also donate alot of my work, knowing that I am helping people who otherwise would go without.

  49. Sarah R. says:

    Speaking of slippers, Anna.. I’ve been searching for a pattern for mens slippers. I found one in a Red Heart leaflet, but they’re uncomfortable and the sizes are way off. I’d love some help with this, my dad would like a pair before it gets too cold. It needs to be about a size 11-12 mens. Does anyone have a pattern..?

  50. Sarah R. says:

    Thanks, Rachel! 🙂

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