Guinness World Records for Crochet

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Recently I posted about the Guinness World Record for the longest crocheted scarf that was recently achieved. While searching through the website, I realized that there are a bunch of fun crochet records. Some are amazing and some are downright silly! Either way, I’m glad the crochet community is being represented. In this post I rounded up a few of the records. Maybe you will be the next record holder?

Largest Crochet Stocking

Fastest Crocheter – The fastest crocheter is Lisa Gentry who crocheted 5,118 stitches in 30 minutes, 170 stitches per minute.

Longest Crocheted Scarf – The longest crocheted scarf measures 46,223 feet 9 inches (14.089 km) and was made by a group Mother India’s Crochet Queens.

Largest Display of Crocheted Sculptures – The largest display of crocheted sculptures consists of 13,388 crocheted sculptures by The Craft Club in the United Kingdom.

Most People Crocheting Simultaneously – The most people crocheting simultaneously is 485 and was achieved by the American University of Nigeria.

Largest Crochet Hook – The largest crochet hook measures 6 feet 1.5 inches long and has a diameter of 3 inches and was made by Jim Bolin in Illinois, USA.

Longest Crochet Chain – The longest crochet chain measures 80.78 miles (130 km) and was created by Anne Vanier-Drüssel of France.

Longest Crochet Chain While Running a Marathon – The longest crochet chain made while running a marathon is 457.35 ft (139.4 m) and was made by Susie Hewer at the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon. Susie finished in 5 hours, 40 minutes, and 47 seconds.

Largest Crochet/Knit Stocking – The largest crochet and knit stocking stocking measures 142 feet 5 inches x 74 feet 6 inches (43.43 m x 22.71 m) and was created by Caron (the yarn company). It was constructed using over 1,100 crochet and knit blankets that were sent in by people throughout the USA, Canada, and even one from Ireland.

Largest Crochet Blanket – The largest crochet blanket is 185,016 ft² (17,188.57 m²) consisting of 67 blankets joined together. It was made by 1,500 inmates from 30 correctional facilities across South Africa.

Feel free to check out more of the Guinness World Records for crochet on their website. Will you be the next record holder?

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