Have You Crocheted Food?

By Emilee Gettle – 12 Comments
As a child I fondly remember one afternoon my mom out of desperation tried to convince me that I needed a nap. She told me it would be worth it and there would be a surprise when I woke up. After fighting the idea, I finally gave in. A couple hours later when I rubbed my sleepy eyes I saw a slice of pizza, an Oreo cookie and hamburger and bun, complete with a pickle waiting for me. She had crocheted everything. It was my most memorable nap. When I woke up I thought the shut-eye was well worth it!

Have you ever crocheted play food just for the fun of it?

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  1. Sarah says:

    No, I haven’t…but I just might, now! Cute!

  2. Gramma Rita says:

    So far I have only crocheted cupcakes for my 1 yr. old granddaughter’s BD party. I have since bought two books with food patterns in them, and hopefully by the time she is 2 or 3 I will have a nice selection of play food items for her. 🙂 There are also some nice free food patterns on the Internet.

  3. Tx Grammy says:

    Yes, I admit I got the crochet food bug! My Grand Daughter loves to “cook” on her play stove so I had to make her some food! So far she has, a slice of pizza, oreo and sugar cookies, bacon, eggs, toast with butter, and a kid size birthday cake! I also make her a crocheted tea set for
    tea parties – who know what the next project will be. She loves them and I love seeing her eyes
    light up when I come up with a new food!

  4. Karen says:

    I have crocheted desserts as Christmas decor and stocking stuffers. I would like to crochet more – I can always say they are for my toddler but really I just think it’s cute!

  5. Maria Morgan says:

    I have crocheted miniature vegetables, pepperoni pizza, pretzels, Oreo cookie, ice cream sandwich, individual party cakes, regular size cakes, slices of pie, sandwiches, triple-decker ice cream cone, single soft-serve ice cream cone, eggs, pumpkins, valentine box of chocolates (including the chocolates in individual wrappers), cupcakes, and a milkshake with a striped straw.

  6. Cindey Dellinger says:

    I’ve only made an ice cream cone for my (then) 19 yr old son and a cupcake for my (then) 15 y/o daughter. The cupcake was cool…..brown for the cake and pink boucle for the icing.

  7. Cami says:

    I haven’t gotten into it yet, but never say never!

  8. Rosemary says:

    I have made several Birthday cupcakes, miniture Birthday cakes and one “real size” Birthday Cake for my friend’s 40th Birthday. It makes a cute Birthday Gift that will last for years and totally calorie free!

  9. Nancy says:

    I haven’t yet,but now that you planted the idea it sounds right up my alley! MMM…. I could make a whole bunch of food along with your tea set Rachel and give to my grandaughter for christmas.

  10. Diane says:

    Fortune cookies from Lion Brand’s website, peanuts & salad from “Tasty Crochet” and the Tic-Tac-Toast game from “Crochet Your Cares Away” – a giant piece of bread with four pieces of bacon for the # and ten fried eggs for the playing pieces!
    Oh, and a slice of cake currently in progress.

  11. Liza says:

    Last year for Christmas I crocheted a cornucopia for my kids with crocheted: apple, mini pumpkin, eggplant, carrot, celery, grapes, squash, and a banana. They love them! I crocheted them with organic cotton yarn and stuffed them with bamboo fiber fill. We are not big fans of plastic (aka acrylic and polyester).

  12. Liza says:

    Oh! There was also an ear of corn with a husk that peels down half-way! How could I forget that?

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