How to Arm Crochet

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A couple weeks ago I discussed how to hand crochet without a crochet hook, now let’s talk about arm crocheting! Both methods of crochet are done without a crochet hook. In arm crocheting, the loops which you would usually put on a crochet hook, are placed on your arm/wrist instead. You can still crochet using the same crochet stitches and patterns, but you are supersizing it by using your arm as a giant crochet hook.

Here is a YouTube video by Vickie Howell from Yarnspirations that demonstrates arm crocheting single crochet stitches to create a bulky cowl. Even if you aren’t interested in making a cowl, you can use this video as an example to get you started with the arm crocheting technique. Once you understand the technique, the projects you can make are only limited by your imagination!

Note: Vickie mentions crocheting in the front loops only, which I think is a great idea for such a bulky project. By crocheting in only one loop, it will give the project texture and also thin out the fabric.

Be sure to check out more videos on the Yarnspiration YouTube Channel.

Have you tried arm crocheting? What will you make with this technique?

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