How to Hand Crochet A Blanket

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If you haven’t heard of hand crocheting, you’re in for a fun surprise! You can crochet an entire project without a crochet hook, simply using your fingers and hands. Grab your yarn and get your hands ready to try out something new!

Before starting, I recommend having a basic knowledge of how to crochet. You can learn to crochet as you go, but the basics of how to chain, and make single crochets will give you a head start with hand crocheting.

Although you do not need a crochet hook for this project, you will need yarn. Use a super bulky weight yarn, and/or multiple strands of yarn held together to create a thick yarn. Your hands will act as a giant crochet hook so you need a yarn that will be proportional to your big hook size. The exact weight of yarn isn’t too important. Feel fee to practice the technique and then adjust the yarn weight and tension to suit your project.

I found a neat video on Youtube by Simply Maggie. She uses a basic crochet pattern to crochet a blanket by hand. The basic pattern is as follows:

Start by chaining 30 (or a chain that is as wide as your desired blanket).
Row 1: sc in second ch from hook/hand and in each ch across
Row 2: ch 1, turn, sc in each sc across
Repeat row 2 until the blanket is as long as desired, then finish off.

Yes, the pattern is that simple! It is pretty much a basic single crochet pattern for a square/rectangle.

Now take a look at the video by Simply Maggie to see the hand crocheting technique!

Crocheting with your hands and crocheting with a traditional crochet hook are very similar. The stitches are the same, while the only difference is whether you’re using a hook or your hands to make them. Once you have the hand crocheting technique mastered, you can hand crochet any stitch or pattern you desire.

Have fun hand crocheting a blanket and feel free to check out more Simply Maggie videos on her Youtube channel.

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