How to Crochet: Aran Bobble Stitch

By Erin Burger – 22 Comments

All kinds of crafts have a long legacy of classic techniques that had meaning to the peoples they originated with. In crochet and knitting Aran stitches are great examples of this. Although most are originally knit stitches, some are crochet as well and have been passed down for many generations.

This particular stitch is made of panels of 17 plus three. One panel is perfect for a scarf, a thick headband (or earwarmer) or a smaller sized washcloth. If you wanted a wider project you could either whipstitch appropriately length-ed panels of the 17 plus 3 together, like a quilt.

Bobble: (yo, insert hook into fpdc)3 times, yo and through all 7 loops on hook, ch 1 to close bobble.

Row 1: dc in the 4th ch from hook and in each ch across
Row 2: ch 2, turn, bpdc in 2nd and 3rd st, (fpdc in next 2 st, bdpc in next st, fpdc in next 2 st, bpdc in next 2 st) across, ending with 2 bpdc in last two st, dc in beginning ch
Row 3: ch 2, turn, fpdc in 2nd and 3rd st, (bpdc in next 2 st, bobble in fpdc, bpdc in next 2 st, fpdc in next 2 st) across, ending with 2 fpdc in last two st, dc in beginning ch

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until desired length is reached.

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  1. Jasmin says:

    Oh this is really neat looking! Thanks for the tutorial Erin 🙂

  2. Jackie says:

    Oh wow i bet this stitch would make a warm scarve..Thanks

  3. jamie says:

    lovely design! thanks, Erin!

  4. Sherrie says:

    What does bpdc and fpdc stand for?

  5. Cami says:

    That´s a good one! Thanks!

  6. Anabel Luna says:

    Ho Rachel !

    This is so cute , nice stitch for a scarf o a simple square for an afghan.Thanks for sharing.

  7. Terrie says:

    Same question – what are bpdc and fpdc?

  8. Camy says:

    @ Sherrie………fpdc front post double crochet
    …………………bpdc back post double crochet

  9. Kim Lunsford says:

    I can’t wait to try this! Thanks!

  10. Serenity says:

    After working up this piece, I found that a modification to this tute is in order.

    Row 3 should read: ch 2, turn, fpdc in 2nd and 3rd st from hook, (bpdc in next 2 st, bobble in fpdc, bpdc in next 2 st, fpdc in next 2 st) across, ending with 2 fpdc in last two st, dc in beginning ch

    Also, it would be helpful in executing the bobble if an additional “yo” or “draw up loop” would be added after the fpdc. [In my opinion.]

  11. Erin says:

    Hi Serenity,

    Good eye, thanks so much. I can’t believe I missed that. Of course there is a bpdc instead of a fpdc next to the bobble.

    Thanks again


  12. Sarah says:

    fabulous pattern! I have been crocheting for almost 25 years and rarely see a pattern I don’t know. I actually haven’t seen this one before. Looking forward to trying it out! Thanks!!!!! Sarah

  13. Sarah says:

    Fabulous pattern. I have been crocheting for almost 25 years and rarely see anything new. But I have never seen this stitch. Looking forward to trying it out! Thanks !!!!!

  14. Oh, My, I don’t know your abbreviations.
    Write me, please, please!

  15. diane says:

    this pattern is absolutely stunning in the picture! however, i’m not getting as many bobbles as you in 17 stitches . . . and it’s probably me mis-reading the directions.

    i’ve counted and recounted – to no avail! here’s my count on the 3rd/bobble row:

    chain 2 & 2 fp = 3 stitches.
    2 bp, bobble 2 bp, 2 fp = 7 stitches.
    2 bp, bobble, 2 bp, 2 fp = 7 stitches

    so – i’m coming out with 2 bobbles instead of your 5 that’s in the picture with the 17 stitches.

    any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated as this is a last minute xmas gift for my daughter. of course, this probably affects row 2, which i didn’t detail.

    thank you so much!

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Diane, it looks like there are 2 bobbles in the picture, just like what you are getting. Might look like 5 because of the post stitches that are on the ends and between the bobbles.

      • diane says:

        thank you so much for your prompt reply! i guess i’ll have to try it again ’cause i want mine to look like yours!

  16. Tammy says:

    I REALLY wanted to do this sample….but I found it IMPOSSIBLE to do 2 fpdc in the 2nd & 3rd CHAIN from the hook at the beg of rows! You have to have a “stitch” to wrap around [that’s looped to the next stitch] in order to do a fpdc [or bpdc]. And….the sequence of sts don’t align correctly for the next row (as another commenter stated.) How do YOU do 2 fpdc’s around CHAIN STS?

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Tammy!
      I think Erin is referring to the second and third double crochet stitches, not the chain stitches. So you would skip the first stitch and work into the second and third stitch.

      • Tammy says:

        Doesn’t someone proof read & double check the wording, & do a sample using the pattern notes? Very frustrating to understand when it’s written incorrectly. I’ll try it again. [I take ptn notes very seriously & do exactly as it says….so trying to do the fpdc & bpdc in the 2nd & 3rd “chain” of the turn was impossible & very confusing. Someone needs to correct that error b4 it confuses all who try to make it.

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