How to Crochet: Back Crossed Stitches

By Candace – 5 Comments

Crossed stitches are great. They add visual interest to a project, and they look the same way on either side, so it’s possible to keep a reversible project reversible. There are two ways to cross stitches: By crossing the second stitch in front of the first stitch, or crossing the second stitch in back of the first. This tutorial deals with the latter.

For left handers, you can hover over the pictures with your cursor to see the left hand view.

Start making your stitch (mine is a dc). Instead of inserting your hook into the next stitch skip the number necessary for your pattern (2 stitches in this example) and insert the hook in the next stitch after the skipped stitches.

Finish working the stitch as usual. Chain one fewer than the number of stitches you skipped. If you skipped two stitches, chain one.

Start making your next stitch, and slip your hook behind the last stitch you made.

Insert the hook into the first skipped stitch from front to back. Here are some views of the hook from both the front and the top.

Finish working the stitch as usual.

Your stitches are now crossed!

Need clarification? Leave a comment, and I’ll be glad to help.

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  1. Linda Cee says:

    Thats a neat stitch! I’ll have to try it on my next scarf, thanks for the tutorial!! 🙂

  2. felicity says:

    That is a great stitch which I will use often. Also, many thanks for left handed views for people like me of the left persuasion!

  3. Cynthia says:

    While I really apreciate these tutorials and all the hard work and caring heart that goes into photographing these step by step directions, I am having a hard time distinguishing what the yarn is doing because of the light color of the yarn on the white background. Is there any way to darken the pictures or change the contrast to see what the yarn is doing for those of us with glasses or not steller eyesight? I would really like to try this stitch but am having trouble seeing it. 🙂
    For the future…..just a suggestion…would you consider using a stronger contrasting yarn on a white background? I love all the tutorials and the patterns of this site and really apreciate all the wonderful information that everyone is willing to share! 🙂

  4. Marty says:

    So glad you walked me thru this stitch. I have a baby cap pattern with this stitch and could not figure it out. Its really simple with these directions.

  5. Toni Lord says:

    Thank you for your tutorials on front and back crossed stitches. Your instructions are very thorough and easy to follow. In the past I have passed up patterns that incorporated this stitch but I am no longer intimidated by them!

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