How to Crochet: Tunisian Double Crochet (Tdc)

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Did you know that you can work double crochet stitches in Tunisian crochet? Did you also know that it’s easy to do if you know the basics of Tunisian crochet and how to do a traditional double crochet? Once you learn it, you can use this stitch to add height and drape to your Tunisian pieces.

Basically, you will be working the first half of a double crochet. The return pass is then worked as usual.

Left-handed crocheters can mouse over the pictures for another view.

Start with a ch-2 for height.


Yarn over (YO) and insert hook behind the next vertical bar


YO and pull up up a loop


YO and pull through two loops on hook


Your forward Tdc is done and you can continue to work the rest of the way across. Work the return row as usual.


Note: This stitch can be worked into the foundation chain and does not require a row of Tunisian simple stitch to start off.

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