How to Sew Amigurumi Parts Together

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A Guest Post by Stacey Trock.

When making amigurumi and other crocheted toys, one thing you’re going to have to do is sew pieces together, such as attach a leg to a body. Here’s how I do it, step-by-step.

First, you will crochet the pieces according to the instructions in the pattern. I’ve crocheted a little blue head and a yellow beak. As instructed, I left a long tail when I fastened off the beak, and I’m going to use this yarn to attach the beak to the head. To attach pieces, you’re also going to need a tapestry needle, also known as a yarn needle.

Thread the tapestry needle with the long tail of the piece that you want to attach. The first thing I do is I pull the tail through the next stitch on the beak, as pictured below. Doing this isn’t necessary, but it helps to hide the little knot that you get from fastening off.

sew amigurumi parts together

Now you’re ready for the real attaching! Since I crochet through the back loops, there are lots of easy-to-see ridges on my head that I can use to attach to. If you crochet through both loops, don’t fret. The stitch won’t be as obvious to see, but you can insert your tapestry needle into the stitch just the same. I insert my tapestry needle through one stitch on the head, and then through one stitch on the beak, as pictured below.
sew amigurumi parts together

Pull the yarn, and you’ll see that you’ve done your first attaching stitch. Hooray!

sew amigurumi parts together

Now, continue this all the way around… attaching each stitch of the last round of the beak to a corresponding stitch on the head. If you are attaching a piece that you need to stuff, be sure to stuff the pieces before it’s completely attached!
Once you’ve finished attaching your piece, fasten off (you can tie the knot on the inside of the head so no one will notice), and you’re done! Looks great!

sew amigurumi parts together

Hope this tip helps you out when you’re assembling your amigurumi!

Stacey is the author of Cuddly Crochet: Adorable Toys, Hats, and More. For more of her amigurumi tips and techniques, visit her blog Fresh Stitches.

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  1. Mandy says:

    Nice tutorial! Thanks!!

  2. Angie says:

    You make it look so easy! I have a hard time joining my pieces.

  3. missjulep says:

    Love the tutorial, GOT to get one of those needles!

  4. Juli says:

    This is helpful, but how do you tie the knot on the inside? That seems to be the part I have the most trouble with.

  5. cherine says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorial. I have a question here hoping that you can help me.

    When I reach the ending few rounds of an amigurumi project, I need to turn it inside out in order to get the “right-side” before i stuff the fiberfill right?

    May I ask how should I crochet after stuffing since it is already inside out? I mean the “right side” already outside now, if I continue crocheting the last few rounds after stuffing(ie after turning inside out), the pattern shown on the last few rounds will be “wrong side”, how should I go about with this to show the whole project with “right side” from starting till end of fastening point?

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Cherine, just continue to crochet around. You don’t have to do anything differently.
      After you turn your work inside out and continue to crochet, the stitches will actually be “right side” facing you and not “wrong side”. The “wrong side” of the stitches will only show if you turned your piece to work in the opposite direction.
      By the way, you do not always have to turn your work inside out if you keep the right side of the work facing you.

  6. cherine says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Thank you so much for replying me so fast! And yes, your answer really helps me! May God bless you always!!

  7. Kelsey says:

    Thanks for this! I wish I had looked this up before completing my crocheting of all my pieces. The pattern I’m using for this particular project turned out to not be a very good pattern, and it told me to stuff the head before sewing the pieces together. Bother. Now I’ve already completed and fastened off the head after stuffing it. Next time I’ll know better!

  8. Joyce says:

    Thank you for a quick response but my problem is: I have to stuff the body then sew on legs/arms after being stuffed. What do you do with the end of the yarn after sewing? Everything is stuffed so you can’t put a knot on the inside. (I hope I explained this right).

  9. Joyce says:

    Ok I’ll try that. Thank you so much.

  10. Yvonne van Tonder says:

    When attaching a head to the body mine are always wobbly even though I pull stitches tight. What can I do to support the head. Thanks so much for your tips

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Try increasing the number of stitches you use to attach the head. For example if the head is sew onto only 5 stitches, it will be more wobbly than a head that is attached to 10 or 20 stitches. The more surface area you can use on the body to attach the head, the more stable it will be.

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