I’m Not Going To Make Any New Year’s Resolutions

By Veronica Smith – 15 Comments

Rachel has written a compelling piece called 2012 New Year’s Crochet Resolutions and many of you have responded with enthusiasm – I am jealous of you all being able to make New Years resolutions. I wish I could.

I don’t cope well with New Year’s resolutions. Many people I know do really well with them and they get all motivated and have great success during the year. Not me, they never seem to quite work for me and then I get all upset with myself – way to much pressure.

Instead, I am going to work backwards. December 31, 2011 I made a list of all the things that I HAVE done that were new and exceptional. I can feel good about myself at what I have achieved instead of what I failed to do. I am going to add to it on December 31, 2012.

For instance in 2011:

  • I finally got around to helping out and started fostering for the RSPCA (animal rescue place). I did it years ago and always meant to go back to it. I feel good about myself.
  • I managed to work out how to sort and store my yarn.
  • I kept up with the bills and tax which I struggled with every previous year and ignored it hoping it might go away (we have a business so it is really regular).
  • I managed to walk past balls of yarn on sale many times instead of never. I did have lapses in judgment and strength though.
  • I got my Christmas, birthday, mothers and fathers day presents all crocheted and finished on time (yet another thing I never managed to do).
  • Looked after my health better instead of knowing what I should do but not quite sticking to it as I did in the past.
  • Got some sewing done – I hadn’t sewn in a long time and it felt really good.
  • I kept mostly on top of the housework in the latter part of the year.
  • I gave more crochet presents than before as gifts because i managed to make more simple things for those I would normally purchase a gift for.

I know my list is short but I am happy with the few things that I did get done. Sure, there were things that I would have liked to get done but I am trying not to beat myself up about it all. I am not going to make a list of what exactly I want to achieve in case I don’t do it. Instead I am going to work on how many things I can put on the list in 12 months time.

I am going to look at new things in a new light. When I see something that I have always wanted to do maybe this will give me a shove knowing that I can add it to the magic list.

I suppose if you want to get all pedantic about it the fact that I have decided to do this is in actual fact a resolution in itself, however I did make the decision at the end of December so technically it is not a New Year one.

I have put my list with my Christmas decorations so I don’t forget to do it, after all a lot can happen in 12 months.

As is said, I truly envy all of you who are strong enough to make a plan and stick to it, however for me it is not happening.

How did you go with your last year’s resolutions? Were you successful? What are some things that you’ve accomplished?

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  1. SusanD1408 says:

    I think it’s a fantastic idea!

  2. Dorothy says:

    I like that idea of working backwards and congratulations on what you achieved in 2011 – quite an impressive list. I’m already getting organised to start making gifts for next Christmas and I’m hoping to get quite a few done. I’d really like to make something for all my family members. Perhaps that will be my goal.
    Cheers xoxox

  3. Faith says:

    I don’t make resolutions myself either. I make goals day by day. And I also do the backwards method because resolutions are easy to break but making a goals day by day is much easier in my opinion.

  4. Nanette says:

    I just love this idea, I think this will work for most of us. What a way to look back at the year. So positive!

  5. Angela B. says:

    Love it!! I don’t do New Years resolutions either! 😀 Love your idea on what I have done!!

  6. anita says:

    Good for you! Thank you for inspiring me to look at things this way!

  7. Marsha says:

    2 yrs ago was the first time I made a New Years resolution and well it was my first and last. I was laid off my job just before the new year. The New Year hit and all seemed fine but then hubby lost his job and it was all down hill from there ending with my father passing in December. It has been a huge struggle ever since. I dont make resolutions at all I just plan and do the best I can. Hopefully things will have a brighter outlook for 2012…we will see.

  8. Brenda says:

    I make a list like this almost everyday. I write down what I have done then at the end of the day I see on paper what I did even if it wasnt on my to do list. It does make one feel good!

  9. Melissa says:

    Mine is the same as last year. Stick to Weight Watchers & stop starting multiple crochet projects @ once. I must start one thing & finish it!!

  10. Veronica Smith says:

    Marsha – sorry to hear about your past years being so full of turmoil. With the universe smiling on you December 2012 list will be full of wonder for you.

  11. Veronica Smith says:

    Melissa – sounds terrific.

  12. Geneva says:

    What a wonderful, positive idea!!! I think this is something all of us should do. Maybe it would help people to have a more positive feeling about themselves in this time when so many are struggling.

  13. Cami says:

    Veronica, as always, you’re the BEST!

  14. Veronica Smith says:

    >>> blushing <<< Wait on the comments until you see the coat i am making. Should be finished this week……….. It has a story behind it though.

  15. rebecca oden says:

    My NEW Years Resolution is JUST DONT MAKE ANY then I wont feel guilty about breaking any that I had made.

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