Let’s Talk About Ravelry!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 31 Comments

Crochet Spot is an incredible place to build community. I love coming here to see all of the gorgeous patterns and to let my imagination run wild with how I might use them! I also love interacting with the Crochet Spot fans because I know they’re just like me – Crochet Lovers!!

I wanted to ask the Crochet Spot readers what you think about Ravelry. Ravelry.com is a social network where people can connect through their love of crochet and other fiber crafts. In order to become a member, anyone can sign up for a free login. Ravelry is big (with over 2 million users) and there are many kind users who want to help you make the most of your experience. However, as with any internet forum, use basic caution and common sense! 😀 Over all, my experience on Ravelry has been very positive.

Does anybody here use Ravelry? If so, what do you think? Did you know that there is a Crochet Spot group on Ravelry? If you have a Ravelry account, please share your IDs here so we can connect there as well. I can be found as artlikebread on Ravelry, and I love making new friends there.

If you are not using Ravelry, why not? There is no right or wrong way to enjoy crochet, so I am just curious about what you think!

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  1. Martie says:

    I’m CroHawk on Ravelry but am usually there only to search for patterns or retrieve the ones I’ve purchased. Always had good experiences there.

  2. Bailey says:

    I tend to use Crochetville for my crochet community. Ravelry is great for pattern hunting. I like the gifting option. We use that quite a bit on Crochetville for swaps, wishlists, etc. It takes the challenge out of gifting digital patterns.

  3. Quaternity says:

    Love, love, love Ravelry. In fact, Ravelry is my Facebook.

  4. Colleen Bergman says:

    I didn’t know it was on there. I love this site!

  5. Lane† says:

    Ravelry is definitely in my top ten sites to visit!!! I LOVE browsing all the patterns to get some inspiration, find a pattern, or just look and see other people’s creativity! I have not done much with the groups on there, but the ones I have joined have all been very very helpful!

    Anyways, a must site for any hooker! 🙂

  6. Sandy says:

    I have been on Ravelry for several years now. Its one of my favorite social sites. I have no only learned (and contributed) a lot about crochet but I also have a group there that I created and moderate. Its yarn craft overload and I love Ravelry!

  7. Karen says:

    I, too, love Ravelry and visit nearly every day. I have found SO MANY crochet and knit patterns over the past two years and have never run into any problems.

  8. Betty says:

    I love Ravelry. Use it all the time. I especially like to look for projects with a specific yarn when I want to try a new one. That lets me see how a color change works up in crochet. It is most helpful. I also use the library to organize my patterns. And I love the groups.

  9. Sharon Erny says:

    I’m Nanabearkaty on Ravelry.

  10. MysticSeer says:

    I’m MysticSeer on Ravelry, and I LOVE it! It’s a great resource for patterns, help or just conversation. I probable spend too much time on there, but it’s all worth it, in the end!

  11. jackie says:

    any one that doesn’t use ravelry is crazy…you can find anything you want there…i love the option of only looking up free patterns! have never been disappointed and go there often! easy to use website.

  12. Milosmom52 says:

    I love Ravelry, use it all the time. I joined 4 groups but they don’t seem to be active. I just joined Crochet Spot. I do a lot of shopping on Ravelry and love the security of purchasing and they keep patterns in case I misplace one!

    • MysticSeer says:

      I’ve noticed that many groups aren’t very active…if you want one that is, check out Selfish Knitters and Crocheters, that board is always buzzing and it’s the first one I check when I go online!

  13. Ycarmazzi says:

    I am a member of Ravelry and I love it! I have made many friends internationally and have gotten some really great ideas from people and have also received a great amount of help. I would recommend to seasoned yarners as well as anyone who may be interested in starting up. I look at Ravelry before I check Facebook!

  14. Jessica says:

    I have been on Ravelry for a few years now. I am not really on a lot of groups but I do love this site and find a lot of patterns that I have loved making. I have bought a couple of patterns but not having a lot of money to spend I really look for free patterns.
    I am jesssews

  15. Teena says:

    I’m on Ravelry, I’m learning to write patterns so I share them there and I get positive feedback from there so I really like it!

  16. FleurBelge says:

    I like your themes, you allways give your analyses, arguments with clear thinking, but also with respect and kindness.
    Raverly, I often go on it because when i meet a picture of a model cropcheted, I clic and then it falls onto raverly…but..I do not really undersatnd how it fonctions, I feel it is very commercial, , so I have note a good opinion about it, but also not a bad opinion;.;…
    of cousre i would undersatnd better iun French, but still… could be very nice , they show very nice models. they say the pattern is free and when I click to see teh pattern I found out it is sold fofr a few dollards. and also I regret they do not show patterns with diagrams, they show patterns with written ewplanations, in english, it is so long, endlessly long to detail , to undersatnd, to visualise, and follow .
    Fleurbelge from Belgium.

    • annabelle says:

      Hi FleurBelge! I have noticed there are many french speaking ladies in Ravelry. Fanalaine is one of the most talented, check her out. Although English is the standard language in Ravelry, there are people from all over the world. Au revoir!

  17. Heidi says:

    I have been a member of Ravelry since 2007. Back when you had to be invited to join. It is an awesome place to meet people who share your love of Crochet and to find people who live near you. They have THOUSANDS of patterns and you can store them on their server if you cannot on your computer.
    Wow I think I might need to offer my PR service to them….


  18. Lee says:

    I am kreweel on Ravelry, and yes, I am addicted, go there maybe on average of 10 times a day! Love the site and yes, I do go to your site on there also. I have found so many beautiful patterns and I love to look at the project list and see all the beautiful colors people use to make the pattern! :):)

  19. annabelle says:

    I am AbuelaLoca in Ravelry…it is such a great place! Like Lee says, I go there a lot of times every day. I have found it to be very useful when crocheting something, the notes from others in the project pages can be really educative.

  20. Phyllis Filbeck says:

    I am tgifmama on Ravelry………….signed up a year ago……now I need to try it out!

  21. grudgemom says:

    I love Ravelry, and check it as often as Facebook. My boards is actually my homepage on my browser. The forums are great for when you need help at 1am and can’t just run to a LYS, and the search is beyond fantastic! You can search paid or free, print or online, whittle it down to a certain weight of yarn or specific fibre make-up, then the type of project like sweater or dishcloth, and even by construction elements like cables or entrelac (or any combination of these in any order you want!). This is great if you want to try a new technique, or for cutting out patterns for technique you know you don’t want to do. I often purchase patterns on there, and am more likely to do so than on any other site. I’m grudgemom on there and will join Crochet Spot’s group right away!

  22. Hi
    I’m “emayfieldz” on Ravelry.
    I originally joined for free patterns but I’ve also listed some patterns and for one year, I was in a 12″ Square swap group. We each ended up with enough squares for an afghan and I met some great gals.
    I even managed to put my free pattern for popcorn-trimmed beverage cozies on there at

    That posting for my free pattern was brutal, though. I kept getting lost in the instructions and had to ask others for help. Mostly, I put my free patterns on Crochet Pattern Central, and the beverage cozy is on both places.

    The folks are friendly and there are lots of ways to connect with each other.

    Can’t wait to join Crochet Spot’s group.

  23. Karen says:

    I’m “ksrv67” and I’ve been following Crochet Spot’s group since I joined Ravelry in Jan 2011!

    The Button Cuff Bracelet that’s here on Crochet Spot is now on Ravelry as well … I get so excited when I see the little “<3" by my patterns, granted there are fewer hearts than everyone else on there but I only recently started sharing my own patterns, my first being ….. the Button Cuff Bracelet here on Crochet Spot!

    My hubby suggested I post it to Ravelry when he saw me browsing through the patterns they have. He's so sweet!

  24. Caissa says:

    It is exciting to see so many Ravelers showing their faces here on this thread. 🙂 I am happy to have received several new friend connections on Ravelry! The Crochet Spot group is pretty quiet right now, but you should still join, because at the very least, you can find other Crochet Spot fans like yourselves. 🙂 Who knows! Maybe in the future we’ll be more active there.

    Keep sharing your Ravelry names, and don’t be shy. I’m artlikebread on Ravelry and I’d love to see what you are crocheting! 🙂

  25. Wineplz says:

    I’m on Ravelry on a daily basis, updating my projects, hiding from my family, that sort of thing. 🙂 I’m not very active in the groups or message boards, but maybe it might be because I don’t know a lot of people on Ravelry and the group I belong isn’t very active. I’m known as Wineplz there and do both knitting and crocheting (only learned to crochet in January), and would love to join the CrochetSpot group as that’s how I learned to crochet. 🙂

  26. Rayna says:

    Ah Ravelry! I spend much too much time there. LOL

    I’m in a lot of groups. I join them as a sort of bookmark to the info they are about. Some are active and many are not. I do wish that people would post more. Just say hello or something. When nothing is happening at all then people stop reading the group. I hate when admins delete a group for non-activity. The info was still good! There’s no reason to not just leave it there.

    I post all my knit and crochet projects on Ravelry. Not that it’s difficult, but I know some people have a harder time posting pictures and such. I say that they’d get better at it if they did it more often. 🙂

    Posting projects and photos and linking everything is the most important thing that makes Ravelry what it is. If everyone just wanted to look and not post, then there’d be nothing to look at. I don’t think my time is any more precious or busy than anyone else’s, therefore I post my projects. But the owners of Ravelry don’t mind if people don’t post, so people should feel comfortable anyway if they don’t want to do so. But they’re missing out on a lot of resources.

    I hope one day I can design some patterns to share on Rav and help give back to the community that has helped me keep knitting and crocheting for five years now.

    My Ravelry name is my real name, so I’m easy to find! And I’m in the Crochet Spot group also.

  27. SiennaDiva says:

    “SiennaDiva” on Ravelry.

    Just started back crocheting again as a stress reducer. Have many hat/scarf projects up in the air. Most for holiday presents, some to sell hopefully, some for charity. Crocheting is the only talent I have at the moment that may help me in more ways than one.

    Have only signed up for a few sites and Crochet Spot, Ravelry and New Stitch A Day have been my go to sites.

    Huge community out here and I am glad I pick up my hooks again.

    Will be sending friend requests from Ravelry Crochet Spot group. Thanks in advance.

  28. Nichole says:

    Just signed up for Ravelry a few days ago. Haven’t had much time to do anything with it yet. Nicholes96 is my username. Still trying to figure this whole crochet thing out as I teach myself how to do it!

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