Looking for Inspiration in Crochet

By Corinne Munger – 3 Comments

At this writing, the Christmas holiday is near. You’re just finishing up those last few projects that you’ve worked so hard on over the last few weeks. Getting them wrapped, then imagining the recipient’s excitement as they uncover your handiwork, makes it all worth it.

But when the gift giving is over, it can feel like “empty nest syndrome” – there’s no one to make anything for! Maybe now it’s time to make something for your self. You spent so much time making luscious scarves, chunky hats and cozy blankets for everyone else and now it’s time to indulge in YOU! But if you have to make one more scarf, or hat, or glove you’re going to scream! You want something different for you. But what? Crocheted Car Cover

As a designer, I’m always looking for something new and different. Who wants the same simple scarf that thousands of others wear? Who wants the same grey droopy hat that tops EVERY college student’s head in America? And, seriously, who needs yet another pair of fingerless mittens to take up space in their drawer? Where do you find inspiration?

If you belong to many (or any) craft websites, you’ll often see patterns or finished goods designed after famous designer’s goods (ex: “Anthro Inspired”, “Gap Knockoff”, etc.). The creators of the crocheted versions are simply yearning for the expensive products, which may be out of their budget, so they create suitable, comparable items in a crocheted version. Using this method, sit and think about things that you love, or browse the internet for things you’d like to have, then create a crocheted adaptation of that product! It doesn’t even have to be an article of clothing. How about something from nature? Maybe a piece of pottery, or something for the kitchen? Almost anything can be reproduced in crochet form. And most of them turn out much cuter than the original as you can make it to suite your color palette or change a shape more to your liking.

The easiest items to re-create (I have found) are things like purses, pillows, baskets, aprons, leg warmers, etc. that have a very basic form but changing colors and patterns in your crochet can make them stunning. How many times have you seen an accessory and thought “that would be cuter if….”. Make one, and make it cuter! There’s virtually a pattern available for just about everything that is crochet-able. If you can’t find one, ask a crochet veteran for some help or tips.

I sew as well as crochet. If you sew as well, the sky is the limit on what you can create. I am often looking at designer home furnishing sites and pick out the items that really capture my attention, then I start designing my version of it. You can also incorporate fabric into your crocheted goods and can produce some amazing and very interesting pieces.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, look at what you love. Make a list of ideas (mine is growing rapidly) and just keep adding to it. You may not have the “know how” just yet, or can’t find a pattern, but as you progress in your skills, you’ll get it figured out. And again, if you need help, ask. It may be simpler than you thought. Inspiration is right at your fingertips!

What are you going to make after the holidays? Have you started on something for yourself? Where do you get your inspiration?

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  1. Jan says:

    I love that car, but it wouldn’t be practical here in Ct in all the snow and ice.

  2. Olivia says:

    That car is so awesome! I would totally ride it around, but making sure it didn’t get wet or messed up would definitely be a chore!
    Anyway, I’ve seen a few fingerless gloves in stores that are cute, but need a little touching up. So I might just re-make it with a little embellishment! I’m thinking for the glove itself a nice off-white color crocheted in shell stitch, with a bright purple fabric flower & a black diamond-like craft button for the center.

    • Yes, the car is awesome but not a very functional idea – I added it to inspire everyone to do something different. Fingerless gloves are great! I don’t even know how many different pairs I’ve made for myself. I like your idea with the flower – should really be cute!

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