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Hi! My name is Amy Lynn Yarbrough. I’m so thrilled to be a part of Crochet Spot’s Professional team since it is something right up my alley. Creativity runs in my family, and growing up each of my siblings, as well as myself, were encouraged to follow our interests and accept them as God-given talents.

In my family you’ll find interests in just about anything: painting, drawing, carpentry, jewelry-making, leather-working, photography, sculpting, 3D artistry, etc. It can get quite involved when you’re trying to remember who does what. And since I was homeschooled, the scenario for learning never ceased. Learning was an adventure instead of just something you had to do. Life should be about learning and enjoying it. Amy Lynn Yarbrough

Not only do I crochet, but I love to write. I have a blog on blogspot called Over The Horizon where I talk about anything that inspires me. You’ll find a lot of topics on crocheting there, but you’ll also find that I like to cook. I like foreign and healthy cooking and am always modifying something. Click the link above to see what I mean.

I started crocheting when I found an old 60’s instruction book. Being a retro sort of girl, the patterns I found were so cool I immediately wanted to make something. This was when I was still quite young. Not long after I received a crochet kit from my parents for Christmas and I started crocheting with a passion. The only problem was, it took some concentration and diligence to keep at it and at that age I often started projects without finishing them. Needless to say, I ended up shoving that uneven, scraggly mess under my bed to forget for a few years.

Probably around my early teen years, maybe when I was twelve, I’m not sure, I received a hook and ball of yarn from my aunt. She was getting rid of some things and thought of me when she saw them. I fiddled around with it for a while and then I finally set my mind to get serious. The completed scarf was a little thick and bulky but it was finished and even. I was so proud of myself! After that Mum got me some DVD’s from Leisure Arts, and I’ve been crocheting full force ever since.

Not one to shy away from a hard project, I’ve tried to give myself a range of “schooling” from easy to hard projects, making sure I learn as many different techniques as possible. I’ve been at this for many years now and I am still finding so many things I haven’t learned yet. It’s great!

Only recently though have I really let myself go head first into creating patterns. I wasn’t sure if I had what it takes at first, never having ventured into that area before. But what’s important is I did and now I’ve opened up a whole new world of possibilities for myself. I have big dreams, too. My tip: relax and let the creativity flow. Hey, it’s proven crocheting not only helps the body but it helps the mind.

If your interested in contacting me, you can find me on Twitter as @CompulsivWriter, or on Ravelry as GoldenSails. I’m even on Pinterest! Just look for Amy & AliMeg Yarbrough and be sure to follow.

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    Hi,I’ve enjoyed of your writing and so I’m agree with your sentences (life should about learning and enjoying it)It’s great.Everybody should be follow great aim that can be successful.Thank you so much

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