The Spindle Wheel by Heaven Spun Creations + free crochet hook offer

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Have you ever dreamed of owning a spinning wheel, looked at various wheels online, only to notice their price tags, causing you to run screaming from the room? No? Well, I definitely have! Spinning wheels seem to run an average of $500 and up. Check them out, I’m not exaggerating. Scary, right? Well, today I am going to show you the spinning wheel that I received as a Christmas gift. And, SHOCK, it costs around $100. And, (drum roll please…) the maker of this wheel is offering all Crochet Spot readers a free hand carved crochet hook with every purchase! Woo hoo! Its Christmas all over again!
Spindle Wheel by Home Spun Creations

Spindle Wheel by Home Spun Creations

For years I have dreamed of owning a spinning wheel. No- I mean this literally. I seriously had dreams about owning a spinning wheel. But, the prices of most spinning wheels are totally out of my price range. So you can imagine how delighted I was to find a wheel that costs around $100!

Before I go any further I want to assure everyone that I am not affiliated with this company or getting anything from them for this review. I simply want to share information about a product that I personally own and use that I feel is a great product!

The Spindle Wheel by Heaven Spun Creations
When I first found this spinning wheel online I was shocked at the price. I have window-shopped through my computer (would that make it “screen-shopped”?) for years and never imagined that I could find a wheel for around $100. If you haven’t yet, look through some prices on wheels and you will be shocked. I have even seen high-end models for thousands of dollars. So, needless to say, I was driven to try this wheel by the price alone. Further, it is simple. There are not complicated parts to figure out and maintain. The simpler the better as far as I am concerned.

This wheel is a spindle-wheel, not a wheel with a flyer and bobbin, which can raise the price considerably. Check out this youtube video that shows how to spin on this wheel.

When I first received my wheel from “Santa Claus” I was able to open the box and assemble the wheel completely within 20 minutes. Watching the videos by Home Spun Creations on youtube were helpful in assembling the wheel. That same day I was able to get it spinning, though I definitely had to spin the wheel then stop and draft at the beginning until I could do both at the same time. The wheel spins nice and smoothly due to the bearing in the main wheel.

My wheel with red oak finish, spinning my favorite fiber

My wheel with red oak finish, spinning my favorite fiber

Home Spun Creations ships from Canada, so living in Arizona, I thought it would take a long time for shipping. It absolutely didn’t. I ordered it two weeks (I mean, Santa ordered it) before Christmas and it arrived two days before Christmas day. All of the parts arrived in one medium box and it assembled fairly easily. These wheels are made to order so it could take up to two weeks to make the wheel just for you.

This is a very simple wheel. The Heaven Spun Creations Etsy page describes it as a “Budget Spindle Wheel” or a “Beginner Spindle Wheel” and as a “Travel Spindle Wheel”. This wheel is perfect for travel as it is only 6 pounds and small in stature, at 26″ height with a 12″ wheel. The body is made from Spruce wood, but the wheel is made of oak. The $99 price tag is for the wheel unfinished. For about $33 more you can have it stained in Red Oak, Walnut, or Light Golden Oak. Shipping was about $30 from Canada to Arizona.

Since I am new to spinning and on a tight budget, I purchase my wool fiber from Ebay. Right now my favorite is a Corriedale Natural Wool Roving that I purchased on Ebay through Busy Bee Fibers, combed top, that was $7 for 4 oz. I like using a natural wool versus dyed just because I love the color of natural wool. That store also has merino, silk, and other nice blends available.

Five Stars!
For its price and ease of use, I would rate this wheel 5 stars! I animatedly believe that spinning should be a hobby available to everyone, not just those of us with deeper pockets. The history of spinning yarn goes way back to prehistoric man. This being said, it should not be an artform that dies out due to inaccessibility. We need wheels like these so we can all try our hand at spinning on a spinning wheel.

Apple Wood Crochet Hook

Apple Wood Crochet Hook

Free Hand-Carved Crochet Hook with Purchase
After writing this review, I spoke to Joanne at Home Spun Creations and she has offered a free hand-carved crochet hook for all Crochetspotters that order one of her wheels. The crochet hook will be similar to the picture, carved from apple wood, in a size from G- K, depending on what is in abundance of supply in her shop at the time of order. These hooks usually sell for $16.95! To claim your free hook, just mention in the comments section of your order and its yours!

I would love to hear any comments or questions below. I truly love my wheel (I named her “Maisy”) and am so happy to have found this wheel!

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    Thanks for sharing this great information! It looks simple enough to use. And it looks like one could spin a lot more fiber with one of these than with just a drop spindle.

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