Top 5 Crochet Magazines

By Tameko Barnette – 7 Comments

There are plenty of crochet books available on the market and at the libraries. We can find numerous patterns, helpful tips, and fun ideas we’ve never thought of before in them. Quite often though, we are looking to grab something quick and helpful when it comes to our crochet needs. While the Internet is a quick and easy alternative to the crocheter, there’s nothing like a good old fashion magazine to get at the newsstand or store.
interweave crochet
Out of the list of 5 magazines, I have read two of them. They are not just filled with numerous patterns and pretty pictures of yarn, but these magazines also contain thought-provoking and at times, community-based articles inspired by the craft of crochet. For instance, there was one crochet magazine, I believe it was a Crochet! magazine issue I read a couple of years ago that talked about a community-based effort among neighbors who were teaching the youth how to crochet in their community.

So, I highly recommend reading any crochet magazine. In addition, you should keep in mind that finding crochet articles and patterns in crochet magazines ONLY is the tip of the iceberg. There are many arts and crafts magazine that include articles and patterns for those who love crochet. Be sure to check out the the entire arts and crafts section of the magazine shelves next time you’re at a bookstore or anywhere magazines are sold. Thumb through the articles and see what you can find. You may be pleasantly surprised.
quickandeasy crochet
#1 – Crochet! Magazine
#2 – Interweave Crochet Magazine
#3 – Crochet Today Magazine
#4 – Quick and Easy Crochet Mgazine
#5 – Crochet World Magazine

crochet world

Each of the above magazines are loaded with crochet news, the latest fashions in patterns, the current yarns and threads being used, easy-to-follow instructions, and plenty of gift ideas for children and adults.

It’s just a great idea to have a few issues or even a subscription to a crochet magazine of some kind around the house to make sure we have a quick and easy resource and reference guide handy.

Do you have a subscription to or have read an interesting crochet magazine? Please share here, if it’s not on our list above. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Rayna says:

    “Crochet Today!” magazine stopped publication mid last year. Subscribers were either refunded or given “Mollie Makes” to complete their subscription term.

    I received “Quick and Easy Crochet” for a long time as a “gift” for a charity donation. It usually has 8 to 12 patterns. There are many reprints, sometimes of free patterns from the major yarn companies.

    In general I feel that the clothing patterns are not the latest fashions (think 1980s), nor the best fit (think oversized necklines). But afghan and blanket pattern dominate the selections anyway, and they are usually OK styles.

    I’m not saying all the patterns are bad. And there were occasonal cute patterns; very few over a few year sub for me. I am saying you get a high-priced magazine full of patterns and styles you could find elsewhere, sometimes already available for free.

    I would NEVER re-subscribe to it, especially at the extraordinary cost per year.

    I like “Crochet World”, but haven’t re-subscribed. There are a few more clothing patterns lately, and although I like them, I can purchase them individually from the “Annie’s” if I see something I like, saving space at home.

    I stopped getting “Interweave Crochet” when they stated that their philosophy on large sizes was that just a few each issue was enough for their subscribers. Of course, small and medium sizes get EVERY pattern in their size. So plus size gals get to pay the same price for about 2/3 less clothing patterns. Yeah, riiiight.

    Also since many times it was the yarn which gave the distinct look, and it was almost always *expensive* yarn, I decided not to renew that one either. Also many of the nicest looking patterns had patterns in small print over several pages, and they just seemed not worth the effort of reading all those paragraphs for a loose fitting or oddly shaped garment in lace weight yarn.

    If “Interweave Crochet” have any patterns I just **must have**, I can get them digitally six months after publication. Surprisingly I haven’t seen any like that yet though.

    I do like “Crochet!” magazine. I still subscribe to it. It has a nice amount of clothing patterns, plus a little of everything else in each issue. They seem to have plus sizes as the default, and only occasionally do not. The styles are cute and up-to-date or nicely updated retro looks.

    A couple mags you didn’t mention are published in the UK, but are available by subscription or on the newsstand here in the US (Jo-Ann’s, Barnes and Noble). Of course, one must convert the stitches from UK terms to US terms, but it gets easier as you work the pattern. And you’ll usually have to substitute locally available yarns for the UK versions, but they give good descriptions of the fiber and such.

    “Crochet Insider” is a pretty nice UK magazine. They don’t have too many patterns per issue, there seems to be more editorial content in UK magazines in general. But of the few which are clothing patterns, what they have are very nice, stylish, well-written, using a variety of yarn weights, and not so complicated that you quit before you start (unlike Interweave). They also have a lot of cute items for the home, but I generally have found those simpler and more *rustic* in look. I don’t get to the local bookstore very often, so I probably buy one issue a year.

    “Simple Crochet: Hooked On Handmade” is also a nice magazine, similar to Crochet World in feel style to me. I’ve bought a couple issues. They just have too many simple accessories, and not enough clothing for my needs. Lots of home decor or toys too. But it is very nice.

    Ok, so those are my “reviews” of the magazines I have bought and read, not including several which have recently gone out of publication.

    I hope others will give their opinions of magazines they have tried, and maybe some we haven’t heard of. We could use some more good crochet magazines!

    Thanks Tameko for the nice article!

    • Rayna says:

      Sorry! I don’t know how to edit my comment for the typos!

      That should read “Simply Crochet: Hooked on Handmade” (not Simple).

      • Tameko says:

        Sorry I am super late with responding. So much has been going on in my life. Thanks everyone for their lovely comments and for reading my articles here on CrochetSpot.

  2. Megan says:

    Great article, Rayna!

    I, too, was perplexed that Crochet Today was on the list, since IR’s no longer in print. Having trouble understanding his this article was really supposed to help or even analyze the magazines when the author declares to have only read 2 of the 5…

    • Tameko says:

      Megan, I was also going by friends’ recommendations as well since I haven’t read all of the magazines I featured in the article.

      My apologies for the inconsistencies.

  3. Rose says:

    i love my uk mags simply crochet and inside crochet. I subscribe to both on iPad because I just can’t wait for the post! Also happily hooked

  4. Mary says:

    Thank You for your review of the magazines. I am still new to crocheting , one year, and I was looking for a nice magazine. Much appreciated.

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