What is a Chain Space (ch-sp)?

By Rachel Choi – 94 Comments

Sometimes when you read a crochet pattern, it’ll tell you to work into a chain space (ch-sp). But what in the world is a chain space? Simply put, a chain space is any space/hole/gap in your work that is created by making a chain. The space is located below the chain.

Chain spaces can be created in numerous ways and can vary in size. Often times (but not always), a chain space is made by making a chain then skipping a few stitches on the row to make your next stitch. Chain spaces can be made by any number of chains, for instance you can chain 1 or you can chain 5 to create a chain space. In a pattern you may see a chain 5 space abbreviated as “ch-5 sp”.

Here is a photos of what a chain space can look like:
crochet chain space

Normally when you crochet into a stitch you insert your hook into the font and back loops of the stitch. But when you are instructed to crochet into a chain space, just insert your hook into the space/hole/gap (underneath the chain) to make your stitch.
crocheting into chain space

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  1. Judy Serrio says:

    I would like alittle bit more information on how many shells I am suppose to have when you do
    2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc in center of next shell? Are there 3 or 4 shells?

    Also would like more information on how to do : Slip stitch to center of lst shell, (shell over shell.
    chain 3, 7 tr in ch 5 sp, ch 3, shell over shell) 8 times.

    • April says:

      Id anyone help you out, or did you get this figured out? I am doing something similar and it looks all wrong.

  2. Sara Lesztak says:

    Thank you so much! I had begun a flower in a square pattern and got lost on row 4 when it switched to say to work into the chain space instead of the stitch. The devil is in the tiny details!

  3. Mary Builder says:

    in a pattern I am reading it say ch3 ch2 21dc ch4, (in the next ch space). Does this mean that I chain 3 then secure it in the next chain space, chain 2 and secure that in the same space, double crochet 21 and secure it in the same chain and then chain 4 & secure it in the same chain space.

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