How to Crochet: Tunisian Increase Within a Row

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In Tunisian crochet, there are three types of increases: ones made at the beginning or a row, ones made in the middle of a row, and ones made at the end of a row. This tutorial will show you how to increase in the middle of a row. Since what you do in the next row is what determines how your stitches look, this increase will work for any Tunisian stitch.

Left-handed crocheters can mouse over the photos for another view.

First work up to the place where you would like to increase. Here is a picture of the space where you will insert your hook. It is underneath the horizontal bar that runs between the vertical bars.


Insert your hook.


Yarn over and pull up a loop. Try not to make the stitch too tight to minimize the appearance of a gap or hole.


Your increase is made, and you can continue working across the row. On the return pass, just work as you normally would.

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