What’s the Strangest Thing You’ve Crocheted?

By Rachel Choi – 41 Comments

Just about anything you can think of can be crocheted, but normally when people think about crocheting they think of blankets, scarves and sweaters. Just to prove that a lot of strange and unique things can be crocheted as well, why not share what you have made?

The strangest thing that I’ve crocheted so far is my Cozy Mug Sweater. I’ve never thought I’ll crochet a “sweater” for a mug that I drink out of. It was definitely a fun project that I can giggle about. Although the sweater serves to keep your hands from burning on a hot mug, I think it’s more for show. When I told a friend of mine what I crocheted, she thought I was crazy! Now that’s how you know your crochet project is strange.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever crocheted?

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  1. tina says:

    definitely a remote control holder for my dad….it went over the arm of the chair and had a couple of pockets…after that he wanted a matching “doily” to put behind his head so the couch wouldn’t get a worn out spot from his head, funny thing was- people kept asking where he got them!

  2. Al says:

    A g-string for a very good friend. I never got to see what it looked it being worn, but the text message review had all of 50 exclamation points and several smileys.

  3. Anna says:

    A turd with a face.

    It wasn’t supposed to be a turd. I was just experimenting with 3 dimensional shaping, but because of the main yarn colour, it came out looking like a turd.

    It’s a cat toy now.

  4. a pocket says:

    when i move in with my son i had no dressers to put my clothes in so i made some pockets to put my clothes in. i can send a picture if you tell me how to do it?

  5. Geneva says:

    My strangest thing yet: I have a telephone by my bed that has a bright light that bothered my sleep. So I crocheted a cute black cover for the top of the phone that covers the light, but not the caller I.D. I trimmed it with a yellow crocheted rose and leaves. Works great! ^_^

  6. Lillian says:

    Well, I never finished it and had to FROG it, but it’s the idea. I tried to crochet boxers for my 10 year old brother. Strange thing is he actually wanted them! It ended up I needed the yarn for another project.

  7. Geneva says:

    You guys have some funny stories.

    To Lillian, what is the meaning of FROG it? That’s a new one for me.

  8. missy says:

    a dildo. yes. a dildo. no, i do not use it. it even has a smiley face!

  9. Renee says:

    I like to read at night but don’t want to keep my hubby awake so I’ll sometimes use a flashlight when my regular little booklight is out of batteries. I crocheted a cozy for the flashlight! It’s much more comfortable to hold on to now … I know it’s hard to imagine.

    Thanks, Rachel for the fun blog!! 🙂

  10. Caitlin says:

    So far for me I would have to say a hunting beaver. My friend is really into huntung and since I couldn’t find a decent pattern for a moose I made her a beaver and added a bright orange hunting cap and scarf to make him a hunter. Unfortunently I never did get a picture of him before I gave it to her.

  11. Mary says:

    A toilet seat cover….JUST KIDDING!
    actually, I’ve made what I call bowl hats. It started out as a beanie for my husband, but he didn’t like the red and black stripes alternating every row, so I just cut the project short. It was past the crown phase of a beanie and has a slight curl. The next night, I made soup, and he used it as a sort of potholder for the bowl while eating on the couch. After that, I had to make one for me 🙂

  12. Bookworm says:

    Amigurumi stuff mainly, though I don’t know how strange that would be considered.

  13. Melanie says:

    A friend requested that I make a crochet picnic basket for her granddaughter to carry around her felt food items, so that is my current project and definitely the strangest thing I have made.

  14. Angie says:

    Mary that is an awesome story! I think that bowl hats sound very cute!!!

  15. em says:

    A golden snitch pillow (harry potter) is probably one of the weirder things I’ve made.

  16. Elizabeth Starr Lilly says:

    The strangest thing I’ve crocheted is definitely a nose warmer. It looks like a thimble only bigger, and has ear loops that literally hook on behind your ears. Someone asked me to crochet it for his wife (yeah, sure; it’s for your wife, uh-huh…) and paid me $10! Easy and quick $10!

  17. Lysandra says:

    One of my darling nephews LOVES Ukrainian food almost as much as he LOVES bacon, so for his Christmas stocking one year (he was 10), I gave him crocheted pyrogys, kielbassa, and strips of fried bacon.
    He’ll be 15 this summer but these items are still on the shelf in his room!

  18. sue says:

    I learned to crochet sushi rolls. They looked perfect to turn into key chains–so I did. Sushi Key chains! I guess you could say that is strange.

  19. Gail E says:

    The strangest thing I’ve crochet is a Mr. Winkie Warmer. In the early ’70’s a friend and I made and sold enough of them to finance all of our kids Christmas gifts. Last year I rewrote the pattern and it will be published in the Crochet Liberation Front’s next book.

    I make two sizes of them. One in yarn that would fit what it’s meant for. And one in thread that gets pinned onto a 3×5 card for guys who live, or have to visit, very cold climates~ LOL

  20. Gaz says:

    I crocheted an amigurumi of a strange cartoon character called Shit Pickle. There’s a web series called The Angry Video Game Nerd where independent filmmaker James Rolfe plays the worst games from the 80s and 90s and rants about them. He also makes his own films and one of them was called Wizard of Oz 3: Dorothy Goe to Hell, in which he introduced a character called Shit Pickle, which is exactly what it sounds like – a pickle covered in poopy. He’s got a cartoony face w/cross-eyes and a buck tooth and the only thing he says is his name over and over again (kinda like a Pokemon). Shit Pickle became kind of a cult classic and appeared in a couple Angry Video Game Nerd episodes and had 3 videos of his own. Seeing some of the other fan-art created by other people I realized, “I could totally crochet one of those” and did. Then I sent it to James and he absolutely LOVED it.
    My amigurumi is on my flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gaz18/3824016541/in/set-72157617931827037/

  21. Lillian says:

    Geneva- to “frog” comes from “rip it”. Basically you are unraveling your project, or ripping it out, because it was the wrong size or you made a mistake. Or it could mean you are undoing your whole project.

  22. Lisa says:

    A nose warmer. I had a dog that would walk for hours outside in the freezing weather and my nose would get so cold. I made a nose warmer to tie around my head to keep it warm. ( I was alot younger then) and I put a bell on it and when I started ringing the bell Peanut the dog knew he was going inside if he was done or not.

  23. Autumn says:

    Strangest crochet project was for a male friend who is a rock climber. He had a “chalk bag” made from very plain navy blue gotex. I crocheted a cover using thread with a sample of several different types of crochet stitches, and LOTS of beads. He loved it and all his climbing friends wanted one. When I quoted his friends a price of $75 (because I really did not want to do it for anyone else) I never heard from them again.

  24. usha says:

    A Mr. Winkie Warmer for my husband. Since I crochet quite a bit, he used to tease me into doing make something special and personal for him. So I did. However, he refuses to wear it…and from that time on, NEVER comments on my crochet stuff!!!!!!!!!

    I dont remember the pattern, so if anyone has ideas as to where I can find a pattern, then maybe in a different color for Father’s day!! Hmmm!

  25. Cheryl says:

    My husband and I have a friend who refers to “nooky” as “bearded clam” (trying to be as “G-Rated” as posible here), well one night I was bored and stairing at my yarn trying to figure out something to do with some of the small amounts that I had and the idea hit me to make a bearded clam. My husband came home took one look at it and said “Please tell me that is NOT s bearded clam.”, He took it with him that night since he had to pick up this guys wife before work. We all had a good laugh about it.

  26. Gail E says:

    A pattern for a Mr. Winkie Warmer will be in a forthcoming book, “The Crochet Liberation Front All Growed Up” that should be out soon.

  27. Bethintx1 says:

    I crocheted a nose cozy and a whatsit! The nose cozy was a conical piece with a tassel on the end. It had two strings to tie it on! The what’sit looks like a hairy little turd that has eyes and feet. So, Anna’s not the only one to make a turd!

  28. JacqBrisbane says:

    1/ A pig-faced swine-flu mask with cute little ears.
    2/ Booby-shaped teapot cosies, complete with nipple rings.
    3/ Fun fur whip for a witche’s party.

    In Australia the hair part of the bearded clam is referred to as a Map of Tasmania.

  29. Cari says:

    Last Halloween I made MONKEY EARS to finish off my granddaughter’s “Flying Monkey” costume. Her older sister was dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, so they wanted coordinating costumes. I couldn’t find monkey ears, or anything that would work, so I used a brown plastic headband, and crocheted over it like you would with a crocheted clothes hanger, and then embellished it with brown and pink ears. Super cute, and fun.

  30. Cher says:

    The strangetst thing I ever crocheted was a “nose” warmer for my husbands “lower region”.

  31. I’ve already reported this somewhere on this blog, but here goes again. When My father had prostate cancer, he had to have his testicles removed…it was either that or take estrogen every day for life, and since he was in his 80s…Anyway, I crocheted him a new set! They were quite realistic, and I crocheted a little string on them so that they could be tied to he remaining naughty bit. Anyway, he about died laughing…the first laugh I had heard from him since the cancer diagnosis! He was so proud of what I made him, that he showed EVERYONE who came into his room telling them “my daughter made these for me!” I had quite a reputation among the nursing staff in that hospital, believe me!

  32. Bananas says:

    an ice cream cone cozie, don’t ask why I just did

  33. Teena says:

    I made an outfit to disguise a gollywog toy and make him look like an octopus!


  34. eliska says:

    Those are all really weird. I just enjoy crocheting stuffed animals, like Pokemon, and sell them at school for a lot less than they’re worth. 🙁

  35. Di says:

    I thought a shopping tote made from recycled VHS tape was pretty weird, but not so sure now I’ve read the other postings here!

  36. eliska says:

    i was challanged to crochet with video cassette film, so i crocheted a small sample square, and i hope to make a purse later. It looks really cool and feels kinda weird.

  37. Kathryn says:

    Back in the 70s my girlfriend and I made beer can hats. They were kind of top hat style, we cut the label part out of the cans and used 4 pieces, each hat used 2 cans. We punched holes all around the cut out pieces and crocheted through them to make a type of granny square with the beer label in the middle. Then joined the squares togeather and added a top and a brim Our boyfriends thought they were cool, I just thought they were kind of weird.

  38. Amelia says:

    I started crocheting a pink, yellow, and orange baby blanket for a girl, but when I ran out of yarn for a full row, and since it wasn’t big enough, I stitched it closed to make a hood less poncho :).

  39. nancy says:

    a boobie pillow for my oldest son and my bf cousin (unfortunely i misplaced the pattern which i had found on net a few years ago) and a dildo (to resemble my tatoo)this had a penis of his own,arms even a pair of sneakers

  40. Mary Lou says:

    A penis sock for a bridal personal shower with a croched cherry on top. I guess I must say shame on this onld grandma, but was very funny.

  41. Mel says:

    The strangest thing I’ve ever made is a toilet paper cover. It was for a white elephant. I was looking for fun things to crochet for a white elephant gift and I saw one that was a snow man and a Christmas tree. It was so fun

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