How To Crochet: Blanket Stitch

By Robin Beers – 219 Comments
This easy stitch is perfect for an afghan or blanket. It is just sets of 3 stitches, one single crochet and two doubles. Once you get into the hang of it, you can do it in your sleep! Use it for a baby blanket in a pretty pink or blue or for a regular afghan with bright colors! You can change colors after a few rows for a multicolored effect.

The photo above is a baby blanket I am working on for charity. I am using a J-hook for this with worsted yarn. Decide how wide you want your blanket to be and chain the proper number in multiples of 3. I chained 108 for this blanket and it is about 31 inches wide. For another blanket pattern using a similar stitch, click here. Oh, and by the way, feel free to try this stitch on a scarf if you want! Experiment!

Note: If you are left handed, just put your mouse over the photo for a left-handed view.

Start with a foundation row of a multiple of 3 chains.
I chained 12 here.

Row 1: Make 2 double crochets in the 3rd chain from the hook.

*Skip 2 ch. Make 1 sc in next ch.

Make 2 double crochet in the same ch.

Repeat from * to the end of row 1 ending with 1 sc in the last ch.

Row 2: Chain 2, turn, make 2 dc in first sc.

**Skip the next 2 dc, Make sc and 2 dc in next sc.

Repeat from ** across ending with 1 sc in the top of the ch-2.

Repeat Row 2 until desired length is made.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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  1. Linda says:

    Thanks so much for the left-handed instructions. Great to be able to see them with the tap of the mouse.

  2. Tina says:

    Awesome pattern, I have crochet for a long time, but wanted a quick and easy pattern
    that I can work up in a day or two.
    So looked around a bit and this one popped up, love it.

    Need a baby blanket and this pattern is beautiful as well as quick and easy.

    Thank You so much

  3. Lauriestamps says:

    I love this pattern! I just made 4 headbands with it. I do intend on making a baby blanket with this stitch too. Thanks for the creativity!


  4. Denise says:

    Ty- great instructions – I’m making now. Last row will be somewhat “scalloped”. Do you have instructions to do a finish row OR a border? Thank you so much:)

  5. Jacqueline Moreno says:

    Ty- instructons were easy to follow. I just finished my baby blanket in yellow.

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