Crochet Pattern: French Macaroon

By Emilee Gettle – February 24th, 2012 2 Comments
There is a bakery near where I am whiling the winter away in northern California that sells a myriad of macaroons. They are so beautiful in shades of mint green, pink and chocolate. Each one gracefully rests upon the other encased in apothecary jars. I love to stop at the bakery and just admire every little detail they add to their baked goods. So, for those of you who are tempted by macaroons like I am, here’s a crochet pattern just for you. Your kids are sure to love them almost as much as the real thing.

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Initial Double Crochet Without Starting Chain

By Candace – February 23rd, 2012 12 Comments

Starting chains can be pretty annoying when you want a straight edge. They can really take away from the look of a scarf or blanket that doesn’t have any edging around it. Luckily, you can get rid of them with this variation of a double crochet stitch. Now you can get the height and the first stitch all in one.

You can hover over the images to get a left-handed view.

To start, draw up the starting loop to the height of a dc.

Holding the loop still with your finger, yarn over with the loop. You now have three loops on the hook.

Yarn over, pull through two loops. You now have two loops on the hook.

Yarn over, pull through remaining two loops.

Now you can skip the first dc (you already made it) and continue normally unless the chain counts as a dc in your pattern.

If you need any help, feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

Crochet Pattern: Double Drawstring Bow

By Candace – February 22nd, 2012 Be the first to comment
This big bow is a great first pattern for new crocheters. It’s versatile and can be used on a barrette, on a hat, to wrap a present, or whatever you want to put a bow on. Before you know it, you can have a pile of these to use now or save to put on another project.

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A Tribute to the Mothers Who Crochet

By Tameko – February 21st, 2012 18 Comments

There are mothers and grandmothers who are affectionately and intently crocheting as we speak. They are trying out new hooks, yarns, patterns, and they are blessing us with their creations.

In addition, the crocheting mothers and grandmothers of the world are passing down this wonderful craft to us, whether directly or indirectly. They are giving us something to remember them by, even if we don’t recognize it at first.
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Crochet Pattern: Mile A Minute Shell Blanket

By Rachel Choi – February 19th, 2012 2 Comments
There’s a new pattern in the Crochet Spot Store! This mile a minute styled blanket is crocheted in several long, skinny strips that are then sewn together. Mile a minute blankets allow for you to crochet strips of the blanket one at a time without having to carry around an entire blanket, which is great if you are crocheting away from home or during the warmer weather months. Each strip is filled with shell stitches, and the ends of the strip are nicely curved to create a scalloped edge on the finished blanket.

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The Joy of Giving Prayer Shawls

By Tameko – February 18th, 2012 18 Comments

If you crochet, at some point, I’m sure you’ve heard of prayer shawls. The first time I ever heard of them was at the Unity Church I attended years ago.

Instantly, I was in love with this particular crochet creation. I realized right away that it wasn’t about religion; it was about spending time with an activity I love to share something nice with someone else. It was all about giving.
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Crochet Pattern: Bobble Bowl

By Candace – February 17th, 2012 5 Comments
This bowl makes an interesting piece for the coffee table when you put your favorite things in it. Use it to hold candies or to show off your latest works in progress.

For extra fun, you can try crocheting it in wool and felting it for an even tighter fabric and smaller bowl.

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Understanding Crochet Shaping

By Candace – February 16th, 2012 6 Comments

Shaping is a very important concept in crochet, especially when it comes to wearables. Knowing how to manipulate shape comes in handy for designing and altering patterns to get the best fit. This guide is a handy reference for anyone who needs to add a little extra or take anything away.

Increasing and decreasing are common ways of adding shape to projects. Patterns such as chevrons and ripple afghans take advantage of the properties of these techniques to create points and undulating curves. Decreases make downward points, while increases create upward points.

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Crochet Pattern: Doll Sleep Sack

By Emilee Gettle – February 15th, 2012 5 Comments
I love vintage pattern magazines from the 1940s and 1950s. Each one has several cute and relevant patterns that I can adjust for my lifestyle. Then, there are sometimes some that make me scratch my head and wonder what the designer was thinking! I remember as a child my mom telling me about the bleach bottle crocheted baby beds that were a popular project when she was young. I didn’t have a bleach bottle but I made this little sleep sack for my daughter’s dolly. It cradles her 5 1/2″ (14 cm) doll perfectly!

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What a Yarn Mess!

By Veronica Smith – February 14th, 2012 20 Comments

I was at out local Lincraft store (sells fabric, curtains, notions, yarns, etc.) to purchase some piping cord. Simple, one would think. I walked swiftly past the plethora of yarns that were on sale, I really wanted to stop but I was such a good girl. I picked up my box of piping cord and headed to the counter for my 3m (10 feet) to be cut off. Behind the counter there was one staff member with a HUGE tangle of yarn. Seems that when people rummage through the tables of clearance yarns they unwind some and the balls, get into a tangled mess, and the problem escalates from there.

Part of the mess

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