Crochet & Cats: It’s a Thing

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 19 Comments

I don’t know what made me think of it, but last week I decided to look up “cats” here on Crochet Spot. With a number of results displaying on Crochet Spot, I was inspired to go a little further and do just a bit more research. While in 2010 Rachel wondered, ‘Do All Crocheters Have Cats?‘ and got a whopping 253 comments and 135 facebook likes, today’s Google search retrieves over 2.2 million results for “crochet & cats”!

Image modified from photo by Clint Gardner via flickr License.

Image modified from photo by Clint Gardner via flickr License.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a thing: Crochet & Cats.

I continued my research by doing a google image search for “crochet & cats” and found an image I could not pass up! I knew that Crochet Spotters would love to see this one, pin it, and share it on facebook!

Isn't it great?

Isn’t it great?

After a little research, I found the origin of the above photo, which was used here & modified with permission. It’s from an Etsy Store called iheartneedlework. The shop owner specializes in crocheted, handmade hats for cats, but unfortunately not crochet patterns. A Crochet Spot guest writer named Lolo once observed a correlation between crocheted blankets and cats. Again, I think it’s safe to say that it’s a thing.

Image modified from photo by núria aparicio via flickr License.

Image modified from photo by núria aparicio via flickr License.

I would love to hear from all the proud cat owners who happen to crochet out there! How many cats do you have? What are their names? What is the best thing about your sweet cats? Please leave your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comment section below.

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  1. Hey there,

    Used to have cats as a kid. Both my grandmas are utter masters in crochet-making and naturally we had whole beds, tables, dressers and other furnishings covered in crochets. Cats enjoyed attempting to tear it apart with claws sometimes but mostly when they were young trying to probe their environment and see what’s what.

    They would mostly like to nap on top of such surfaces. I guess it was just too cosy, warm, and somehow pleasant on their fur so they tend to come back to those areas quite often.

    I now kittens like confined spaces, hence all the pictures on the web with cats in plant pots, buckets or other ridiculously tight spaces. Yet lying around out in the open (as long as the surface was crochet) was fine as well.

    Fun topic, you brought me way back in my childhood years.

    Best regards,

  2. Tami says:

    I have 3 inside cats. If I pick up my crochet, at least one will always have to come check it out. One especially likes to get on or under my crochet and will sit for hours. She doesn’t even mind when I have to turn my work! She has learned that if she plays with the yarn she will get kicked off so she is really good about leaving it alone.

    The other two will come and sit for a few minutes but tend to want to play with my hook or yarn and try to get my attention away from my crochet.

    I love them all and they all seem to prefer sleeping on one of the crocheted afghans. They love to patty paw them in particular. Crochet seems to please all of us! Guess I will have to keep crocheting!!

  3. Twinkie Lover says:

    My cat loves to get involved while I am crocheting and claims everything I make. She loves the yarn and the hooks and the patterns. Every pattern gets all bent from her walking on them and lying on them. She also loves my knitting needles, latch hooks, and the latch hook projects. She loves to work her toes in the latch hook canvas, the yarn, and anything crocheted. I just gave her a ripple afghan, and she loves it. Anyone who receives any of my completed projects must accept that there will be cat hairs woven lovingly in with the yarn! I also like to make crocheted “snuggles” for a local cat rescue.

  4. Tricia says:

    There was a friendly, stray cat that I was keeping until we found a home for her. I love cats but do not have one at the moment. I was crocheting and she ran up and stole the ball of yarn out of my lap and ran with it.

  5. Shellie says:

    I have 4 cats, Inari (tuxedo), Shadowfax (grey tortie), Rinoa (tuxedo) and The Mew (long haired grey tortie). They are listed in order of their ages with Inari and Shadowfax at 11 years old and The Mew at 7 years old. My girls don’t interfere with my crocheting because they know that I don’t approve. But they will sit on my lap (making me crochet over them) and watch me work. That’s our compromise right now. LOL

  6. Carrie says:

    I own five cats, or rather they own me. They surprisingly don’t bother my crochet or yarn UNLESS I lay it on the floor to measure it or block it — then they are like magnets to it. Within seconds at least 3 will be walking across it! One of my cats does like to try to bite my crochet hooks or knitting needles if I wave them in her direction.

    I have been a cat lover all my life. On Pinterest (csuecrafty) not only do I have boards for crochet and knitting but for Cats, Cats Wearing Hats (many are crocheted hats), cat furnitre, and a couple other cat-related boards.

    There may actually be more cat fur than yarn in my house!

  7. Sarah T. says:

    I have 2 cats. Annie Lingonberry is a dark brown Siamese mix who I’ve trained so well she can sit in my lap while I crochet without chasing or eating my yarn. The other cat is Howard Niveus III, but we call him Howie for short. He’s all white and will eat and chew yarn in a half second flat so he’s not allowed near me when I’m crocheting.

  8. Chelle says:

    Cats are so cute, too bad I’m allergic to them : (

  9. Autumn says:

    I currently have 13 cats. And I have been supporting and serving cats for 40+ years. And yes, they help me crochet. they are my family and crochet is my life.

  10. Fiona says:

    I have 6 cats, who are banned from my yarn room! *grins*
    In age order I have – Pud – a puddin’ headed puddy-cat, Mia (yes, it sounds a nice name, but it IS short for c’mere!), Squirt, Bug, Thing, Ebil (she IS!) and The Prince of Darkness, who answers to ‘You’. I did have another, who was called Stupid Kitten who sadly died at 11years of age, although, as the name suggests, he never really grew up.

  11. Edith says:

    I have 8 cats, 2 are mine, 6 are long term fosters. I crochet cat mats for three of the cat shelters in my area. The cat mats, mostly for cat carry cases, are appreciated by all. The cats are adopted out with their own cozy mat.

  12. Molly McMurray says:

    Having lost one cat this winter, I only have one now. She also happens to be the one that will lie on my lap while I’m crocheting & sometimes, as the yarn progresses, has her slobbers on it where she either tasted it or tried to eat it. Yuck! We always had cats on the farm growing up & I love having at least one indoor cat around since I left home. I don’t think I own a single crocheted item (or any that I’ve made for others) that isn’t enmeshed with cat hair. “No outfit is complete without pet hair!”

  13. Nona Simons says:

    I love your kitty pics, especially the Viking Kitty. I have one cat at home. She is named Patsy and is about six years old. We adopted her at a pet shelter and her nick name is “Pat the Cat.” She is intelligent, mischievous, funny, and loving. So far, Pat the Cat has not bugged me too much when I crochet. Some of the other kitties I have had in the past; they would work with me at their own level – playing with yarn I would give them so that they wouldn’t play with whatever I was working on.

  14. michelle says:

    Hi… I crochet and have 2 cats!

  15. Jana says:

    I have one indoor cat named Bibi. I brought her home with me from Saudi Arabia, so she is an immigrant! She loves to curl up in my lap when I am crocheting something. She has also been taught to leave the yarn alone or leave, so she chooses to be good. If she attempts to bat yarn when I’m winding, etc. all I have to do is say “No!” and she will take off. 🙂 I have to say that I have to be VERY careful about leaving yarn or stuffing in plastic bags lying about! She WILL tear those up! Fortunately, she has never done any damage to the contents other than labels, but the bags sure do get shredded!

  16. My daughter and I have tour cats and only one will sit on my knee as I work.
    I recently made a coat for my daughter and crocheted a row of the “cat stitch” into it. I found it on line and can be found if you google Cat stitch. It’s brilliant. There is a picture of it on my FAce Book page as I can’t post a picture.
    Hope you find it.

  17. Emma says:

    I am an avid crocheter…and am owned by a cat named Rusty! He wandered into our house and into our lives last October, barely more than a kitten, and stayed. Basically he chose us…and that is the best way to have a cat come into one’s life! He loves yarn and “helps” me all the time with my crochet (and knitting). Naturally, I’ve made numerous things for him…cat bed, blanket, and assorted toys!

  18. Jenn says:

    I learned to crochet way back when I was a kid and picked it up again about 3 years ago. We ha e one cat right now, a six month old tabby named Rumpleteazer, because she looks just like the character from the musical Cats. Unfortunately, she lives up to her name! I can’t get a project out without her being right in thr middle of it.

  19. Laura says:

    i’have got four cats inside. their names are Priscilla ( 20 years old ) , Anastasia (nineteen ) , Olivia and Clarissa . They are so cute and lovely and my family and me love them so match.

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