2013 Winter Holiday Crochet Update Time!

By Caissa "Cami" McClinton – 3 Comments

We’ve come to the point in the year where the holidays really are just around the corner! How are you doing with your holiday gift crocheting? I’ve been touting the idea of crochet holidays on Crochet Spot for over a year now & it’s time to ramp it up! Did you use my holiday gift planning suggestions from back in July? Are you participating in the Quick and Easy Holiday Crochet Along that we’re all loving so much? What have you done, and what do you have left to do?

It’s awesome to crochet for the holidays, no matter what they are, but all of us know very well that the proximity of the December holidays of Haunukkah, Christmas, Solstice, Kwanzaa, (and sometimes Diwali & Eid) can whip us into a frenzy of holiday activity. Realistically, that frenzy starts right around Halloween! It’s a fun and fabulous time, and planning your crochet time can make it more productive and even relaxing!

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the first day of Haunukkah coincides with Thanksgiving this year? Yes! It’s true! This hasn’t happened since 1888 and may not happen again for almost 80,000 years! (Source) That deserves a nod of recognition, don’t you think? This also means that any Haunukkah cards and gifts need to go out much earlier this year!

Interestingly, this rare convergence has inspired a really special holiday, Thanksgivukkah! 😀 People are having a lot of fun with this unique holiday- making Jewish-inspired menus and tablescapes. There is even a “Menurkey,” which is a turkey-shaped menorah! I think it would be pretty easy to crochet a yarmukle for our friend Timothy the Turkey. It would be an adorable Haunukkah gift for a special friend or family member.

See? These holidays are going to be lots of awesome fun! We don’t have to worry too much! Just keep focused on your crochet projects. Do a little bit every day and have back up gift ideas ready if the time gets away from you! Don’t forget that crochet supplies and Rachel’s patterns make great gifts for crochet friends (and those who want to learn!)

Please share your holiday crafting progress in the comments!! I’ll share mine there, too! 🙂

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  1. Darlene says:

    I have designed a Santa bib for my great-grandbabies!

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