Crochet Pattern: Absolutely Easy Soap Saver

By Rachel Choi – 47 Comments
Crochet this soap saver to get the most out of your soap bar! Place small, leftover pieces of soap inside instead of throwing them out, or use the soap saver with an entire bar of soap. The soap saver, helps you grip your soap bar and soap bar pieces, while creating a nice lather against your skin. When you’re done washing up, hang your soap saver to dry instead of leaving your soap in a soggy puddle of water. crochet soap saver

For more soap saver patterns, check out the Crochet Pattern: 5 Simple Soap Savers.

Skill Level: crochet skill level easy

Finished Size: 4 1/4″ (11 cm) tall, 2 3/4″ (7 cm) wide, when flat
Size may be adjusted using the instructions within the pattern.
Remember, soap saver will stretch when being used.

Medium Weight Yarn (approximately 50 yards)
Crochet Hook K (6.50 mm)
crochet yarn size 4

Gauge: not that important for this pattern. Follow the instructions in the pattern to adjust the size of your soap saver, as you see fit.

Crochet Pattern: Soap Saver
Start by chaining 8, or a chain as wide as you want your soap saver.
Note: if foundation chain is altered, total stitch count in each round will also be altered.
Round 1: ch 2, hdc in third ch from hook and in each ch across, working on remaining loops on opposite side of chain, hdc in each ch across, sl st in top of beginning ch-2: 16 hdc
Round 2 – 10: ch 2, hdc in each hdc around, sl st in top of beginning ch-2: 16 hdc
Note: to adjust the length of the soap saver, repeat the above round more or less times until the soap saver is as tall as you desire.
Round 11: ch 2, (hdc in next hdc, ch 1, skip 1 hdc) around, sl st in top of beginning ch-2, finish off: 8 hdc

Draw String
Chain 70 or a chain as long as your want your string, then finish off. Weave your string in and out of the chain spaces created in round 11. Knot the ends of the draw strings together forming a loop as shown in the picture.

Need help crocheting your soap saver? No worries, just leave a comment!

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  1. Maria says:

    I was so excited when I saw you posted this pattern, I made one immediately and took a shower. It works great! No more dropping the soap for me 😀

  2. Mary says:

    Does it have to be cotton yarn for the absorbency, or will any acrylic yarn work? This pattern will also be great to save the soap from our automatic shower cleaner by hanging it above the sprayer!

  3. Rachel says:

    We totally need this in my house. I found another soap sliver today, they drive me crazy! Thanks so much for sharing this, I’ll be linking in my next Crochet Roundup.

  4. Mary says:

    LOL, I was just in my bathroom and was thinking….hmm, maybe one for the shower stall, and one for the tub 🙂 Thanks,

  5. Monica says:

    I Love it. I just found this site and am so excited. Do i have to subscribe to get patterns?

  6. Rachel says:

    Hi Monica, you can subscribe to the newsletter (using the box above) to get weekly updates on Crochet Spot. If you would like to download the patterns in the store you can learn more about that here:
    There’s a subscription option for that as well.

  7. Rachael says:

    Love this! I just made 2, one for my sister and one for me (we share a bathroom). It’s not only useful but it’s a fun quick project.

  8. Daria says:

    Very useful! Thank you, Rachel.

  9. Sarah says:

    I had so much fun with the sugar n’ cream cotton yarn i bought this week. I just made 3 and love them…going to insert a bar from bath and body works for cute gifts. thank you!

  10. Loxetta says:

    Wonderful basic pattern. You can use a little bag like this for any number of things — I made one of these for my mom as a cozy for her smartphone. 🙂 Even kept the idea to use cotton yarn (some very pretty mint/forest green varigated stuff I had left over from something else) so she can pop it in the laundry every so often and keep it clean.

    Thank you!

  11. Liza says:

    Thanks for the pattern, Rachel. I actually was making a soap saver without a pattern and wasn’t sure how to finish it so I’m about to go to my crochet group and use your R11 and drawstring directions on my own soap saver. I hope it works!

  12. Colleen says:

    Cute! Made it in a couple hours and love it. I’m gonna make some for friends and family – they’re great stocking stuffers!

    Hooked on your website now. 🙂

  13. Kandas says:

    I have been wanting to make some very basic soap savers for ages! So happy to have found this pattern. Guess what everyone is getting in their stockings this Christmas?? Tee hee hee.

  14. Bliss says:

    Thanks Rachel. I love this pattern. 🙂

  15. Gini says:

    I made one with cotton but it doesn’t dry out very well. What kind of yarn is the best one?

  16. Jamie says:

    Ok, I have tried this pattern a few times and I’m having issues with crocheting in the round for some reason. Do I need to skip first stitch after my chain 2? Seems like after I get to row 4 or 5 it’s not straight on the one side. grrr please help me 🙂

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Jamie, you don’t have to skip a stitch. If you see that the “seam” from the ch 2 is twisting around the bag, it’s because of the pulling motion when you make the stitches. Since each row is made in the same direction, if you pull enough in that direction each time you make a stitch the bag will look like it’s twisting. If you want, you can add a turn after you do the ch 2 in each round or try not to pull as hard when crocheting.

  17. Jamie says:

    does the chain 2 count as one stitch, then?

  18. Jamie says:

    ah, and I think I was just assuming and that was my problem. Got it made and it looks great! Thanks for the help

  19. Gina says:

    Another yarn option is a rough acrylic,almost like thin macrame cord, and then it can be good for exfoliating while washing. I use it to make wash clothes and dish clothes and it works great. Thanks for the pattern.

  20. Caitlin S says:

    This is one of the first patterns I have not had to unravel a bunch before I understood it. I just made it in cotton yarn and took it in the shower with me. It’s great for people like me who shave with soap rather than shaving cream because it makes a nice lather that soap alone doesn’t. I might make a tiny face version too. I never used my face soap bars because of how inconvenient they are compared to facewash, but this changes things.

    Thank you so much!

  21. Michelle says:

    I’m still learning and the only thing I’ve completed till now are granny squares – but while at home from work on a very wintery, rainy day, feeling sorry for myself because I’ve not been well, I completed one of these – I was ridiculously pleased with myself, so much so I think I’ll make another. Yours is the first site I’ve found that makes crochet really easy. Thanks, Mich.

  22. deshannak says:

    hey! soooo excited to see this! my daughters & i love to make homemade soap and with this project, we’ll pair them together for great gifts for friends & loved ones!

  23. Louisa says:

    O.K. it says ch 8 for beginning then next step is ch2 so does that mean ch 10 alltogether for beginning?

    • Rachel says:

      Louisa, yes you are correct! The total will be 10 chains. The ch 8 is written separately from the ch 2 just in case some one wants to measure and add more chains to the width before beginning the first row.

  24. Katie says:

    Thanks so much for this pattern. This was the first thing I’ve ever crocheted and it came out great! I made mine with Hemp so I found that the beginning of each new row didn’t always need 2 chains to made the next row even, I guess because the Hemp was not exactly uniform thickness throughout? Anyway, it works great and saved me like 10 bucks if I had to buy one already made.

  25. gail cartee says:

    I saw a soap sack at a 4th of July festival and figured I might find a pattern on line. Your pattern was so quick and easy. I made one in no time. I also like the instruction for crotcheting in the round. That was a first for me.
    Thanks so much!!!

  26. Eve Sison says:

    I finally got my own using this pattern. I was inspired seeing the left-over soaps of my husband in our bathroom.

  27. Lady Lo says:

    This is just wonderful. I hate, hate, hate soap dishes. They r a pain to clean and all the slime at the bottom…eeeewwww. And I have to use a different soap from my husband because of my sensitive skin. Im making one for me and one for him. Thanks a million!!!!

  28. Kendra says:

    Love this pattern! I made several of them for gifts for my family……now working on one for my son

  29. Jessey says:

    I just made one for a wedding present. So quick and easy, yet useful too

  30. Emma says:

    I LOVE this pattern! Works up super fast and looks so nice! I was so tired of the pile of nearly-done-but-still-too-much-left-to-toss soaps on the shelf in the shower. Problem is now solved! Even hubby is enthusiastic about this. Not only can we get every last bit from our soap, but we get a lovely exfoliate effect with the cotton yarn! Going to make nice gifts, too!

  31. Mary says:

    Love the look of this and I’ve tried to start this 3 times. Crocheted the foundation, rhen HDC, turned upside down and HDC and then I’m lost at Sl St in top of beginning. Can you offer any help or suggestions? TIA!

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Mary!
      You will make a slip stitch into the second chain of the ch 2 that you made at the beginning. The second chain will look like it is sitting on top of the first chain, thus slip stitching into the top of the beginning ch-2. Let me know if you need more help with it!

  32. Hedgie says:

    You think it is possible to make a cozy from twine? I made one from the cotton and really didn’t care for it and I made an acrylic one, which was all right but still not there. I want that scrubby feel…lol

  33. Nikki Brown says:

    Hi. I have a silly question for you. I understand how to use the soap sack in the shower etc. I hang it on a suction cup hook in my shower. But, how can I use this at the sink. My 3 year old strangles my bar of soap all the time and then I have several bars LOL. We have to use bar soap because it’s cheaper for our large family who wash hands A LOT!!! I don’t want to just leave it in a soap dish, do I?
    Thanks so much, I would love any and all advice.
    God Bless

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Nikki,
      I haven’t used mine by the sink but that is a good idea! Maybe you can hang it some how, maybe a hook on the wall? You can also try it in the soap dish and see if it dries at all, but if doesn’t you may have to rig a way to hang it so that it can dry.

  34. Joanne says:

    I just finished one of these great bags. I used a product called Washi from Premier Yarns. It feels like the plastic scrubby shower loufas. I used the Washi and a sock yarn held together so it wasn’t too bulky and it is fantastic. It has the exfoliating worked in and allows me to use all the soap shards I’ve been saving (and didn’t know what to do with!) Thank you,

  35. Karen Copper says:

    If I make this out of cotton what size hook would I use?

  36. J D says:

    on hdc in ea hdc around do you go in back loop or both loops on second row?

  37. Jessy says:

    can i use acrylic yarn for this?

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