Crochet Pattern: Baby Shells Ear-warmer Headband

By Erin Burger – 8 Comments

A cold weather accessory that is quickly becoming popular is the ear-warmer headband. This accessory is versatile and modern, is often used in place of a winter beanie and is very popular with runners. The pattern calls for three colors but have fun with this pattern and add more or less colors to suit your own taste. This headband would be great in Halloween colors with one of these Halloween Appliques sewn right on!

This pattern calls for sport weight cotton yarn to prevent the headband from stretching and to be easy to clean if used by a runner. You can use any weight or type of yarn for this pattern, just keep in mind your finished size will be different than the one listed in the pattern.

Skill Level: crochet skill level easy

Finished Size: 20″ (50.8 cm) long and 3 1/4″ (8.26 cm) wide
Note: the size of the headband may be adjusted using the instructions within the pattern.

approx. 40 yards of Color A (black in photo), 30 yards of color B (pink in photo) and 30 yards of Color C (grey in photo) Sportweight Yarn
Crochet Hook E (3.50 mm)

Gauge: not important in this pattern

Need help understanding the abbreviations and symbols? Check out the crochet abbreviation chart!

Crochet Pattern: Baby Shells Ear-warmer Headband

Row 1: With Color A, ch 14, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across: 13 sc

Row 2: ch 1, turn, sc in first sc, (skip next sc, 5 sc in next sc, skip next sc, sc in next sc) across, break off Color A: 19 sc

Row 3: Join Color B, ch 1, turn, 5 sc in first sc, (skip 2 sc, sc in next sc, skip 2 sc, 5 sc in next sc) across, break off Color B: 23 sc

Row 4: Join Color A, ch 1, turn, skip first 2 sc, (sc in next sc, skip next 2 sc, 5 sc in next sc, skip next 2 sc) across, break off Color A: 19 sc

Row 5-44: Repeat Rows 3 and 2, alternating Colors C,A,B,A,C,A,B,A ending at Row 44 with Color A

Row 45-60 (or until headband has reached desired length): With Color A throughout rest of pattern, ch 1, turn, sc in first 2 sc, (skip sc, sc in next 2 sc) across: 13 sc

Finishing: ch 1, turn, fold the headband in half with RS (See Right Side and Wrong Side in Crochet for more info.) held facing each other, join the two ends with an sl st in each ch/dc. Finish off.

Weave in all ends (yes, there are quite a few), make it pretty!

Have any questions or comments? Please ask and comment away! Also, if you attempt this pattern share a photo with us on the Crochet Spot Facebook Page!

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  1. tennyemaye says:

    So beautiful! I want to make this right away!

  2. I love this! I have a baby who won’t wear hats, and I’m afeared for the coming winter! This would give me another option to have on hand…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  3. Cami says:

    Great pattern! I think it would look good in a lot of different colors.

  4. Jenn says:

    I think you meant to repeat rows 3 & 4 (not 3 &2). Took me a few mins but I think its working now that I am doing it that way. Great pattern otherwise! 😉

  5. renee says:

    at the finish you put join two ends slst in each ch/ds did you mean ch/sc because I dsisn’t see and dc in patern

  6. Mary says:

    I love this pattern. I want to make it for boys and girls. I am going to one color for the boys and three colors for the girls. I don’t understand what is runner is. Please explain. Thank you for this pattern and your reply. Have a great day!

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hi Mary! Erin, the designer of the pattern was stating that the headband would be good for people who like to run, as it would keep their ears warm in the winter time while they run outside. You don’t have to be a runner to wear it though, anyone can wear this headband.

  7. PATRICIA says:

    like this adult headband but who is right lady below who said you made a mistake in repeating rows or yours as notice it isnt changed yet could you email me thanks nive headband

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