Crochet Pattern: Interchangeable Belt

By Emilee Gettle – 4 Comments
I like to have a variety of belts. If you could see my closet you’d know what I mean. Accessories are one of my favorite things. Isn’t it the same for most girls? This crochet belt pattern is unique in that you can interchange the belt depending on what you are wearing. The example in the photo was made with bulky denim-looking yarn. Thanks to a small button with a shaft on the underside of one end of the belt it can be easily attached or removed from the buckle. It is also a great scrap-saver project. Make a rainbow of belts for the spring season ahead.

Skill Level:

Finished Size: 45″ (109 cm) long and 1″ (25 cm) wide
However, the length might vary depending upon your waist size. See pattern below.

Medium Weight Yarn (approximately 30 yards)
Crochet Hook H (5 mm)
Sewing Needle
Sewing Thread
1 Button (with shaft) (1/2″ in diameter)
Belt Buckle (I used a divided O ring belt buckle.)

crochet yarn size 4

3 dc = 1” (3 cm)
1 row = 1″ (3 cm)

Need help understanding the crochet abbreviations and symbols? Check out the crochet abbreviation chart.

Crochet Pattern: Interchangeable Belt
To make the belt you will need to add about 8 to 10 inches to your belt measurement, depending on how long you want the end of the belt to hang. Then, ch with your hook and yarn until you reach this length. To make a 45″ long belt, follow the pattern below, otherwise adjust according to your measurements.

Row 1: ch 136 (or to your personal measurement), dc in second ch from hook and in each ch across. Finish off.

Sew the button about 2″ from one end of your crocheted belt. Then, button the belt onto your buckle.

Need help with this project? Jot your question below and I’ll get back with you!

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  1. Jeanette says:

    Hi Emilee, this sounds too easy to make. thanks what a great idea!

  2. Carol D says:

    Very difficult to determine if I want to try this – since I have no idea what the belt looks like…it’s all rolled up…
    Can’t tell what makes it interchangeable – or what the pattern looks like…Can you please post a photo of what the belt looks like – like unrolled and laid out?
    That would be great!

    Thank you for sharing so many patterns with us! That is awesome and it is appreciated.

  3. pat says:


    I am going to make the belt 3″- ordered an O ring for it as my sister likes large belts. I want to button one side of the bucklet as your pattern suggests but how does it button on – do you just punch a hole through the crochet to button it? or should I make a loop on the underside.. Just not sure thanks


  4. Rachel Choi says:

    Hi Pat! It looks like Emilee’s belt attaches to the center of the button (there is a shaft running down the center). Then the other end is weaved through one side of the button, over the shaft, then through the other side of the button.

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