Crochet Pattern: Sandman Aromatherapy Pillow

By Emilee Gettle – 8 Comments
I love essential oils and learning more about aromatherapy. Occasionally I like to put a little essential oil on my pillowcase before drifting off to dreamland. Since I travel so much, and don’t want to drag my scented pillow along with me, I decided to whip up this pattern. Simply slide the mini “pillow” inside your pillowcase before hitting the hay. The felt inside the crocheted enclosure will keep your essential oil’s fragrance for days. These little pillows, lightly scented with lavender, also work great in the pockets of wool coats in storage to keep moths away!

Skill Level:

Finished Size: 2 1/2″ (6 cm) wide, 4″ (10 cm) tall

Medium Weight Yarn (approximately 25 yards)
Crochet Hook H (5 mm)
Felt 2 1/4″ (5 cm) wide, 3 1/4″ (8 cm) tall
Essential Oil of Choice
Ribbon 22″ (56 cm)
crochet yarn size 4

4 sc stitches = 1 inch
2 sc rows = 1 inch

Need help understanding the crochet abbreviations and symbols? Check out the crochet abbreviation chart.

Crochet Pattern: Sandman Aromatherapy Pillow
Row 1: ch 18, sc in third ch from hook and in each ch across: 16 sc
Row 2 – 10: ch 2, turn, sc in each sc across: 16 sc

Finish off and then fold the narrow ends of the pillow towards the center. Sl st each of the two narrow ends together, leaving an opening in the center and finish off.

Generously scent the felt with your favorite essential oil. Then, place the felt inside the pillow. Next, lace the pillow together with ribbon as you would lace a shoe and finish with a bow. (This way you can easily open and refresh or change the fragrant felt!) Sweet dreams!

Having a sleepless night and need help with this project? Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back with you!

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  1. Jean says:

    I am definately going to make these!
    Did you ‘stuff’ the felt?
    or not so it stays flat. and how far into your bed pillow do you put these little cuties? did the essencial oil leak through, to your pillowcase?
    many thanks for all my questions being answered!

  2. Sarah Dee says:

    I don’t get it.

  3. Marina says:

    This is neat! I do have a question, are the top and bottom suppose to be a little wider than the rest of the baggie? Just wondering, thanks!

  4. Rosie West says:

    Hi, I am having a terriblel time trying to copy and print Sandman Aromathes. I appreciate all of you kind reply, Have a great day and thanks for all your help.
    Smiling…Rosie West

  5. Jean says:

    okay I have another question
    is the finished mesurement of the ‘shape’ before you fold in the sides to meet in the middle supposed to be 22 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches tall?
    and the ends that you are talking about folding ‘in’ to the middle are they the two sides that measure 4 inches?
    really want to get this right so i can make them for gifts!

  6. Emilee says:

    Hi Jean,

    The finished measurement, after folding in the sides and completing the project, is 2 1/2″ (6 cm) wide, 4″ (10 cm) tall. I did sort of “stuff” the felt inside the crocheted “pillow” before lacing it up. You can place these towards the center of your pillow to make sure they don’t fall out in the night. As far as them “leaking” I just wouldn’t overdo the essential oil. Don’t soak it, but just “scent” it. You don’t want the felt to be really damp. Think of it like perfuming the felt.

  7. Emilee says:

    Hi Marina,

    The top and bottom are a bit narrower. The finished project is similar to a business card in how it was designed. 🙂

  8. Rachel says:

    Rosie, try using the print function in your internet browser. Each page on Crochet Spot is coded to be printer friendly, so it should print out nice and neat. Let me know if you need more help with printing.

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