Crochet Pattern: Super Versatile Cat Bed

By Rachel Choi – 10 Comments

New in the Crochet Spot Store, this pattern is for a simple cat bed that can be styled in 4 different ways! Try all the different styles and let your kitty choose which ones he/she likes the best. The cat is crocheted with super bulky weight yarn making the project quick to work up and thick and sturdy for your furry friend. The bed is also design so that it can easier be slipped into the washing machine just in case it needs cleaning (be sure to choose a machine washable yarn).

Click here to see full pattern details!

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  1. Sarah Dee says:

    That’s fantastic. This just may be your best pattern. Maybe I’ll try my own version.

  2. Ika Masume says:

    Is this just 1 pattern or 4 patterns?

  3. Ika Masume says:

    Okay. Thanks, Rachel! Too bad I don’t have a cat… Could this be used for dogs?

  4. Sarah Dee says:

    Which way does your cat like it best?

    • Rachel says:

      @Ika, it’ll probably work well for small dogs. Big big dogs will definitely not fit.

      @Sarah, I have 2 cats. My older cat likes the bowl shaped one best (probably because she also likes to sit in small boxes) and my younger cat likes the clam shell shaped bed (she’s always known to burrow under the blanket). 🙂

  5. Lane† says:

    Ika, I think it would work for a dog as well!

  6. Cami says:

    hehe My babies may be getting one of these soon! Well done, Rachel!

  7. Starr Gregory says:

    Where do I get the pattern?

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Hello! Click on the “Click here to see full pattern details!” link that is underneath the pattern’s photo and it will take you to the store page where you can purchase the pattern.

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