Crochet Patterns for Dogs

By Rachel Choi – 14 Comments

So you’ve crocheted for your children or grandchildren, friends and family. But have you made anything for your four legged best friend? Has your puppy been begging for (or stealing) something hand crocheted by you? Crochet something special for your puppy, perhaps a toy, sweater or bed. There are a lot of crochet patterns for dog related items. Here is a roundup of doggie patterns to give you some ideas!

crochet dog

My dog, Dexter, gets chilly on his winter walks.

Dog Sweaters
The first crochet item that comes to mind when I think “dog” is a sweater. Yes, small dogs AND big dogs can wear sweaters. Dogs of any size and age can get cold in the winter season if they have thin fur. The Easy Adjustable Dog Sweater Coat is a pattern that can be used for any sized dog. It’s like a tutorial that shows you how to measure your dog and make a custom coat.

Toys are super adorable to crochet. You can really use any toy crochet pattern that you like! Do you think crochet cupcakes are cute? Crochet one and add a squeaker inside to make it dog-ish. You can also try the Textured Dog Ball pattern, that has ridges my dog loves. If you’re a fan of the classic doggie bone look, try the Dog Bone pattern that comes in 3 sizes for different sized dogs. Keep in mind when you crochet toys, they are soft toys that are meant for dogs who aren’t strong chewers or destroyers.

Cleaning Items
If you have dogs, you know they make messes! Shed, drool, track in mud… the list is endless. Crochet a few cleaning cloths to wipe up the mess, then toss them in your washing machine and reuse. Crochet cleaning cloths are sturdier than most people think. Use the Sampler Washcloth Set to try different stitch patterns. You can also try the Nylon Cleaning Set. It has a few scrubbie patterns that are great for cleaning bowls, and also a dry mop cloth that’s great for cleaning floors.

This crocheted pillow is too small... make me a real bed!

This crochet pillow is too small… make me a real bed!

Blankets, Covers, Bedding
Dogs can appreciate blankets as much as humans. You can use them to cover your sofa or line their doggie beds. Choose a yarn that is machine washable so you can toss the blanket in the washing machine whenever needed. I find that solid stitched blankets work well for dogs. Use the 3 Solid Blanket Stitches or check out the blanket pattern section to get started.

Do you have dogs? Have you crocheted for your dog? What items did you make? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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  1. EJ says:

    Your dog is too cute for words!
    I only have cats at the moment and volunteer for a shelter so I love crocheting for animals.
    I’ve made lots of toys, blankets and snuggle beds for dogs, cats and ferrets.
    If you love animals and crochet, ask your local animal shelter if they need items.

    • Kristin says:

      I have asked around at our local shelters- and yes they ALL accept donations of blankets, etc. I noticed that our local County Sheriff is the ones who handle the animal abuse/hoarding/animal calls, they have their own very large no kill shelter (Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe, was in news recently with 100’s of Pugs seized from hoarders) I noticed in their animal shelter there was few if any cat rugs/beds! Don’t forget the CATS! Another tip when making doggie or kitty beds & blankets, I like to crochet or knit them DOUBLE thickness- as those hard, cold concrete floors are tough on their bones, plus many of the animals are recovering from bad conditions and need that comfort. I would never make a pet blanket without that extra thickness on the bottom – also I don’t think some shelters accept the beds with stuffing inside, some do- ask first- as they need easily laundered items. A knitted or crocheted ACRYLIC item is easier to wash than say, a quilted bed also a lot of the rescued dogs like to chew out of boredom and will rip a stuffed dog bed to pieces in minutes.

    • Rachel Choi says:

      Thanks EJ! In addition to the dogs, I also have 3 cats 🙂 They actually seem to enjoy my crochet items even more than the dogs. I’ll have to write more about them soon!

  2. Joyce P says:

    I have 3 dogs and 1 kitty. I have a 5 yo female boxer, an 8 month old female pit bull and a 8 week old male pit bull and my kitty is a 10 month old female. I love to crochet for my fur babies. I have made toys and blankets and am always looking for new and different pattern and projects to make. Thank you for your Post on pet projects.

  3. Twinkie Lover says:

    I love the doggie pics! I like to make both round and rectangular crochet blankets for the kitty shelter. There are some very good free patterns out there that use two strands of yarn at once, so you instantly have that double thickness. It’s a great way to use up stray stand alone skeins. You can use up any colors and leftovers you want because the cats and dogs won’t care how they look; they just want a blankie. PS Anything I am crocheting belongs to my kitty at some point.

  4. Twinkie Lover says:

    Rachel, is that the Round Flower Pillow Cover from the store? 🙂

  5. crafty.grandma says:

    My 14 year old passed away 2 years ago today and my 17 year cat died a year later. I knitted the cat a nice blankie and just by luck had just washed it the day he passed so we had him buried in it. My daughter bought a dog last summer who we love to spoil – since she is now our grand-dog and comes often to visit or spend the weekend! She loves to watch me knit and yes, I made her a coat to wear in our cold winters. Unfortunately, she gained weight and it no longer fits and now I was working on another but winter is now over – well sort of !! I like the idea of the doggie bones which I think she would probably destroy! The blankie is a nice idea but my grand-kids are still waiting for me to make them theirs!! !LOL!! Things we do for our pets!

  6. ilse` says:

    Your pup is so dawggone cute.

  7. Tina says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I love your patterns for the dog toys but I do have one little problem with them. Polyester fibers can cause obstructions in dogs intestines if swallowed. I talked to my vet to find out if there is a safe alternative, he said “The best stuffing for animals toys is no stuffing”. Even though you said these toys are not for serious chewers, even one small piece of polyester fiber can be deadly.

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