Cutting My Own Hair

By Rachel Choi – 9 Comments

This weekend I took a break from crocheting to adventure into cutting my own hair. I’ve never cut my own hair before or anyone else’s until now. Okay, maybe I did cut my doll’s hair when I was a kid, but I don’t think that counts (it turned out really bad).

Good thing for youtube, that wonderful site with all those videos! I saw one with this girl cutting her own hair and it actually looked pretty nice. Oh, there are lots of good crochet videos on youtube too!

My hair was long to begin with so there was lots of room for error. I only snipped off a couple of inches, just to get rid of those horrible split ends. The hair is still long enough to run down my back and maybe next week I’ll work up the nerve to cut some more, a little shorter would be better. I didn’t want to get too scissor happy on my first attempt and end up looking like a ball of fun fur yarn.

Sorry I don’t have a picture, I was way too excited to take one.

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  1. Sarah says:

    hehe, be brave. As long as you show no fear it will turn out right. Ive been cutting my own hair for about 10 years. sometimes it doesnt look so hot but always looks better than when the hairdresser does it. Get a piccy up so we can admire 🙂 x

  2. Renee says:

    rofl ball of furfur yarn lol..
    Im not brave enough to cut my own bangs lol.
    Hope to see a pic soon 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    Glad you are happy with it! I tried trimming my long hair & it was not even…but this was a long while back. Right now a lady at church will trim the ends for me so am economical so far with a tight budget. My Mom (rest her soul) always cut her hair in a layered way that escaped me how she managed it. I am creative but not with hair cutting. I can trim other’s hair, and cut hubby’s hair all the time with clippers, but my own, alas & alack, to no avail.

  4. Mayra says:

    Hey don’t worry Rach; I cut my hair myself all the time. The first time I did it was so funny-I got very “scissor happy” and it was the most wonderful experience. My husband almost died but I was so happy! I could wear it naturally and let it air dry; my hair became healthier since then. And in a year it was long, healthy, shiny and ready for cutting again and I just learned that I can cut my own hair and not get upset with anyone if it doesn’t turn out great. It is a very liberating experience; especially when everyone starts asking what hair salon I went to. Be Brave and CUT!!!

  5. Linda says:

    I have been cutting my own hair for at Least 40yrs.! And I wear it Short. Just keep practicing in small steps ( like you did this time). You will be fine. I always cut my husband`s and all 3 childrens hair. Also my mother`s and one of my sister`s. In the last few yrs. I have even cut some friends` hair. Hey, maybe I should have gone to school for this so I could be paid!! Lol. Rachel, it seems to me that you can do anything you set your mind to.

  6. How, funny, Rachel! I cut my hair this weekend, too. It was shoulder length, and I’ve been feeling old and dowdy lately, so I went into the bathroom with the scissors, and first just cut a big chunk off the sides so I was committed! Then I just sorta cut it till it was about 5 or 6 inches long all over….and I love it! I have naturally curly hair and it is just perfect…just wash and go. When it dries, just finger comb it and voila! Soooo! Have no fear…just get those scissors and go, girl!

  7. Wen says:

    now you are getting me all geared up to find that video so that i can go cut my own hair. It needed to be trimmed since a year ago n I am not will to pay the money 🙂

  8. Debbi says:

    I started cutting my hair. When it was below shoulders I could wait 6 months to go get it cut. But now it’s very short (a few inches). I got it cut real short professionally the first time. Wonderful job. Went to a super cuts place. The next 2 times by 2 different people, turned out awlful. So I cut it myself. I remember my mom did, but she then curled it and brushed it so it was perfect. I read a tip on crochetville about cutting our own hair for my short hair it works best in small section, different directions, then it’s layered without being choppy (so true).

  9. Kerstin says:

    Hi Rachel,

    your posts are from last year, but I have just found your site about a week ago.

    I hope, you have some routine by now cutting your own hair; if not or if you have given up and want to try again, here is a way, of how you could do it:

    Version A:
    1) put your hair into a low pony-tail with a rubber-band [? (English is not my mother tongue…) a scrunchie would be to voluminous, so take a “scrunchie without a rim”], so that the hair is equally straightened.
    2) slowly pull down the rubber-band along your back (so the hair stays equally straightened) until the rubber-band nearly reaches the point at which you want to cut your hair
    3) then take the rubber-band carefully to the front and cut the hair
    4) take the rubber-band off, let your hair hang lose along your back and check with a back-mirror if the rim is even; if not: cut the odd strands while looking into the mirror [okay, you have to get used to that, but it works with a bit of training]

    Version B:
    1) as in Version A
    2) split the pony tail into two strands and take them to the front
    3) cut the hair on both strands at the same level
    4) as in Version A

    Version C:

    1) as in Version A and B
    2) as in Version B
    3) join the two strands with another rubber-band, pull the band nearly to the point you want to cut your hair and cut it
    4) as in Version A and B

    All these varieties require careful movement/pulling because otherwise the strand(s) may become different in length and then the result would be uneven…

    I prefer Version B, because the hair is easiest to keep equal in that way. But try, which one you prefer.

    Good luck,


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