Do You Say Treble or Triple Crochet?

By Rachel Choi – 28 Comments
Crochet stitches can be confusing at times. Especially since the name of stitches can be different depending where you are in the world or how you are taught. The treble crochet stitch (or triple, if that’s how you say it) is a good example of a stitch with 2 different names. You may notice on Crochet Spot that we like to use treble, just because this is what we’re used to. But I’ve been told that “treble” is the old school name, while triple is the more modern name. What do you think?

Do you say treble or triple crochet? It would be fun to find out if one name is more popular than another!

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  1. Sandra says:

    I guess I never really thought about it. I think I was taught “triple,” but either way it’s TC in a pattern so I guess it doesn’t matter how one pronounces it. 😀

  2. Ruth says:

    This younger crocheter (18) is a big fan of “treble” mostly because there is also the double treble/triple and a “double triple” just sounds weird, but a “double treble” doesn’t sound so strange.

  3. Sandra says:

    I say triple crochet, although I’ve been crocheting long enough that I automatically translate “treble crochet” to “triple crochet”–they both start with “tr” and end with “crochet” anyway!

    “Treble” on its own, though, makes me think of music, as in “treble clef.”

  4. Sandra says:

    I also like how the other Sandra posted just 2 minutes before I did and have similar viewpoints.

    Sandras of the world, unite!

  5. Sandra says:

    HA! Sandra, I thought the same thing when I read your post. I think of the treble clef too (and almost said it)! Count me in in this “uniting Sandras of the world” process. 😉

  6. Martie says:

    I say Triple even when I read treble. For me, like the Sandra’s, treble is a musical term. 🙂

  7. Maria says:

    I say treble, but think triple. But have always wondered why it is abbreviated as “tr” in patterns when double, half double, and single all have a “c” in their abbreviation (dc, hdc, sc)?

  8. Sara says:

    Well, I was taught to say “Treble” and I always abbreviate it “tr” in my patterns, but I have always “walked to the beat of a different drummer” so to speak. I have seen it both ways. But “Triple” makes more sense..but I rarely make sense either.. LOL

  9. Sarah Dee says:

    I sat triple. “Treble” sounds weird to me.

  10. Erin says:

    I say triple. When I hear treble I thin of the musical clef, so that would be too weird.

  11. JeanneS says:

    I say “treble” when I’m talking to crocheters about a treble/triple crochet stitch, and “triple” anytime else.

  12. Jackie says:

    I say trible..But i can see it both way’s..

  13. Panya says:

    It’s triple for me. The only time I ever use the word treble is with a treble clef.

  14. Babyjayne says:

    I like the sound of Treble crochet, it just sounds like I know this extra special stitch. LOL I love doing the treble (triple) crochet.

  15. ruby says:

    love your site I check it all the time… I enjoy doing new things.. thanks , ruby

  16. Mary says:

    I say triple, probably just because it’s a more common word, but I have seen it both ways in patterns.

  17. Darlene says:

    I always say treble. If you get into more advanced crocheting there is a stitch called a triple treble. You can’t very well say triple triple or treble treble. Well I guess you could but that would sound really weird! FYI, there are also stitches called double treble and quadruple treble as well as the triple treble. Each one incorporating one more wrap around the hook and worked off two at a time.

  18. Kristy says:

    I say triple, and was going to mention the music thing (treble clef)…. but I see many already have. 🙂

  19. Michelle says:

    Well, I never have anyone to discuss crochet with so I guess I have never said it outloud, but in my head I always say Treble just because that is how I first read it in a book when I originally had to look up how to do a “Tr”

  20. Myrna says:

    I would say triple because we say double crochet, makes sense to me to then say triple.

  21. Helga says:

    I thought about it, when I see TC, treble or triple in the pattern I say “kétráhajtásos pálca”
    I’m from Hungary 🙂
    My granny taught me the basics, I learnt everything else from tutorials and youtube videos. So I not exactly know the Hungarian name of every stitches. I read and write patterns in English and I crochet in abbreviations 🙂

  22. arwin says:

    treble it is….but as long as it’s ‘tr’ in a pattern, then it doesn’t matter to me

  23. Liza says:

    I guess I say triple, but like other people, I think it’s all the same.

    I love how one person accidentally wrote “trible” so it’s a mystery what she actually says!

  24. Di Sturgess says:

    I think that in the UK, treble crochet is used and, as someone else has already said, it would make more sense when you get into triple treble, quadruple treble, etc …

  25. Jessica says:

    Well actually I was taught that treble crochet is when you yarn over twice and triple treble crochet is when you yarn over four times.

  26. Vicki says:

    It’s always been treble for me. I knew a young woman teaching herself how to crochet and she had read the word “triple” associated with “tr” stitch. She assumed it meant to YO 3 times instead of to pull through 2 loops 3 times. It can be confusing.

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